How To Make A Cooking Video

Welcome to Nate’s Take! Today we are gonna go into the kitchen and I’m gonna show you how to film a cooking video.

The Lighting and Setup

Ok so first you gotta look at the kitchen that you’re filming and decide how you want to set it up. Notice that I got a bright window in the back the there against the wall and I’ve got another source of light. A whole bunch of light coming on the wall and so what I’ve done is I set up two soft boxes and actually got all five light bulbs turned on.

I got another video that can talk to you about the best type of soft boxes. You’ll see the very best ones have five different switches so you can control one light or three lights or five.

I’ve done a pretty good job of lighting up the kitchen. Now the lens that I have on my canon 80D is a prime lens and I don’t know if you can see this, it says 1.4. This is a lens that can get a real wide aperture and really blur the background. That makes a kitchen shot looks so good.

I’ll also be filming with my iPhone.

I’m gonna have one shot aiming at me with that camera and then another shot filming at the same time, filming what I’m doing on the counter top. Up above I got the microphone a separate audio. Now, I’m gonna be recording audio from all the cameras

I’ll definitely be recording audio right from my iPhone. It doesn’t have to be high quality audio but then I’ve got the third audio up there to get real high quality audio.

Alright now let me show you some shot on my canon 80D. with that

24mm lens it’s set to the widest aperture so it can blur the background even though there’s a lot of stuff going on back there, it’s blurred and it kinda like looks cool. I love that look, it’s a real professional look

This is gonna pick up a much higher quality audio but I have audio recording from both so I can sync them together.


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