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Professional Speaker Website Design

As a professional speaker, your marketing, your branding, your reputation, is not just focused on a company, like most businesses, it’s all centered around you…You are the product. Web Design and internet marketing for individuals is an entirely different game, and that’s the game that I specialize in.

I’m so excited that you are here, because I love working with influential people. As a public speaker, you have a very positive impact on people. I get great fulfillment in helping you get better results online, because you are able to influence even more.

In your search to find a web design and marketing company, you’ll probably have noticed 2 categories of services. Either cheap website design without results, or professional design services and marketing, with outrageous business prices. Well, I’m happy to share with you a better option. My personal mission, is to help you grow your speaking business

Our professional speaker website design service is just $1997 for the first 3 months, and then $200 per month thereafter, on a month by month basis. We provide full Custom website design that includes 3 months of unlimited support. We do all our design work custom in photoshop, and allow unlimited revisions on all our work. We make sure the design is perfect, and then implement it all on your website. You can have as many pages, videos, tweaks or changes that you need. It’s like having your own in house web team.

a14After your 3 months of Unlimited Support, your service will transition to monthly Ongoing Support. This service is $200/mo. for up to 25 hours of support, and can be paused and restarted at anytime. For example, when you needed a new landing page created, you’ll just send your instructions in a support ticket, and we have it completed for you, within a couple days. Just let us know when you’d done having us work on your website for a time, and we’ll pause your billing. You really get ongoing support

for just $200/mo.

Let’s now talk about marketing. We have a very unique marketing system her at Wallaby, that isn’t for standard businesses

, but works especially well for individuals who want to position themselves as the expert, and build a huge online following.

We follow a specialized marketing system we call the “Treasure map to magnetic traffic.”

This strategy includes a variety of online tools such as video, social media, search engine traffic, auto-responders, and viral content to position you as the expert online. You will be able to rapidly grow your email list, and build a huge online following.


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