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Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Privacy Policy

Your Privacy

Wallaby Web Design is committed to protecting your privacy. We only use the information we collect to provide you necessary support and helpful communication.

How does WebDesk protect customer information?

Our shopping cart uses a very high end Verisign SSL certificate, which encrypts your credit card and all personal information before submission.

Will Wallaby disclose any client information to outside parties?

Wallaby Web Design will not sell, trade, or rent your personal information to others. WebDesk may release account information when we believe, in good faith, that such release is reasonably necessary to (i) comply with law, (ii) enforce or apply the terms of any of our user agreements or (iii) protect the rights, property or safety of WebDesk, our users, or others.

Terms of Service

Wallaby Services

The Services at Wallaby includes the following:
  • Custom Website Design - Based upon design input from our clients, such as example websites shown to us, we design all our websites from scratch in Photoshop.  Several mock-up designs are created to find the best design for the website.  In most cases this design process takes about 3 business days.  Our Unlimited Support policy (discussed below), includes unlimited design revisions. More time is necessary for more revisions.  We do not discourage revisions, as the more effort and energy that gets put into each step, typically means better results and more success.  To be able to continue to offer unlimited revisions to our clients, we reserve the right to limit the number of revisions to those who abuse the system.  Clients that keep the communication cordial, open, and reasonable, will continue to have unlimited revisions. A small 'designed by' link will be placed in the bottom footer of your website.
  • Unlimited Support - Our websites are built on an advanced platform that makes it easy for our clients to make edits and changes themselves.  We also provide unlimited support to our clients, so you can focus on your business, and let us take care of everything you need done on your website.  Expect support tickets to be completed within 48 to 72 hours.  If there is a simple spelling error, or you simply want to upload a new video, you have login access yourself, so you don't have to wait a couple days for the support ticket to be completed.  In most cases though, you will enjoy the simplicity sending in a support ticket to our staff so that we can take care of it for you. We offer unlimited service to our clients for any tasks relating to the design, build, and administration of their website. There is no limit to the number of pages, products, videos, information, etc., as long as the content is prepared by the client, and not deemed by our coaching staff as frivolous or unnecessary.  Unlimited Support refers specifically to website support, and does not include business development, product development, or anything outside of the website and it's functionality.  We are not a custom programming company. Instead of reinventing the wheel, so to speak, we utilize other available and compatible software to accomplish desired results on our websites.  Our support is limited to the insertion and implementation of such software components, but comes with no guarantee of their adequacy, or customization. All support requests must be sent in using the appropriate form, or by default, the "Support Ticket" form which will assign you a Ticket #. All follow up communication will need to reference this ticket #. In order to provide the best service possible, to avoid things falling through the cracks, to work efficiently, and to keep your costs low, all support requests and website communication must be sent through our support forms. If the support forms are not working, or you simply have a question for someone specific, email may be used.  Phone support is not offered as a part of the Wallaby Website Packages.
  • Website Coaching - To assist our clients in obtaining results from their website, coaching is a big part of the Wallaby Website Packages.  This coaching is provided in a simple step by step manner as you proceed through the steps of the Wallaby Website Package. Coaching is provided using video communication, which we have found to me much more effective and efficient than just email communication or verbal communication. This video communication allows us to show you instead of just tell you.  Specific forms corresponding to the specific step will be provided along the way, as well as the "Support Ticket" form can be used anytime to request coaching by selecting the coaching option on the form. Coaching should not be compared to regular "customer service" where the "customer is always right." We will be friendly, but more important than your friendship, is your success.  Follow our system, be coachable, and you will be happy with the results.
  • SEO Link Building - This valuable service is provided to help bring more traffic and attention to specific pages of your website, as well as to help define the relevance of a website and it's specific pages.  While only the search engines control how a website ranks in their search results, we provide a detailed report of the websites performance and ranking, so our clients can easily track the progress that is being made with their website, as a part of their Wallaby Website Package purchase. SEO Link Building begins following the submission of Step 10.
  • Google Pages - Some packages include the creation of pages that will rank on the front page of Google for key phrases targeting information seekers for the purpose of building strength to your website.  In addition to Link Building, Google Pages are a necessary part of a lasting SEO Strategy. They also work well as a part of a Website Sales Funnel. When we create the Google Pages for our clients, we do keyword research to determine the areas to create the content on, write and design the content, and do all the work for you in setting up those pages on your website.
  • Website Access - We provide our clients administrator access to their website.  Because we provide unlimited support to our clients, this is not necessary, however, out clients have access to login and make changes yourself if you'd like. This becomes convenient, for example, if you want to change something on your website on a weekend, and cannot wait 48 hours on business days for your support ticket to be completed. We will provide your login information to you, as well as provide some simple tutorials to you to get you started, upon request,. The software we use for our websites is Joomla, which is even easier to use than WordPress, but much more powerful and advanced.
  • Video Production - We provide a specific format of video production that works well for positioning videos. We are able to keep costs low because of doing a few things differently, as follows: 1) We require our clients to prepare an practice a written script in advance. 2) We record the video in one take, editing out the mistakes, instead of recording one perfect take. 3) We place a small Wallaby Video logo in the bottom corner at the very end of the video. Removal of this logo can be purchased for an additional purchase price of $100. 4) Additional purchases such as royalty free music or images are the full responsibility of the client.

Website Images, Content, and Information

All website content, including images, are the responsibility of the client.  All images used by Wallaby Web Design in mock-up designs and throughout the website design process, are for example purposes only, and not meant for permanent use.  Where possible, images with watermarks will be used.  All images used, and the rights to use those images are the full responsibility of the client. All information or written material on the website is also the responsibility of the client.  Neither Wallaby Web Design, nor WebDesk LLC, can be held responsible for the use of unauthorized images, content or information.

Customer Service Policy

Our Customer service system is different on purpose. We are more efficient and get better results for our clients because of our system, and because we expect our clients to assume personal responsibility. We provide unlimited support that can be a dream come true when a couple simple objectives are met. 1. Please think through, and revise your instructions so they are clear and understandable, before providing them to our staff. 2. Please be patient and don't wait until the last minute. 3. Don't assume things.  If you have a question... ask. We are committed to providing you amazing service. We will occasionally make mistakes, and when we do, we will correct them. All website support must be submitted through our forms.

Coaching Policy

Once Step 10 has been submitted, coaching requests can be submitted on a weekly basis. Your coach is there to provide you advice and direction, to help you achieve the goals you have for your website, and online success. Your coach does not provide customer service or website support. It is your responsibility to have a successful business, and have clear goals for what you want to achieve online and with your website. Your coach will help answer your questions about doing so, and help you best utilize your wallaby service. Do not expect your coach to respond in the "the customer is always right" approach. Instead, expect your coach to be blunt and to provide helpful criticism. When your coach advises you to do something, you can only expect results from our program by following their advice.

Wallaby Commitment

We truly desire your success.  The Wallaby packages and each step in our system was designed with the goal to get you real results.  We provide unlimited support, so you can focus on other things, and know your website is in good hands. With this said, we are human, and we make mistakes.  Sometimes it our fault, sometimes, the instructions we get aren't very clear, sometimes things fall through the cracks. We have refined our support system over and over and are quite pleased with what we can deliver.  If we miss something, just let us know, and we'll work to get it right.

Use of Service Policy

It is the responsibility of our clients to use the service we provide. We do not provide refunds or credits if time elapses without any input from our clients. We allocate valuable resources to each paying client, and charge for access to those resources, whether used or not. Coaching and website support are provided upon request by visiting wallabywebdesign.com/support. We believe that our service is so valuable that even if you only used one month out of twelve months of paid service, you would still have been well served.


Payment shall be made to WebDesk LLC (or Wallaby Web Design), in the amount of and according to the schedule listed towards the end of this Performance Guarantee document. If a payment schedule is arranged, super administrator access, and cpanel access will be reserved until the payment schedule has been fulfilled, and the website has been paid for in full.

Renewal Policy

Our packages and payments plans all have a maximum duration of 12 months, however, many of our clients desire to continue our support and marketing services beyond 12 months. Beginning in the 13th month from the date of this contract, you will be switched over to monthly billing for our Maintenance and Marketing package for $300/mo. This continuation is month to month and can be cancelled at any time, and is not required.


Wallaby Web Design does not offer refunds for any reason. Clients on a payment plan that become delinquent in their payments may risk the loss of their website and all website files and data.

Cancellation Policy

Each of the Wallaby Website Packages are ongoing services, designed for the long term success of our clients. Most of our packages require payment in full up front, or offer financing for a maximum duration of twelve months. Because the Wallaby Website Packages are a service which cannot be returned, refunds are not possible.  After the term of your agreement, typically 12 months, you will automatically be enrolled in an equivalent support and marketing package. This support and marketing package may be cancelled at anytime. Clients wishing to move their website to a different hosting company, are welcome to do so upon payment in full of their package.