How to Become a Life Coach?

From a marketing perspective, I get asked a lot: ‘How can I become a life coach?’. There are four steps that you can follow to ensure you’ll be able to build a big career as a life coach.

1Think about the questions you already know the answers for.

The truth is, you ARE already a life coach! You’ve had some amazing experiences, you’ve learned from them, you’ve grown, and most importantly, you’ve become a BETTER person. You’ve gained WISDOM from having experienced all those, right?

And there are peope out there throughout our entire world that are now experiencing some of the same challenges and trials and obstacles that YOU’VE experienced. These people are going through them and YOU are the EXPERT.

2Utilize YouTube.

You’ve got to be able to help people for FREE. How? By using YouTube. YouTube is an amazing platform where people go when they’re searching, they’re asking questions, they’re wanting advice; and you can create videos and answer those, those people’s questions, positioning YOURSELF as the expert and build a very large following.

Here’s what will happen: You’re a life coach. People do a search on YouTube and they come and they find you. They see you as an expert, they see you as somebody who can help them, and they reach out to you, and then you can then offer your services to them.

How is that going to give you financial freedom?? If you’re not familiar with how amazing YouTube is as a marketing tool, let me just show you a quick example of one of my favorite YouTube channels:

Veritasium – This channel’s owner is Derek Muller and he teaches Science in a fun way. Looking at the volume on these videos (1.1 million views, 28 million views, 1.5 million, etc.), the average views is about 1.2 million for all of his videos.

Imagine if you created a video that answered a question like we’re talking about, and it was watched by 1.2 million people who’ve never heard of you before, but now, all of a sudden you’re positioned as an expert in front of these people.

Now let me show you another example in a different way. Go to Google and type in a 9-word phrase how to get rid of strep throat without antibiotics. Pay attention to the website That’s my client’s website and you’ll see Doreen there.

Two years ago, Doreen and I were having a conversation and she told me that she had a good remedy for a sore throat. I did some keyword research and I found the phrase ‘how to get rid of strep throat without antibiotics’. And I said THAT should be the title of your video that we need to create. I told her to write a script around that title and then we’ll film a video.

We put the video on YouTube on October 1st 2013. We then created a page on her website that featured this video, and it ranked on the front page of Google in two different spots!

Doreen had a very, very small following at first. But then something happened on the third month since the video was published. From then on, the video just had consistent growth. It just keeps going up and up and up, you know, and it’s had that growth now for a couple of years to we’re now, we’re over 60,000.

Doreen is now their hero. She’s the expert who’s teaching them this principle or solution. And they’ve opted in to her list, they’ve subscribed, they’ve commented on the video.

And so THIS is what I’m encouraging you to do, and so when I say ‘help people for free’, definitely use YouTube, help people for free, show people what you’re good at, and you’ll begin to build a following, and people will start approaching you and wanting to hire you as THEIR life coach!

Do not trade your time for money.

Now when you’re trying to decide how much to charge for your life coaching, you do NOT want to trade your time for money. Why?

Charging per hour is just going to get you bugged down. There’s no way you’re going to enjoy life very much and you’re not gonna remain a life coach very long, AND you’re not gonna help very many people.

What you want to do instead of trading your time for money is create a package. And that package… the focus of that package is TO GET AN END RESULT. You’re going to sell people the end result and you’re going to help them over a period of time GET that end result. And that’s what you charge people for!

How to do that?? Put together all the steps that you’re going to help them with; it might be four different phone calls and you’re on the phone for 60 minutes each time. So that’s 4 hours. If you’re going to charge somebody a hundred dollars an hour, you’d only charge $400 for that. DON’T do that. People may not want to pay $400 for 4 hours. But if they have an end result, they’ll be willing to pay WAY MORE than that.

You’ll have different ways of holding them accountable and you’ll… you just create a system that they go through so that at the end of these four weeks, they will achieve such and such result. And so to price your package, what is that end result worth?

It’s probably worth WAY MORE than $400. You could easily take a package like that, sell it for $4,000 or whatever price point that is, and people will pay you for that. And you’ll be confident in knowing ‘Hey, I know this will work. I’ve been down this path. I know how to help them get this result”, and yet you’ll love doing what you’re doing because money is just a currency to exchange value.

And when you can give such high value and help people get such great results and they’re giving you such high value monetarily in return, it’s, it’s a win-win situation and you’d feel great about it!

Charge what you’re worth.

How much is that experience worth? That’s what you’re selling and the end result as we talked about is worth how much? So, don’t be afraid to charge what you’re worth and don’t be afraid to turn people away who aren’t willing to make that amount of commitment because really when people make a larger financial commitment, they’re expecting more value in return.

So that principle I mentioned earlier of money being an exchange of value… if somebody was only paying $400, they would only expect to receive about $400 worth of value. But if the end result you’re giving them is a $4,000 value, you need to charge them $4,000 for that in order for them to get that end result.

That’s just how it works. It’s an exchange of value.


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