How to Stay Motivated

When we set out to do something big, like a big YouTube channel, we’ve got this dream of what that looks like; or creating a business and we have this vision of where we can take it, right? But what if, one day you wake up and find out that reality is far from what you’ve imagined life would be?

Would you know how to stay motivated?

Here are some quick tips to stay motivated:

11. Love what you’re doing.

Even some of the most successful YouTubers, some of my favorites , have their days when they’re discouraged! However, creating videos and posting them on YouTube isn’t “work” to them. They’ve got enough drive and dedication to their craft to sustain them during the “downs”. If you’re doing something that you think is going to be successful but you DON’T enjoy it, you know you’re not going to stick with it long-term. And YouTube needs long-term. YouTube normally yields good results over time.

So if you’ve got great ideas but zero time and willingness to wait it out, then you got nothing.


22. Find other ways to monetize your YouTube account.

A good business model is one which doesn’t rely on a single source of income. You have more than five ways you can monetize your videos. The ads that play before and during your YouTube videos aren’t the only possible source of your income. You can promote your own products, be an affiliate, use the “freemium” style where you give away free stuff on YouTube but sway them right to your paid product, or attract your own sponsors!



3.Create a step-by-step system.

By doing this, you are eliminating oversight, delay, and even procrastination. Once you find your groove after following a system, you’ll find you’re not stuck in a rut of NOT creating videos. Instead, you’ll notice you’re forcing yourself to CREATE videos.

Why? Because you’ve already become systematic. And you won’t want to break momentum.




4. Have realistic expectations

Those YouTubers you admire today didn’t start yesterday, so there’s really no point in stressing yourself over an unrealistic deadline. Look at what other YouTubers have done and/or doing, how long it took them to get those results, and gauge how long it should take you to do those same things.





5.Give it time.

A week ago, I saw an abandoned music lessons channel with four published videos on it. Whoever created this channel must have quit after creating the videos and seeing no traction. I looked at the statistics or the growth report and saw that it took 18 months before it finally started to take off. Now, it’s got over 100,000 views.

I just find it funny how you can invest time and effort into four videos and easily get discouraged and quit without an ounce of energy to at least get a bit of the capital back. Another channel I found has got 115 videos on it and the owner quit after two months.

If they can only see how their channel grew from zero views in October 2014 to 258,000 views today, January 2016…

To put simply, set a realistic goal and be reasonable to yourself. Success isn’t quick money as quick money isn’t success.

You’ve got to find the right motivation (hopefully, any of the five I mentioned works for you) to supercharge your YouTube channel and rack up that number of views.


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