How Does eCommerce Work?

Hello business owner. Are you as confused as I was, about e-commerce and shopping carts, and how to make all that work on your website? Well I eventually figured it all out, and have since gotten pretty good at explaining it all to others. After watching this video, you will have a very clear understanding of it all too.

You wouldn’t think that there were this many steps required to make a sale on your website, but unfortunately, that’s the case. After I explain this, I’ll share a few shortcuts that make all of this a bit easier.

1Your goal is to have someone visit your website, and have them purchase a product, service, or event, and have that money deposited into our Business Bank Account. Let’s assume you already have steps 1 and 6 taken care of.

1 Our next step is to add a shopping cart to your website. All this means, is your adding the functionality for someone to buy one or more items on your website. There will now be an add to cart, a buy now, or register here button. In other words, before the shopping cart, you could display your product, list it’s price, and let them know how to contact you if they wanted to buy, but by adding a shopping cart, now they can click a purchase button right there on your website, and input their billing information.

1 The next step is SSL certificate. This is what encrypts personal data and makes it safe for your customers to provide you their credit card numbers. Setting up an SSL is actually quite complicated, but that’s one of the short cuts I’m going to discuss in a minute. At this point, you just want to know what the SSL is for, and that you have one.

1 Ok, the next step, the payment gateway, is the service that will take your customers credit card info and pull funds from it. This is where their card will either be approved for the purchase, or declined. For security, only qualified companies are given this access, and that is what a payment gateway is for.

1 Once the purchase has been approved, and the funds are withdrawn from the card, they need to then be placed into your merchant account. This is a special account setup for business owners for the purpose of receiving funds like this.

1 After a couple days, those funds can be transferred to your bank account.

Ok, those are the steps. 1. Someone comes to your website, and they find a product they want to purchase. 2. they click on that product’s purchase link, and enter their billing information. 3. Their information in encrypted and 4. sent to the payment gateway where their card is processed. Once approved (5) the funds are deposited into your merchant account, and later transferred to (6) your business bank account.

Ok, here are the short cuts. Many shopping carts out there take care of the SSL certificate for you, and in moment, I’m going to share the pro’s and con’s of several shopping carts for you, but that’s an important feature. You never should pay for and have to go through all the hassle of setting up an SSL certificate yourself. If you ever find yourself needing one, you’ll need to choose a better shopping cart.

Now, before I jump into a comparison of shopping carts, let me give a quick plug for PayPal. In a moment I’ll share some of the disadvantages of using PayPal as your shopping cart… but for beginners, I recommend it all the time, because guess what… PayPal takes care of steps 2, 3, 4, & 5 for you…. and it’s all free. All you pay is the transaction costs.

With that said, let’s jump in.

It’s ok to start with PayPal. I actually recommend PayPal quite often to my clients. If you do choose to begin with PayPal, then I have one challenge to extend to you. Set a date right now, for when you will upgrade to ProCart. Then when you have a date set, determine exactly what needs to happen between now and then, for that will actually happen. Make sure you run your business like a business, and not as a side hobby.

For those of you considering infusionsoft, my general recommendation is that you hold off. You’ll know when the time is right to make the jump. Don’t get me wrong, infusionsoft is where all the big players are, but if your list size is only a couple thousand, or if you’ve only dabbled with an auto-responder before, then a jump to infustionsoft right now will be a bit premature. Use ProCart like I train you, and then when you develop momentum, I’ll train you how to use infusionsoft.

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