How To Use Jing

Hello Business Owner! As I look back at the history and growth of my company, there is one tool that I can attribute as being one of the most important and helpful. Would you like to know what it is? The tool is Jing.

I’m going to teach you how to use Jing. Jing is a software created by Techsmith, and they actually have 3 versions of that software.

Jing is free and fully functional. You can record screencast videos up to five minutes long, and save them in flash video format.

Snagit is the upgraded version, that gives you more recording time, more video formats, and some editing tools for screenshots. It’s pretty affordable.

Camtasia is their big software that allows you record your webcam video as well, and is a full video editing software as well.

b13I personally have all 3 of them, but in this video we’re going to focus on Jing, and if you understand the power of this free tool, this video will cause aparadigm shift in the way view business communication. So much of our communication is written or ve
rbal only. Much of what we do is visual, but trying to explain visual things verbally is a challenge. Jing changes all that. What I’m going to show you is quicker and easier than writing an email, and yet so much more helpful. I really hope you learn how to use this tool. Your business will thank you. If you watch this video to then end, I have a free gift for you.

the first thing you need to do is download and install Jing.

Just go to Google, and do a search for Jing. The first listing that comes up is Techsmith. Go ahead and click on that listing, and you’ll be taken right to the Jing download page. You can download it for both Mac and PC. You’ll want to download the software to your computer, and install it.

b14You’ll know when Jing is running on your computer when you see a little sun at the top of your computer. You will always be able to see this little sun no matter what other applications you are using. When you put your mouse over the sun, 3 options appear. To record, put your mouse over the left option with the crosshairs.

Your cursor will then be activated with the crosshairs, so that you can select what you want to record. You can select a window, parts of a window, or you can click to drag your crosshairs, to select a specific area. Then decide if you want to capture an image or video.

b11When you choose video, your screen will be recorded as well as your voice will be recorded through your computers mic. As you record, you can keep track of your time, and notice as your approaching 5 minutes……. When you are done, you just hit stop and the preview screen appears with a few options of what you’d like to do with your video.

The easiest option is the “Share via” option. You just click the button with the 3 arrows, and your video will automatically be uploaded to a free service called screencast. Now here’s the cool part. Once the video is uploaded, Jing automatically put the link to this video into your clipboard. You don’t need to copy any thing, it’s already there. You can them simply paste that link into an email.

If you’re a Wallaby Web Design client, you can paste that link right into your support ticket form. We’ll be able to watch your video just by clicking on that link. It’s that simple.

I hope this was helpful. Feel free to rewind and watch those steps again, and I encourage you to like and share this page with others. Creating your first Jing video is the hardest, but it’s so worth figuring this out. If you’re a big communicator like me, a whole new world of efficient visual communication was just opened up to you. I love Jing, and you really need to use it.

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