How Does a Teleprompter Work?

Hello Entrepreneurs! I Highly Highly Highly recommend that you use a teleprompter, and because you’re reading this, I know that you are at least open to it. I’m going to show you how teleprompters work.

Teleprompters are great because you can look right at the camera the entire time, and yet you can be fully scripted. The concern people have when they think about using a teleprompter, is that they’ll look scripted. Well, the problem isn’t the teleprompter, the problem is in the way the script is written, and if it’s not practiced. As long as you practice reading the script out loud, enough times that you don’t sound scripted, then you won’t sound scripted in front of the teleprompter.

What makes a teleprompter work, is a special glass called Beam Splitter Glass. This allows you…

… to look directly at the camera…

… while the words from the projector reflect off the glass so you can read them. The beam splitter glass makes it so you see the words, but the camera doesn’t.

I’ve tried this with regular glass, but the reflection ends up being a double image, that makes it hard to read, and when you turn on your studio lighting, the words become virtually invisable. In otherwords, the bean-splitter glass makes all the difference.

a41Before the iPad, teleprompters were extremely expensive because you had to
purchase special projector equipment that connected to your computer and could display the text in reverse. With the iPad, you can find a simple teleprompter app that reverses the text for you, and scrolls the text automatically.

You simply paste in your script, hit start, and your script begins. You can adjust the color and size of the text, as well as adjust the speed, all right on the iPad, which is very convenient… 
…If you mess up, and need to pause or rewind the script, you can do so with a simple touch of the screen…

Mistakes can be edited out in the final video, so teleprompters remove all the stress. If you make a mistake, just do that paragraph again.

If you’re going to be making several videos, then I highly recommend you use a teleprompter.

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