How To Find Your Purpose In Life

Many years ago, I learned of a concept called sole purpose

The concept where each person has their own unique purpose in life and when I heard that it felt true. But I didn’t know what my purpose was. I started on a journey at that point, took me about 18 months of reading books and going to seminars and whatnot. But, I discovered what my purpose was.

Shortly thereafter, just began thinking about “you know what? everyone does have a purpose”. Mine is unique. No one else on this planet has the same purpose as I do and it became the kind of this beautiful picture that I saw of the rest of the world. The rest of humanity of every other person on this planet also has their own individual unique purpose.

What’s your purpose?

see we all have gifts, right?

We all know that we’re gifted with certain things sometimes, some are more obvious than others.

Something that I learned pretty fast is that, a purpose is not necessarily what we’re doing but why we’re doing it. The why behind the thing that we’re doing.

When I was Ironing all this out, I had a web design company and I knew that web design was not my purpose. I honed in on what I could do with website design.

Website design was just a tool. How can I use website design to fulfill that purpose? Than gave my business so much more meaning.  Instead of just selling a product, I was you know, serving something a lot greater.

The Why

billionphotos-1642064When I can have any service such as website design. or marketing or video production and know that these are just tools I can associate with a particular brand or affiliate offer or another company or promote a certain event and by knowing that these things are just tools. These things are not my purpose in and of themselves but they are just tools to help me accomplish that purpose that provide a lot of clarity once I know what my purpose is. Another incredible piece of this is to know, that those tools are vehicles that can change. They will change. They’ll change regularly throughout life but that core purpose, the core purpose doesn’t change. So whenever I have this conversation with someone, they always ask me “so, well how can I find my purpose?” That’s not something that I can answer for you, but definitely challenge you to search and do whatever it takes to find it out. Knowing what your purpose is, gives you a whole foundation for your life, anything that you do in your life. Whatever action that you do, whether it’s your work or your family, or your spare time, or your hobbies, having a purpose to find who you are and that, the why behind everything you do, brings a great sense of fulfillment and a great sense of joy.

I don’t know if it will take you as long as it took me to discover my purpose once I set on this quest, about 18 months is what it took me. But think about the different types of clients that you have. Which ones do you enjoy working with most? try and figure out why or what types of work do you enjoy the most? and then figure out why.

Take the Leap

billionphotos-1876335I never was given tips like this. I couldn’t. I just have to figure this out. But if you have a pen and paper, and you wrote down a lot of activities on one column that you don’t enjoy doing that you do regularly for your worker, for your life, for your family, for your play, for your health. Another column, what are the things that you enjoy doing most and all of those areas and see if there’s some similarities between things that you like and things that you don’t enjoy doing. Perhaps, those things that you’re not doing yet, but you would love doing and sometimes it’s just a matter of trying.

When you try certain things and somethings fail but you don’t care you, you’re just enjoying enjoying it so much, that could be a sign.

There’s definitely a way to figure it out. There’s clues along the way so that we can know what that purpose is. To know the why behind our life is.

Now I love hearing what other people’s purposes are.
I share my purpose with others but I share it at two different levels. When I share it in a public way, I’ll share it just kind of surface level, so I’ll share that now.

My purpose is all about the word influence. I love influencing the world for good, and I also love working with influencers because, the more successful I can help them, the more fulfillment I get because I’m just influencing the world in a much bigger way. So that’s my surface level purpose, I can go quite a bit deeper than that but, I do that when I feel like it. When you know, in more of a private setting with an individual or a small group and so maybe one day I’ll share with you what that purpose is at a more deeper level.


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