Best Way To Learn How To Meditate

Hey, this is Gerald Rogers. Welcome to hero TV. On today’s segment, we’re going to be talking about how to meditate in all of the benefits and learning how to tap into this amazing practice. Meditation is a beautiful gift. Learning how to still the mind, is one of the

greatest acts, ways for us, to access our true potential and power. So often in life, work on the chaos, the distractions, the noise that exists outside of this. Meditation is our way to come back to

center and to realize that we are the source of everything that we want. and, a lot of people wonder okay how do I meditate? how do I become effective at it? I’ve had the blessing of being able to study a lot of different meditation

techniques. I’ve studied Transcendental Meditation, I’ve studied different forms of modern New Age meditation and visualization. studied a… ten days of possum and meditation technique which is

an ancient Indian for meditation and I just recently got back from another Indian experience where I was there for 21 days of a spiritual yoga and meditation retreat. And, there are so many different forms of meditation that I

have an experience. But all of them are based on very similar principles and I want to teach you those principles so that as you learn you can discover how to apply them into a meaningful practice in your life, and to learn how to really

enjoy meditation so that you can get the true benefits out of it. So you can experience the peace. So you can experience the joy. So you can experience being grounded and just the spiritual fulfillment that comes from living in

alignment with your source. So, Basic principles of meditation. First of all, understand that meditation is a form of spiritual yoga. Yoga, it means a union with God. Meditation is our way to access

the divine, access to the violence outside of us, and to access the divine that’s inside of us. Meditation is a way for us to calm the noisy waters. You know, that, that sometimes it feels like we’re immersed in and and it brings us back to

a space of, of surrender, and awareness, and clarity. I love this analogy and one of my friends who taught me a transcendental meditation technique he gave me this analogy and it was

really, really, powerful because it helped me be able to understand how the mind works in the process of meditation and they talked about scuba diving. Have you ever been scuba… scuba diving? If not, I want you to imagine it better. If

you have you can relate to this analogy when you’re scuba diving, at the very top of the ocean it’s really wavy, and it’s really bumpy, and there’s just a lot of chaos in motion and movement and, and, and it’s very hard to see.

As you drop into the water, you begin moving down and the further down you move, the more gentle the movement becomes and the more still the waters are. And, as he offered

me this technique, he suggested that the further we go into meditation the stiller our water becomes. The more easy the flow of life is and the greater ability that we have to be truly present. And, he talked about this idea that

meditation is harnessing our focus on a single thought. Being able to focus our energy on that which we desire to create. And, just imagine that you’re under the water and as you’re under the water, you have different forms of sea life and

you’ve got hundreds and thousands of different types of fish that are like swimming by. All of the other things that are taking your attention this way or that way. Meditation is allowing yourself to put your singular focus on a

single thing. So just imagine that, there’s a tiny little goldfish that’s swimming along and in your meditation practice, you’re just focusing on that one thing. Any time your focus is distracted and drawn this way or that

way, you simply observe but then you bring it back to to your single point of focus. Imagining that you’re sitting at a cafe and you’re looking out the window and you’re seeing all the cars pass and the people walking across the sidewalk

and all of these things passing those represent our thoughts just like all of these different fish represent different thought patterns we have. As these people are walking past, your goal is to just simply let them

pass. To practice artful on attachment where you’re not attaching and focusing your energy on any of these specific ideas, but just like the window of the cafe, you’re just letting them come and go. It’s impossible to quote-unquote

control your mind to have no thought because, even in the attempt to control your mind, you’re focusing on control. and it just doesn’t work. You can’t force your mind to not have thoughts. The thoughts will come especially as you are

in the process of beginning your practice. The thoughts will come just simply don’t attach them. Let them come, and let them go and always come back to the single point of focus which is a stillness inside of you.

So here’s some other practical tools in terms of meditation, number one, posture is important in your meditation practice. To make sure that you are sitting in a place where you can be alert and calm. If

you lie down that’s not meditation that’s napping. You will fall asleep like it’s very easy to fall asleep if you relax back into a chair there’s nothing wrong with taking naps but, don’t consider that meditation because it’s

not. Meditation is being in that in a place of intentional presence, not disconnection where your brain shuts off. Intentional presence where, you’re, you’re, fully alert fully relaxed and you’re fully present to, to this moment.

A few other tips that I learned in terms of meditation was to focus on a specific sensation in your body. For instance, in the possum meditation as you’re as you’re focusing on relaxing, we have you begin by focusing on just these

sensations of air going in through your nostrils as you’re breathing. Breathing is incredibly important in the meditation practice and it’s one of the best ways to harness your focus to just focus on the air coming in, and focusing

on going out, and focusing on this sensations of the area the move and feel the coolness feel that the energy of the air. and focus on that. As you continue the possum meditation, they have you begin expanding your

awareness to different parts of your physical body and anytime you notice yourself being drawn into the chaos of thoughts, and thinking about the future, and thinking about the past which you will, you just remind yourself gently without making

yourself wrong, to come back to the present. Come back to the sensation, Come back to being in your body and experiencing that. And, and, that’s a very powerful form of meditation. To be really in tune with the sensations in your body.

Other forms of harnessing your focus, some people focus on a flame of a candle. Other people focus on a single thought or a single word like home and they focus their energy on that. Wayne Dyer as he talks about meditation talks about,

focusing on the space between the words, the space between the thoughts, and how all of your peace and presents exist in that nothingness. These are all powerful forms of meditation and the point once again it’s just still the mind to get

that point, point of emptiness, that point where there’s nothing there. And, that’s one form of meditation that’s really, really, powerful and in terms of how long to meditate, there’s many different philosophies. You know, some people will

literally meditate for eight, nine hours a day. The great yogi that meditate for 18 hours a day. Hidden in the secluded cave as they’re seeking god that’s, that’s one extreme. The other extreme is

just knowing that meditation can only take a few minutes a day and that’s okay too. You can learn the art of meditation so that even when you’re sitting at a stoplight, you can drop down to a state basis stillness and peace one practice

that I found really valuable is dedicating 20 minutes of your day. 20 minutes of day to find stillness and if you think for a second that you don’t have 20 minutes, I’m going to have you look at that. You

don’t have 20 minutes to experience total happiness, bliss, and peace to clear your mind so you can be more powerful in your work? What are you, what are you doing with your life if you don’t have 20 minutes to give yourself this gift?

I promise you, if you give yourself this gift, you’ll notice everything else will flow easier in your life. Everything will be easier, more fun, if you can give yourself this gift of meditation. My invitation is just to practice just to

have fun and just enjoy the process that’s the best place to be in terms of meditation is to enter it with zero expectations and simply intention to just be present with yourself and to discover who you are and to discover a

deeper connection with the divine just by clearing your mind and instilling yourself. Hopefully these tips help you help you in your practice of living a an abundant joyful and powerful life. So, Gerald Rogers reminding you, you’ve

got one life to live, live big. Thanks for watching hero TV today, and thanks so much gerald for sharing your wisdom on meditaion. You’re so welcome. Be sure to subscribe you’ll also find a lot of helpful resources down in the description below,

and remember to live on purpose, make a difference, and be the hero.

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