What is the best AutoResponder Service

c32Hello Internet Marketer! There are a lot of AutoResponder services to choose from aren’t there? In some ways you’d be fine with any of them, but from personal experience, I’m making this video to save you from future headaches.

To save you a bit of time, I’ve already narrowed the list down to the top 6. The first 4 I’ll mention are Cheap, they’re easy to use and they get the job done.

These are Constant Contact MailChimp AWeber and iContact.

All 4 of these are very similar, they do a good job, and again, they are affordable. They are all great options when you are just getting started.

c26As your list size grows, and you want to include other services such as a shopping cart, upsets, and affiliate tracking software, then the 2 best options are ProCart.org and Infusionsoft. Now Infusionsoft is the very best auto responder on the planet. It can micro segment your list like no other. The problem is, it’s expensive, and it’s complicated. Many would agree that ‘Complicated’is an understatement. Many people will hire an assistant to manage Infusionsoft for them.

ProCart is then, the 2nd best AutoResponder, but ProCart is easily the best Shopping Cart on the planet. It’s easy to use, and it’s pretty affordable.

Ok so there’s the 6. I have personally used, and am familiar with all of these. Which one do I recommend for you? Well, that depends on where you are in your business. Infusionsoft is awesomebut realistically, the micro-segmentation feature is a complete waste if your list size is only 10,000 or so. When your list grows to about 20 or 20,000 subscribers, then I do recommend that you at least look into Infusionsoft. You’ll know if you are ready for it or not.

If you are just getting started, and your budget is pretty close to zero, then I recommend MailChimp. You’d be fine with all 4 on the left, but MailChimp will be the cheapest and easiest for you during your first several months. It will do a great job for you.

For the rest of you, I recommend ProCart.org. This is the best option if you’re a small business owner who has started to get traffic to your website.

Also, if having a shopping cart, up sells, digital downloads, link tracking, or affiliate tracking is needed, then you’ll definitely want to use ProCart.org.

If you are a Wallaby Web Design client, yes, we can help you with all 6. We help our clients setup the opt-in forms on their website, and provide coaching on their AutoResponder strategy.

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