How Much Does It Cost To Outsource

d1 Hello Entrepreneur! Are you looking into outsourcing? Do you want to know if outsourcing will be cost effective for your business. One of the biggest benefits to outsourcing is the cost. I have another video where I list 11 advantages to outsourcing, and the first four all have to do with money. My hope is that after watching this video, not only will you know how affordable it is to outsource, but you will understand how you cannot afford to not outsource.

One of the absolute best places to hire people is in the Philippines. It’s a real challenge for people there to find good work. When I interview Filipinos and review their resumes, I learn that it’s quite common for them to make huge sacrifices for a job that pays them $400 per month. To get paid that high of an amount though, they have to travel to another island for 6 months, leaving their family behind. They work 12+ hour days, without much of a break on the weekend. After 6 months when the job is done, they travel back home, only to begin the process again of finding another job. Imagine the difference you could make in their life, by offering them steady job paying them $400/mo., working 8 hours per day from home. They get to be with their family, and feet to relax on the weekends.

d21The part of that win win scenario that I want to point out isthe amount that are hoping for, is $400 per month. These are college graduates who have perfect English. They are amazing, talented and capable people that you can hire for only $400 per month.

Not only is there an obvious reduction in your labor costsbut your overhead costs are almost eliminated as well. Outsourcing allows you to run a much more financially efficient business. This in turn means you can offer way more competitive pricing to your customers, and experience substantially more profits than your competition. How can you afford not to outsource?

d22The other great thing about outsourcing is the more we outsource, the higher our Standard of Living becomes in the USA. Sending a job to the Philippines actually increases the number of jobs in the United States. What people focus on is the type of jobs being reduced, but they forget about the types of jobs that increase. What actually changes the TYPES of jobs that become prevalent in the States? Because we spend less money on Bookkeeping, Programming, Graphics Design, Phone Support, Marketing, Video Production, Technical Support, Administration, and more. We have a lot more money to spend on Entertainment, on Dining, on Travel & Adventure, on Landscaping, on Construction, on Safety & Security, on Convenience, on Luxury, on Lifestyle.

Outsourcing causes the items we purchase to decrease in cost too so we can afford a lot more. The more we outsource, the more our standard of living increases.

d23Now, you really can hire someone for just $400 per month. You don’t want to go through an agency or another company because you’ll pay them $1000 per month, and they keep 70% of it off the top. You want to someone in the Philippines directly. It’s actually real easy to find a good candidate to work for you when you know where to look, and below on this page I’ve included links to the resources I’ve personally used to hire amazing people in the Philippines since 2009. You can actually specify exactly what type of skills you need, and what experience you are looking for, and you’ll instantly see a list of qualified applicants, all hoping to interview for a position with your company.

I hope you are as excited as I was when I first learned all of this.  Outsourcing has opened up a whole new world to me, and I hope you’ll share this video with others.

Here is the resource I use to find and hire my employees in the Philippines. You really need to see this!


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