What Is A Sizzle Reel? Learn Better Ways to Market

Speakers? they are amazing at what they do. They’re great at business. They’re great at moving and inspiring people, they are influencers but there’s something they’re not really got at, it’s marketing.

There are only a few speakers that I know that know how to really market and advertise themselves. When you get established as a speaker, you start to get a lot of referrals and referrals are the best type of business to have. The challenge is it takes a while to get to that point and you can’t really scale it quickly. Referrals just come in when they come and eventually you build in a steady stream so I’m going to teach you guys about marketing for speakers.

a rollWe’ve got two videos that we’re going to talk about in our sale funnel we might talk about a bonus one right there. But we’ll call this first video a promo video and we’ll call the second video, a sizzle reel. Now
the sizzle reel is what most speakers ask for. It’s what they think they need to make the sale.

They are right in some cases. Usually, when you get a referral, you’re already positioned. You’re positioned as the expert, as the authority,
as the solution for their speaking engagement.

Sometimes, they need to see just a little bit of your work to back up their emotional decision that’s already been made because of the referral. Sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they will just hire you without seeing a thing simply because they got a referral. If it’s a more passive referral they might need to see the promo video to begin with.

Now what’s the difference between a promo video and a sizzle reel?

billionphotos-1439129Promo video is Three minutes maximum. Usually even less. This emotionally people. A sizzle reel, it can be 15 minutes. It could be longer. This is less entertaining, less emotionally engaging, it’s more content. This backs up the decision logically. This creates the emotional decision. This creates the emotional engagement. They get inspired they feel connected to you, they want to hire you, then they back it up logically with the sizzle reel and then they come and they pay you the big bucks.

Now the big problem that speakers have is they, they skipped this step in most cases and in fact they don’t do any marketing. All they focus on is referrals. Again, referrals are the best source of clients but it’s just a drip. It’s a faucet that just drips, and trickles in. The more momentum you build the faster the drip is. But, there’s more.

Ok what about the thousands and tens of thousands, hundred of thousands of people who have never heard of you before? These people are out there searching for you. They don’t know about you, they’re gonna find somebody else and so marketing and advertising can find people who never heard of you before. They found your promo video. They now like you, they’re emotionally connected to you. You are seen as their here then they’re gonna watch your sizzle reel. If you put your sizzle reel out there, in front of people who’ve never heard of you before, it’s not gonna get you hired.

The Magic 3

I’m gonna share the magic three ingredients of a promo video

A Roll

First, You need content. We can also call that A roll because I’m going to call number 2, B roll. Let’s talk about that for a minute. What is the best type of content for this type of a promo video? interviews work extremely well. An interview is my favorite option for this. Second, is actually testimonials. Good testimonials and not when I say good, not filming quality good, but content good and you can do a combination of those. Speaker footage is actually pretty bad. You definitely want lots of speaker footage of you speaking on the stage with the audio in your sizzle reel. You don’t want a lot in your promo video.

Why is that?

well, when you’re on the stage you’re speaking to an audience. You’re giving them value. You’re not selling yourself to them. Where is, a promo video, you’re selling yourself to them. It’s completely different feel so they’re 2 different styles. This one you do want to sell. You want to tell them what your strengths are. The experiences that your clients have with you and the transformation that they go through when they hear you.

B Roll

Now the B roll. What is a B roll?? B roll is you want to include shots without audio,that really position you as an expert. Getting lots of stage time from lots of different angles, different venues, different outfits, different audiences, you definitely want to include audience shots in there. You want to include lots of B roll so that while we’re listening to the content, let’s say it’s the interview, we then switch over. We’re still hearing the interview, but we are looking at you up on a stage and then we go back to the interview now we see you speaking at another venue.

It really position you as an expert so you got to mix up the content with B roll.


The third ingredient is, Music.

Now this isn’t popular music, a tune that somebody would recognize, you don’t want any lyrics. It’s background royalty free music that really matches the tone of your message, that matches you, that matches your speaking, speed and cadence and that can really emotionally engage people with the emotions that you want them to feel when they watch your video.

Now that you have those 3 ingredients in a promo video, that will get them emotionally engaged so that then, they can go and watch you’re more boring sizzle reel. It doesn’t need to be too exciting. Yeah you wanna polish it up and make it look clean, but you don’t have to stress too much about this if you’ve done a good job with the promo video and you will get hired.

The Big Bonus!

ampdOk so now, let’s cover the bonus that I wanted to talk about here. I talk about this a lot on my videos, the AMP’d video strategy. This acronym AMP’d. Automatic Magnetic Perpetual, If you make educational videos on YouTube that automatically get traffic, they magnetically pull in your target audience and then they perpetually are machines that drive your business. What this results in is hundreds of thousand of people. They’re finding you and watching your promo video and so, instead of just having a drip of a person, you know every once in awhile, a drip that comes in and sees your sizzle reel and hire you because you’re getting quality referral, you don’t ever want these to stop right? but why not capitalize on marketing?

There’s a whole bunch that you could do to actually market yourself. Create AMP’d videos on youtube and drive hundred of thousand of people to your promo video.

More and more meeting planners actually seeing your sizzle reel and hiring you.


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