How to Change Favicon in WordPress

c13Hello Joomla User! You are very smart to be using Joomla instead of WordPress for your Blog. You’d actually be fine either way, we create website for our clients using both…but I’m bias towards Joomla.

Now creating a Blog using Joomla is actually quite easy, and you have hundreds of options. In a moment I’ll demonstrate setting up a blog page on a website with the most common settings. One thing that I think will be helpful to cover real quick first, is the relationship between a menu item and an article in Joomla. When you understand this little detail, it makes understanding the rest of Joomla very easy.

To create a new page on a Joomla website you need 2 main parts…A Menu Item, and content. For most the pages on your website, that content will be an article. Ok, so you create a new page by first creating a new article, and then you create a menu item that links to that article. That’s it, you have a new page.

c14Now, here’s where Joomla gets cool. Each page is separated into two parts like that…because you can actually link a menu item to other things as well.  Most often, your menu items will be linked to individual articles, but there are dozens of other options as well. Now most of the time, when we add a blog to our clients website, we link a menu item to a category…. a category of articles, let’s say. So all you have to do to add a new blog post, is create a new article, and select your “blog category”and it will automatically be added to your blog. Ok, now I’ll show you. Let’s go see how awesome this is?

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