How to Choose a Domain Name for SEO

Hello internet marketers! I’m Nate Woodbury, and I’m going to talk to you for a minute about choosing a domain name for SEO, but I need to warn you, that my advice differs from most of what you find online. It actually depends on what your online strategy is, so what I’ll do first, is explain the type of SEO that I do, and a little history, so you can decide if my advice will apply to you or not.

gp2gp1So first off, I own a web design company. We build custom designed websites for small businesses, that are full websites with lot’s of internal landing pages and splash pages. What we do not do, is build lot’s of little niche sites. The reason I make that distinction, is because a lot of the information you find online about SEO, keywords, and especially the concept of an “Exact Match domain,” relate only to small ‘set it and forget it’ niche websites.

gp3If you are a small business owner, and are building a real website that markets you, your brand, your company, or your products or services, then my recommendation is to buy a .com domain name that is short, and matches or represents your company name.

Choosing a domain name that your customers will remember and understand, is a million times more important that making sure it has the best keyword phrase in it. Now, if we were to rewind google a few years, it actually made a difference back then. I used keywords in domain names, and so did my clients, and it helped. Today, not only will that not help in the slightest with a real website, but I’ve seen it actually hurt a websites rankings. It also can hurt your credibility as well.

I’ll give you a couple examples. First, lets say your a fitness trainer, or public speaker. You may be tempted to buy a domain that is something like or The only time I would recommend those domains, is if that was what the name of your company is, and your logo says. Something that would make more sense, would be to choose your name for the domain, or the name of your company. It could be something like or

gp4But won’t this hurt your SEO? Nope, having the keywords in your domain, will not bring people to your website. I promise. What you need to do, is make your website the best website on a particular topic, and guess what happens… anytime someone does a search on that topic in Google, Google will intentionally send them to your website. I train more on that in another video. Your domain will have no impact.

gp5A couple other questions I get asked often are about the .net’s and .orgs, etc. And honestly, I take it on a case by case basis. Sometimes, and domain is so good, that a .net might work. but that’s typically the exception. As a general rule, you probably want to stick with .com and .com only.

Another piece of advice, is that there is no benefit to becoming a domain name junkie. Having a entire list of cool domain names, that you are never going to build a full website on, is worthless. Literally. A domain without a website will get absolutely no SEO traffic.

To end on a positive note… let’s review what is important in choosing your domain.

  • You want it to match your name and brand
  • You want it to be short
  • You want it to be easy to spell
  • You want it to be easy to remember
  • You don’t want any hyphens
  • You can ignore keywords, unless they are part of your company name
  • Ideally, you want the .com

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