What is The Best Camera For YouTube

With all these great technology, you’re probably wondering what is the best camera for YouTube. I have had people ask me that, and so in the video above, I showed what I personally use for filming myself and my clients.

The truth is, the best camera to use to use for Youtube is the one that you’ve got in your pocket – the iPhone. What I have is the iPhone 6s. It’s an amazing phone with an amazing camera. The one that I got is the, the largest capacity, 128 gigabytes. It films in 4k.

There’s no reason to invest in a bigger camera unless you have a specific need. Don’t think that your YouTube videos are going to turn out better if you have a bigger or a fancier camera. You’d rather focus on the content and create a good story or show, or just provide some entertaining training. That’ll take you a lot further than the equipment will!

In the video, I showed what camera I was filming on – a Canon 70D. I don’t take it with me everywhere I go though, so my iPhone 6s always comes in handy. When you’re ready for an upgrade, then I HIGHLY recommend the Canon 70D.

What sets it apart from the others? A couple of features:

The lens

lensThe lens on the Canon 70D actually costs more than the camera. You can get the body for about $1,000 but the lens is about $1,500. It’s a 24 millimeter with a really wide aperture that goes to 1.4. It’s a prime lens so it doesn’t have any zoom.

The Canon 70D has great auto-focus which is useful for when you want to blur the background. You can have the focus adjust and move forward or backward on that, and it’s really high quality on this one. This is the best camera that I know of certainly in this price range.

The flip screen

screenAnother great feature is the flip screen which you can flip out to the side. This is helpful for when I’m doing selfie style videos and I’m filming myself, I want to look right into the lens, but then I can look off to the side and line myself up first to see how the screen looks.

It’s hard not to talk about the audio when we’re talking about the best camera for YouTube videos. In the video, you’ll notice I’ve got a mic on top. The built-in microphone with the camera works. It works fine, but the audio quality isn’t the best. So I’ve got a Rode Shotgun Mic sitting on top and it’s directional.

micIf I were to point it at myself, it’s going to pick up whatever audible sound I make. If I were to turn it another way, the audio would be different. It’s directional and so it works especially well for blog-style videos. I’ll use it if I’m walking around, moving things, or doing different types of shots where I don’t have time to set up a secondary mic. This Rode Shotgun Mic does a pretty good job.

If you’re outside and far away, then you’re going to need a different external mic. My tip is to still always have the directional mic set up.

I know there are so many other great cameras we can use to achieve a high quality YouTube video, but why do I narrow it down to this one?

Really, it’s the features!

The flip screen is handy, it’s affordable for a great DSLR camera where I can use different lenses and interchange those lenses, the automatic adjustments it makes to the focus is a HUGE feature when built for video, and the capability of recording long video clips.

I first looked into this camera because of a recommendation of a friend, and then I did some research and I saw all the reviews. I saw how good it was being recommended for video. And since I’ve had it for about a year and a half now, I absolutely love it and highly recommend it. And it also is good to see that so many other YouTubers have latched on to this camera as well!

What I recommend you do? Start out for sure using the camera that’s in your pocket! Now, if you do wanna upgrade, the Canon 70D is my highest recommendation. I bought mine on Amazon. I recommend you get yours there as well.

Amazon can be a sponsor for me. If you’re going to spend the dollars on the best camera on YouTube and your audio equipment, then you might as well get them cheaper on Amazon which then sends me an affiliate commission as they serve as sponsor to the videos I make weekly. With that, I’ll be able to keep making you great videos!


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