How to Backup Joomla Website

c1Have you ever lost work that you’ve put a lot of time into. Maybe you spent all day working on a new sales page, and forgot to hit save, and then your computer crashed. Or maybe a disgruntled employee decided to wreak havoc on your website, and you don’t know how to fix it. I’m going to show you a couple ways to Backup a Joomla website.

I’ll first show you how to back everything up manually, and then I’ll show you a cheap service I discovered and use myself, that does it automatically. However you do it, I highly recommend that you at least periodically create a backup of your website. It’s like an insurance policy if anything bad should happen to your website. Imagine what problems it would cause, if you lost your website, and had to start over.

c2There are 2 parts to a Joomla website. There are the website files, and the database. That’s what’s really cool about having a website built on Joomla, is that your content is separate from the actual website files, template and design. This means that if you ever want to completely redesign your website, you won’t have to redo the content.

Once you are logged into your cPanel, backing up your website is pretty simple, once you know where to look. If you are a Wallaby Web Design client, and you have forgotten your cPanel login info, just be sure to include that in your next support ticket, and we can send you your logins again.

The first thing we’re going to do, is back up all the website files. If you know how to use FileZilla, you can use that as well, be in this video, we’re going to use the File Manager that’s within your cPanel. Just click on “File Manager,” select the “Home Directory” option, and click “Go.”

c3The Folder that contains all our website files is called “Public HTML.” To download it as one file, we need to compress it as a zip file. Find Public HTML from the list, do a right click, and select “Compress.” Then select “Zip Archive,” and press the “Compress Files” button. After a few moments, a new zip folder will appear in the list, and you can then right click it and choose to “download” it to your computer.

c4Ok, Part 1 is done, now we need to back up the database. We’re back in our cPanel, just scroll down to the database section… and click on “phpMyAdmin.” At the left, select the database for your website. It will probably be named similarly to your cPanel username, or domain name.

Then click on “Export” at the top. Unless you know what you are doing here, I suggest selecting the “Quick” option, and pressing “Go.”

c5That’s it. Your database file is now downloaded to your computer. Once you’ve done it, it’s not that hard. What’s more difficult though, is remembering to do it regularly. A service that I found, that is cheap and does this automatically for me, is called Backup Machine. I’ll include a link to it below.

They even have a free option, if you click on packages up at the top, you’ll see what they have to offer. I personally use their daily backup option. What’s also nice about this service, is they will restore your website to a previous version, if you need to. It’s quite nice.

I hope you learned something here, and I hope you start backing up your Joomla Website regularly. If you’ve watched the video to this point, I’d like to offer you a free gift. Many know me for my expertise in helping experts pull in a ton of magnetic traffic to their website. I created an eCourse called The Treasure Map to Magnetic Traffic.” By putting your name and email in the form below, I’ll give you full access to this eCourse for free.


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