How to Write a Video Script?

a35Do you want to know how to write a video script, so that your video gets people to take action? If you’re creating a video for a lead generation page, you want to make sure your video is scripted in a way, that will get people to opt-in. If it’s for a sales page, you want a script that will make sales. It may be tempting to hit record and just start talking, but it’s well worth taking the time to be strategic with your script.

a37There are actually two types of marketing videos that I train on at my cabin retreats.

– Positioning Videos

– Promotional Videos

a36The videos that go at the beginning of your magnetic sales funnel are Positioning videos. Then when you’ve build a bit of a relationship with them, you can share your promotional videos with your list. Both of them are very important, but because positioning videos are so often overlooked, that’s the type of video I’m going to train on here.

Positioning videos are great front line videos to magnetically pull people into your website, who have never heard of you before. They position you as the expert, and are great for building your list. Often times a positioning video is a tutorial video made strategic.

Do you see the power in that. Now in addition to helping people, you are connecting with them, letting them get to know you, and most importantly you are building your list

The 3 Benefits of Positioning Videos:

Magnetic Traffic:

The first is Magnetic Traffic. When you do your keyword research correctly, you can focus your videos on questions that people are searching for online, and pull in all of that traffic to your website automatically.

Positions You as Expert:

The second benefit, is that they get to see you as the expert. They see you alive and in action. They will learn from you and connect with you.

Build Huge List:

Positioning videos will help you build a huge email list. If you want to build a huge following, this is how you do it.

3 Sections of a Script

1The first section is the most challenging to write, but it doesn’t have to be very long. Some great things to include are:

  • They Found What They Were Searching For
  • Who You Are & What You Do & Why you Do It
  • Feeling of Safety
  • Curiosity

1The middle section will vary the most based upon the topic you are training on, but this is the easiest section to write. Go ahead and start here if that will help you get started. You want to really provide amazing value here. It doesn’t need to be long, you don’t have to cover everything, but what you do cover, cover the best you can. You want people to really value your training. So much so that they want to hear more from you, and share your training with others. It’s also easy in this section to drop seeds, which are hints or references to the products and services you offer.

1 The last section is an important section to script well, but the great thing is, you can reuse it on all of your videos. You want them to feel how valuable your freemium is, and not be able to resist providing you their name and email. The more compelling your offer is, the more will join your list.


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