How to Have a Positive Mindset

What better way to talk about how to have a positive mindset than with a good friend of mine who I interviewed in the video above? Kris is a transformational breakthrough mentor who I asked several questions so that we can address what’s really keeping us from living the life that we ACTUALLY want.

Here are some of the questions answered by Kris:

What  is it like living in a world WITHOUT limits?

1For Kris, the idea is to align your thinking in a manner to become as LIMITLESS as possible. We aren’t here by accident and we’re certainly not here to have a birth right of poverty, to live in mental poverty, but to take advantage of living in a world of opportunity. Opportunity is everywhere. It’s all around us!

But how do we grab all that?

Our perception is what drives opportunity. If all we perceive daily are negativity and limits, then how can we see ourselves living the life that we want? Kris has dedicated himself to looking at life in a different manner, a manner that really opens the door to POSSIBILITY. And it really is a discipline because it’s a very different approach to how most people do life.

What  is it like living in a world WITHOUT limits?

2Most of us have ideas and beliefs that were suggested to us in our childhood where our infantile minds couldn’t do anything but interpret LIMITS. These ideas run our life, and Kris calls them ‘limiting beliefs’.

Kris, however, loves becoming aware to these limiting beliefs. Why? Because awareness to himi simply translates to “What are you going to do about it?”. We should love becoming aware to these limits because now we have the power to change them! If you learn to acknowledge what it is that’s limiting YOU, and you find the willingness to focus on your dreams, then what is there to do but to change this – to break these limits?

Perhaps in your childhood and early adult life, you’d often tell yourself:

“I’m not good enough.”
“I’m not fast enough.”
“I’m not strong enough.”
“I’m too young to accomplish anything with value.”
“I’m too old to continue pursuing my dreams.”
“I’ll never make it.”
“I’m just too fat.”

Not only do these ideas run our lives, they also ruin them. Why? Because they are LIMITING us. Whenever there are moments when you DOUBT YOURSELF, quickly, just quickly mutter this question: “Wait a minute, why am I limiting myself???”.

How do you start your day to make sure that you have that positive mindset throughout the day, the rest of the day?
3For Kris, he has a morning ritual he calles The Power Hour. He goes to the gym early with a wristband on him that says ‘I am limitless’. This wristband serves as a ritualistic reminder telling him that he gets to have a BREAKTHROUGH where he gets to ground and ask: “WHAT’s limiting me? What belief isn’t working for me?”.

When the belief shows up, you evaluate. Ask youself if it serves you. If it doesn’t, then create something new! Creating a new belief every morning is also a part of Kris’s workout routine, a part of taking time to connect with his wife, so that by the time he and his wife are ready to get up and get their four kids off to school, they’re coming at life from a place of power.

The key to thinking positive daily is to invigorate your body, mind, spirit, and soul. Fill it with meditation and prayer. Be MINDFUL and conscious, and get ready for the day!

Do you do anything in the same manner when you’re about to close your eyes at night?

4In the video above, Kris has said it perfectly:

“You know, one of the things really that’s important for me Nate, is to maintain throughout the day this space of consciousness; this space where I never step into victimhood. I don’t operate from limits, and so I don’t care what time of day it is. If even at the end of the day, I encounter negative energy and negative emotion, THAT’s my clue that something is off in my mindset. I’m just gonna pause, ground, and I’m just gonna ask “What’s the limiting belief getting in my way?”.

Whatever time of day it is, to develop a positive mindset, you must create a new belief. Kris has been doing this for years. He’s had the chance to go through thousands of tiny aspects of his belief system, and it’s been a cleansing and purifying process to intentionally create a perception that can only see the world he wants to manifest.

What do you do when you get triggered?
5Pause. Become the observer of your life. Instead of becoming your anger, frustration, sadness, or depression, just pause and say “I am not my anger, sadness, depression, but it is something I’m feeling.”.

Create a real present moment to STEP OUTSIDE of the judgment and observe.

“What is it that’s really occurring in my life right now?”
“Do I like being this way?”
“Why did it happen?”

“Oh I’m triggered because I have an idea that so and so shouldn’t speak to me that way.”
“I’m triggered because my kid did something I didn’t like.”
“Okay, I now have results of that idea. Is it serving me? What’s the cost?”

If you can get to the root every time, then you can formulate a higher level of belief in your mind. If you understand the science of the mind, you have the ability to continue the process of neurogenesis or the development of your mind.

6If you will persist with that thought, you will develop this new neural pathway in your mind and in time, it will be more conscious and it will outweigh the frustration and anger that you used to go to, and you change! You become a new creature. You become a BETTER version of yourself, but you did it BY CHOICE. Choice is what frees us from these triggers.

To have a positive mindset, you change your negative belief or create a NEW belief, acknowledge what’s limiting you, evaluate what triggers you and why, and start working on what’s necessary to produce the life that results the personal peace and happiness and fulfillment that you want!


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