What is an AutoResponder

Hello Internet Marketer! Are you ready to build an email list? Do you want to build relationships with your clients on autopilot? When you finish watching this video, you will know what an AutoResponder is, and know how to create your AutoResponder strategy.

I’m going to begin with a concept you’ve probably heard this before. It’s a simple concept, but one that you have to learn a few times, before it sinks in. You have to be in the right place in your business to really understand the value. If you are watching this video, maybe that time for you is now.

If you want to grow your business – if you want to grow your income, focus on growing your list. If your list is growing, then your business is growing. If your list is staying the same size, then you are probably spending too much time working IN your business, and not enough time ON your business.

An AutoResponder is the tool you use to manage and communicate with your list. The real power comes, when you not only use it to send a broadcast to your list, but you use it to automatically build a relationship with your list. Let me show you a couple diagrams.

When your website has new traffic, meaning new people are visiting your website; you want them to watch a positioning video. This video needs to provide them with great value, and whatever they are searching for. With the right strategy, you can position yourself as the expert. At the end of the video you present your Freemium in a way that makes it impossible to resist, so they Opt-In, and join your List.

Now where does the AutoResponder fit in? Your AutoResponder needs to be directly connected to the Opt-In form, so the moment someone provides their Name and Email address, they join a specific AutoResponder List.

c22Now once they are in that Auto-Responder list, that will periodically and automatically begin receiving a series of emails. The first email they receive will include the Freemium that you promised them. After that, they will continue to receive valuable, relationship building communication from you. This is where you want to follow the 80/20 rule. 80% of your emails should deliver Value, and 20% of your emails should deliver an offer or invitation. That means you’ll send 1 offer for every 5 emails sent out.

c23Ok, is that making sense? Your AutoResponder is the tool you will use to manage and communicate with your list on autopilot. There are a lot of auto responders to choose from. The 2 best ones out there are Infusionsoft, and ProCart.org. I recommend waiting to use Infusionsoft until your list size is 20,000 or more. Until then, you are going to love ProCart.org.

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