Benefits of Outsourcing

Hello Entrepreneur! Are you considering outsourcing? Are you wondering if outsourcing will be worth it for your business. There are so many benefits to outsourcing, and if you really pay attention for the next few minutes, this could potentially be a turning point for your business.

After watching this video, you’ll understand 11 advantages of outsourcing, you’ll know how and where to find the best people to hire. And if that wasn’t enough, I also have an extremely valuable gift I’m going to give you for free, at the end of the video.

The first 4 benefits all deal with money.

Number 1 is it is so amazingly affordable to hire someone in the Philippines. Some of my very best people, who have come to me in need of work, only ask for $400 a month. These are highly educated people. They have real college degrees, they speak English perfectlythese are great people.

The challenge for them isit’s really hard to find good work in the Philippines. I commonly hear about a job that pays them $400 per month, but requires them to leave their family for 6 months to go to another island, work 12 hour days, 6 or 7 days per week, only to end up looking for another job, when that one is done. Imagine how grateful they would be to you to have a steady job paying them $400/mo., working 8 hours per day, only 5 days per week, working in the comfort of their home. It’s the ultimate win win scenario.

Now having outsourced staff that works from their home means Low Overhead for you. Unnecessary overhead just means you’ll have to charge more to your customers. Imagine 2 scenarios thoughif you drastically reduce your labor costs like this, and you eliminate most of your overhead. You will either have untouchably competitive prices, or huge profit margins. Or what about a mixture of both. You can charge less than your competitors, and have higher profit margins.

The next benefit of outsourcing is that you can hire a Task Specific Staff. I’ll explain what I mean. Let’s say instead of outsourcing, you hire someone here in The States and pay them $48K per year. That’s $4000 per month, and let’s says this person is extremely valuable to you. He or She is assigned 10 types of tasks, and does great work, and is very effective.

Ok, now let’s contrast that with paying the same $4000 per month, to hire 10 full time staff in the Philippines. Did you hear that? I said 10 people. These 10 people will each be exponentially more valuable to you individually, and collectively. They will be more valuable individually because they can each take one of these 10 areas, and perfect it. That person now has 8 hours per day to do what your one person less than an hour to do. That specific task will be completed to levels you never dreamed of. These 10 will be more valuable to you collectively, because 80 hours in a day, is obviously more valuable than 8 hours in a day, no matter how you look at it.

As you can imagine, running a business like this results in a huge Increase in Efficiency. When you are running efficient, and profits are high, life is good. The company moral is great, people love their jobs, and no one is worried about being laid off.

Another huge advantage to outsourcing is that it frees you up as the entrepreneur to Grow your business instead of just Run it. You are able to work On your business, while your staff works IN it. Take a moment to process that one. I usually take a full day at my cabin retreats for entrepreneurs, on that topic.

Ok, the next advantage to outsourcing in the Philippines is what I call the Time Zone Advantage. At the end of my work day, I can assign all sorts of tasks to my team, and when I begin work the next morning, everything is done. When I first experienced this, it felt magical. Your business will grow while you sleep.

Number 9 is when you hire someone in the Philippines; you’re Not Training your Competition. If I hire someone in India or China, or especially if I hire someone in the States, I know that eventually they will leave me and become my competition. That’s not the case in the Philippines. They are extremely loyal, and have no interest in owning a business. They just want a good stable job, and they love working for Americans.

Ok, we’re down to the last two. The Philippines is by all means a 3rd world country and they really need our help. The more we can outsource to the Philippines, the more we help their country, their economy, and their standard of living. It’s just the right thing to do.

Now what about the USA. You’ve heard all the rhetoric that we need to keep jobs in America, or that we need to buy American Made products. The truth of it is,the more we outsource, the higher our Standard of Living becomes.Sending a job to the Philippines doesn’t reduce the NUMBER of jobs in the States, it changes the TYPES of jobs in the States. Because we spend less money on our Bookkeeping, our Programming, our Graphics Design, our Phone Support, our Marketing, Video, and many more things.We have a lot more money to spend on Entertainment, on Dining, on Travel & Adventure, on Landscaping, on Construction, on Safety & Security, on Convenience, on Luxury, on the Environment, on Music or Theater, on Sports or Fitness, on Education, on innovation, or on Lifestyle. The more we outsource, the more jobs start appearing in these wonderful areas, and the better our standard of living becomes.

Outsourcing is Amazing! Here is the exact source I use to find and hire amazing people in the Philippines. Feel free to watch my other tutorials on outsourcing and hiring virtual assistants.


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