How to Schedule YouTube Uploads

A YouTube scheduled upload allows you to be more efficient with your time and also minimizes the chance for missed uploads. If you own a YouTube channel and like me, you make more than 5 videos a day, you’re going to want to have a YouTube upload scheduler or a way to make sure that all of your uploads get published when they’re due.

In the video above, I talked about a few different ways that you can schedule your YouTube videos to go public.

Use an alarm or make notes on your calendar.

When uploading multiple videos at one time, you want to make sure they don’t go public when you upload them. You can put it in your calendar or use an alarm that you’ll set to go off once those videos are ready to go live.

You then sign in to YouTube and change the Privacy from Unlisted or Private to Public.

Use YouTube’s built-in scheduling feature.

YouTube does have a built-in scheduling feature, but you have to have a Private video first that you can schedule to go Public. You can’t do that from Unlisted, for some reason.

Use TubeBuddy’s scheduling feature.

TubeBuddy is a great option for scheduling YouTube videos. It’s a cool tool, but you have to pay $20/month per YouTube account. If you have lots of YouTube accounts, they actually give you a discount down in bulk. I recommend you try the free version to get a feel and be familiar with some basic features.

With the TubeBuddy, I just have to go to my TubeBuddy button and click on ‘Scheduled Go Live’. The same window pops up with the calendar, time, etc.; and even though it’s Unlisted, what TubeBuddy does is it will log in on my behalf at that time and it will change it from Unlisted to Public for me. You can schedule it in a roundabout way too through the TubeBuddy software.


Once you make the video Public, the date that the public sees RESETS. You can upload a video as Unlisted and just have it changed to Public when you’re ready for it, and that date will change. Your subscribers will not see the video until you make it Public.

As long as  your default settings are NOT set to ‘Upload Videos to Public’, you won’t have to worry about the date shown on the description.

Why upload a video and not have it go public?

When uploading a video, you want it set to Private first or Unlisted. In my case, once I’ve uploaded a video, there’s still a lot that needs to be done before I want people to see it. I put a lot of work into every video that I make. And if I’ve filmed several videos at the same time, then then I don’t want them to all go public at the same time. I want to be strategic about that.

Title and Description

Things you need to focus on are the Title and Description. Make sure that the title is there! I like to have a good written out description. Sometimes I have my staff do that. If I’m uploading the video and they’re writing the description for me and that doesn’t happen immediately, so I don’t want it to go live right then until the description is polished.


Don’t underestimate the power of a thumbnail. You want to create a really good one because it’s the very first thing that attracts a viewer’s attention. Some thumbs take a lot longer than others to create.

Teasers and Social Media posts

And then I have a whole strategy of things that I do – of teaser videos that I create or social media posts that I write that must be written before I make that video go public so that I can launch them ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

Check your YouTube default settings.

In the video above I showed how to do it exactly. Go to YouTube and click Upload which then takes you to a screen where it says Unlisted. If it says Public, that means that your default settings are Public and you DO NOT want that. You definitely want to protect your videos and make sure that the setting says ‘Unlisted’.

Go to Video Manager. In the video, I showed a shortcut because I have TubeBuddy installed which makes it a whole lot easier for me to upload videos. If you don’t, go to your channel and then click on Video Manager.

  • Go to Channel
  • Click on Upload Defaults
  • Go to Privacy
  • Select Unlisted
  • Hit Save

When I help my clients with their YouTube channel, we typically film 10 videos at a time. Usually it’s one video per week that should go live on YouTube, but we actually film 10 weeks’ worth of videos in one day.

So you can imagine if you have 10 videos that you uploaded and you’ve got them all ready, it can be stressful to worry about having to sign in to YouTube every time each video is about to go live or public. This is where knowing how to schedule YouTube uploads become very handy. To be able to actually SCHEDULE videos is a relief to YouTube channel owners.

Be consistent.

I also want to emphasize the importance of CONSISTENCY. It’s very important!
Consistency is sole key here. Why?

Consistency in style

Your audience has expectations from you. They will watch a few video of yours, get a sense of your style, and actually like it. When your future videos come out and they’re subscribed to you, they’re expecting to get a similar style! You can of course change things slightly here and there, but you should stay true to your personality and style that you’ve originally chosen for your channel. Your audience needs to feel that consistency.

Consistency in schedule

There’s also consistency of schedule. If you post a video every week, do it on the SAME DAY. Give your subscribers something to look forward to. You want them to form a habit of watching your videos!

So if every Wednesday morning at 8am you launch a YouTube video, people will get into the habit of, of expecting that. Wednesday morning comes up, they’ll think ‘Ooh, there’s another video coming.’.

Remember, you’ll also broadcast that out by email and so people will expect to see emails at a certain time. If you do two videos a week, then pick the days of the week that you do that. I recommend at least one video per week when scheduling YouTube videos.

Remember, you’ll also broadcast that out by email and so people will expect to see emails at a certain time. If you do two videos a week, then pick the days of the week that you do that. I recommend at least one video per week when scheduling YouTube videos.


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