What is a Joomla Module

Are you looking to become a bit more knowledgable in Joomla? Do you want to learn what and article is, or what modules or plugins are, and how to use them?

b21Using Joomla modules on the various pages of your website, makes things pretty nice, and gives you some great advantages. I think the simplest way to explain what a module is, is that it’s supportive item on a page, that can be reused on multiple pages of your website. Let me show you:

I’ll use my website as an example. The page that we are looking at here is comprised of 3 things…

  • a template
  • an article
  • and several modules.

We create a custom template for every website we create. The template includes the design elements that you want consistent throughout your entire website, and across all or most of your website’s pages. So mainly the colors you are seeing in the background, the default colors and fonts, etc. If you have more questions about templates, I have several other tutorials that you may find helpful.

Ok, the next thing I mentioned was on this page is an Article. Typically, each individual page will have one article, which is the central content for that page. In this case, it’s the wording and image I’m highlighting here. This content will be different from one page to the next.

b22Now we can get to the modules. A module is a component of a page that enhances a page, and that you can re-use on other pages of your website. I’ll give you a few examples. The top menu bar here is a module. If you were to navigate to another page of my website, you’ll still see this menu. That’s because I’ve elected that it shows up on just about every page on this website. Another module here is this opt-in form. I’ve elected that this form appears on some pages, and not on other pages.

When I’m ready to create a new page on my website, I don’t have to create a new menu item, or a new opt-in form. I can focus on just creating the new unique content or info for that page, and then just turn on the various modules I want shown on that particular page.

b23Another convenient feature with Joomla modules, is they can be duplicated. If you want to modify a module on a particular page of your website, you don’t need to create a new one, but instead, just create a copy, and then modify the copy. You will then have 2 similar modules, and you simply check the boxes of the pages you want each module to display on. It’s pretty handy.

I want to show you what I was able to do with modules on this page. This is a page I created to promote my Influencer Bootcamp. It’s a cabin retreat I hold every few months for experts. The content in this top area is an article, but as I scroll down, and you see the different sections, each section was created as a separate module. What is cool about this, is if I want to change the order of the sections, I just move the modules around. Also, it makes it easy if I want to reuse just one of the sections on another page of my website.

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