How to Change Favicon

Hello Entrepreneur! If you know what a favicon is, then you know more than most. If you don’t change your favicon, it’s not going to hurt your business. It’s not something that people are really looking for. But having one, even if it’s not really noticed consciously, is one of those tiny details that will impress them, and give them a feeling of professionalism.

c6I first want to start out by showing you an online tool I discovered at favicon (dot) cc. It will save you a few steps is creating your favicon.

c7A favicon’s size is limited to only 16 pixels square, so this editor allows you to control the image pixel by pixel. I do most of my design work in Photoshop, but dealing with such small dimensions makes creating a good favicon tough. This tool makes it a lot easier, especially if you use the image import feature. You can test out several pictures pretty quickly, and decide if you like them or not.

c8I prepared two photos in advance, and when I say prepare, all I did was crop them to be square in shape. I just took a guess at what would look good, without changing the size or resolution.

Once you have a picture ready, you just come here and click on “Import Image.” Then click “Choose File” and select your picture. Then click “choose,” followed by “Upload.”

c9The enlarged picture won’t look so good, but below you’ll see a preview of how it will actually look as a small favicon. Click on “Download Favicon”, when you have one you like.

To apply your new favicon to your website, you just need to upload it to the root directory of your hosting account. I’ll show you how to do this from your cPanel. If you are a Wallaby Web Design client, and you don’t remember your cPanel login info, just ask us in your next support ticket, and we can send them to you.

c11From your cPanel, click on the File Manager, and select the “Document Root” option, and click “Go.” From here, all you need to do is click the “upload” button at the top, and click the “choose file” button to find your new favicon file. That’s it, your all done.

All you have to do now is wait. It would be nice if it updated instantly, but it can actually take a day or so. You just need to create the image in the .ico format, and upload it, that’s it.

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