Why Hire a Virtual Assistant

Hello Entrepreneur! Are you thinking about hiring a virtual assistant? Would you like to know the great advantages a VA can bring to your business?

I love creating value, and that’s why I create so many training videos. The training in this video is one of the most valuable I have and ever will create. So what I’m saying isthis is one of those videos where you really need to pay attention. This isn’t a sales presentation, but actual training and coaching that if you take to heart, and apply in your business, you can exponentially transform your business. I also recommend that you bookmark this page, so you come back every month or two, and watch the video again. My hope is that you will be open to the few concepts that I’m going to pack into these few short minutes.

I’m first going to introduce you to the 3 ways you as a small business owner can hire a virtual assistant. I’ll then spend some time with you on the types of tasks you should be assigning them. I’ll conclude with some training on what is possible in your business when you do it right. Through all this, you should not only get an answer to the question, “Why Hire a Virtual Assistant,”but if you are paying attention, you should experience a paradigm shift in the way you view the future of your business.

Also, at the end of the video, I’m going to give you a free gift of great value, so not only is this video itself worth watching over and overbut because I know how much this training can impact you. I’m also going to give you a gift for watching to the end. OK let’s get started!

Here are the 3 ways I hire virtual assistants.

d4 I use Fiverr when I have a onetime project that will typically take someone a couple hours or less. On Fiverr I can easily find someone willing to do these tasks for $5.
d5 I use oDesk when I have project that is larger, but still a onetime thing and I’m not going to need to provide much training.
d6 Third when I work ON my business, and create training and create systems for others to work IN my business, then I hire people directly in the Philippines.

I have several other tutorials that go into more depth on the “How To”of hiring or outsourcing such as how to use Fiverr or oDesk, or how to hire people directly in the Philippines and I’ve included links to those below on this page. Fiverr and oDesk are easy, and without much thought you could go use those services today. The most reward, though, comes from the 3rdhiring people in the Philippines. I’m not talking about using an agency or any outsourcing companybut that you actually hire a full time employee in the Philippines. Some of my best people in the Philippines ask me to pay them $400 per month for 40 hours per week of work, and they are absolutely amazing! Ok let’s take a step back and talk concept for a moment.

d7This is the task quadrant, and it is helpful to reference, as we determine which tasks we should be doing ourselves, and which tasks we should hire others for. On the top you’ll notice the 2 column labels, ON and IN. These represent a concept we train heavily on at my cabin retreats, on whether you are working ON your business, or working IN your business. When you are working ON your business, you are the EntrepreneurWhen you work IN your business, you are the technician, or the employee.

On the left, the rows are labeled with a dollar sign the large one representing high revenue, and the small one representing low revenue. Now ideally, as an entrepreneur, we should spend most of our time in quadrant 1. The tasks in quadrant 1 are where we work on our business, so it’s growing and becoming more systematized, and these are also the tasks we do that bring in high revenue. Again, quadrant 1 is where we should be putting our time. Everything else should be hired out.

Think about it for a moment. If there are some tasks you can do that earn you $200/hr. or more, and then there are other tasks that would earn you $20/hr.doesn’t it make sense that you’d want to do more of the tasks making $200 an hour?and eliminate the tasks that only pay you $20 per hour?

To understand the difference between working ON your business and working IN your business, let’s look at McDonalds as an Example. Let’s say you own a McDonalds. Are you going to be the one in there flipping the burgers, and cleaning the tables? No! of course not. You’ll hire high school kids do those jobs. The genius behind McDonalds business system was a man named Ray Kroc. He didn’t spend his time working behind a register all day, but he spent his time creating the systems of McDonalds so that he could replicate it into other locations, hire anyone to do it, and have them run perfectly without having to be there himself. Does that make sense?

This is what I mean about working ON your business instead of in it. Ray Krok worked ON his business, instead of IN it. Ok, now back to The Task Quadrant. There are important tasks in each quadrant. In quadrant 4, there are plenty of tasks that need to be donebut they bring in low revenue if any, and could easily be done by an employee or virtual assistant. These tasks are extremely easy to assign, and where you will probably begin. While they don’t bring in high revenue, they need to be done, and by having others take them, you free up your own time to focus on quadrant 1 tasks.

Quadrant 2 is the most ideal quadrant to hire for. When someone does work within your business system, that generates high revenue for your business, they become very valuable to you. When you leave for a vacation, they will continue working while you’re away, and your revenue will continue to come in.

Quadrant 3 is the most difficult to hire for and assign, and until you master that in quadrants 2& 4, I recommend against it. By low revenue, I also mean “no revenue now”or “long term potential revenue.”I’ve seen many business owners put all their effort, energy, and money into this quadrant, with the plan of making money when something grand is createdonly to find themselves a year later without a single customer.

Are you getting the idea here? Do you see the value in knowing which quadrant tasks belong in? I bet you’ve had a few thoughts about the tasks you are doing, and if you should be doing them, or if you should be hiring them out.

At my cabin retreats for Entrepreneurs, as well as in my weekly mentoring calls, I often get asked which quadrant specific tasks fall into. Usually they are hoping I tell them quadrant 1 but most often it’s a task in quadrants 2, 3 or 4. My hope in teaching you the difference is so you’ll improve the way you allocate your time, and allow others to work IN your business, while you work ON it. I challenge you to become a Quadrant 1 entrepreneur.

To quickly apply this to you and your business, I want to ask you a couple questions.

Could you accomplish more in a day, if you had a full time virtual assistant helping you?

Would you be more productive, and more profitable, if you had a full time virtual assistant helping you?

Now you probably answered yes but I know what you might be thinking. At every one of my cabin retreats, the question is asked. “What if I run out of tasks to assign my Virtual Assistant?”Well, one quick answer to that is you just need to create a repeating system in your business, and when you hire someone to run that system, they never run out of work. But I’ll also answer it another way, by asking you this question.

“Do you think that if you spent an hour right now, you could come up with a list of 8 hours worth of tasks?”If you answered yes, that’s all you have to do. Just think how productive you could be. You spend one hour every morning, providing training and assignments to your virtual assistant for that day. Yes, that one hour will be hard workbut look at what you’re doing. You’re getting 8 hours of work done in 1 hour of your time. Now this might fry your brain a bit here.Imagine if you did that 8 hours a day? You could hire 8 full time virtual assistants. You’d use your 8 hours training each of them, and assigning them tasks to perform and bring in revenue to your business. You’d spend your time building the systems that they would run. In 8 hours of work, you get 64 hours of work done, every day. That’s one thousand, two hundred and eighty hours of work each month, for only $4000.

d8Ok, was that too crazy for you? No worries! Let’s start with just one virtual assistant. Remember, people in the Philippines are pleading for you to hire them, and only asking for $400 per month? Isn’t that amazing? Think about what’s possible in your business with these amazing people. Here’s one last question: “How valuable would your virtual assistant be to you, if you invested 1 hour of your time to train them every day for a full month? What about after a year? They’d become incredibly valuable to you and your company. And the great thing about hiring people like this in the Philippinesis they will never leave you.

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