How to Download YouTube Videos

I can think of three reasons why you’d want to know how to download YouTube videos straight to your device:

  • You won’t have Internet access later when you’re ready to watch the video.
  • These are your own videos on your own channel and you want to know how to back up your videos.
  • You’re interested in repurposing or sharing other people’s content.

Repurposing or sharing other people’s content can be tricky. In fact, in most case, it’s illegal to download certain videos and it’s something you don’t want to be doing. Today, YouTube has a great Fair Use Policy and I recommend becoming familiar with that if you are considering sharing other people’s content.

However, if you OWN the channel, there’s a way to download your videos on YouTube that’s actually pretty easy. Just go to your YouTube account, go to Video Manager, click the drop-down arrow beside ‘Edit’, and you’ll see where it says ‘Download MP4’. Clicking on that will allow you to download the whole file back to your computer.

YouTube Account > Video Manager > drop-down arrow > Download MP4

1You can also download YouTube videos on iPhone! This option will need for you to subscribe to YouTube Red where you will have to pay $10/month for the server. What I like about YouTube Red is that you don’t have any ads, so when you’re on YouTube, you won’t have to be annoyed by disruptive commercial.

Let’s say your plane is about to take off and you want to download some YouTube videos so that you can watch them when you’re not using WiFi. With YouTube Red, you’ll notice on the right side of the screen a button. That little button has a down arrow with a line underneath it. Please include a screen shot of these button. When you click that button, the video will automatically start saving to your phone. You’ll see a blue circle going around the button.

To be able to do this, you need to have Internet access and then when you go offline somewhere, you can access these videos by going to your Account page. The Account page is on the right side where you’ll see a small person icon highlighted white. Now the video is available for your viewing even in places where there’s no Internet access. It’s as easy as that!


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