How To Get Rid Of Negative Thoughts

Hello this is Gerald Rogers. Welcome to Hero TV. Today, we’re going to be talking about how to get rid of negative thoughts. So I’ve got a question for you, do you ever experience negative thoughts? Do you ever experience these negative voices inside your mind? Let’s say, you’re not good enough, you’re stupid, you can’t do it, you’ll never be successful, you are fat, you’re ugly, whatever it is right? you ever have these voices inside your mind that try to take you down?

Now, let’s be real, we all do. And, so much of our life experiences is based on how much energy we put into those negative thoughts and how much we allow them to overpower us. Now, in order to share with you how to replace and destroy these negative thoughts release them from, from your life so you can step into being more powerful more productive and more passionate. It’s important that we understand how the mind works. Understand where these thoughts come from in the first place. And, the analogy I love to use is this idea that, our life is like a garden. Our mind is like a garden. And this garden has infinite potential. Anything’s possible within this garden. I remember back years ago I lived in Minnesota. And in Minnesota, we had this like thick, rich, dark soil. Andone summer, my parents put us boys in charge of taking care of this garden and I don’t know if that was a good idea. I’m not sure what they were thinking at that time.

I think I was probably 13 or 14. But sure enough, we were excited about it because we started to dream of all of the things we wanted. We dreamed of having, you know, corn and pumpkins and peas and fresh tomatoes and all of these things, we, we created a dream in our mind of what we wanted. And we knew that this garden had the ability to create that. Now we went out and the garden of course needed to be prepared so we got a rototiller and we we worked and we started cleaning out the garden and preparing it and then we got the seeds. Everything that we dreamed about, we started planting. Now we were really really good about taking care of this garden for about two weeks.

And then, summer came and us boys were very distracted and I completely forgot about the card. Me and my brothers, we got busy with other things. And we neglected the garden. And I remember about a month or two later, I was out, I was responsible for mowing this section of lawn that was by the gardening at a big yard. And as I went out there, as I was mowing the lawn, I looked over the garden and when I looked at it I was kind of shocked in where this beautiful fruit should have been. All of the corn and cucumbers and squash and all of the things we had planted where that should have been instead it was nothing but weeds. Tons of weeds. Not just any weeds but their massive, big, gnarly, nasty weeds. Like big thistle plants where as tall as I were with big sharp thorn. And I remember looking at the garden I was like, “what? like who the thistles? who planted these weeds?” And you know, it’s a funny question because we all know that you don’t need to plant weeds. Weeds will just grow in your garden naturally. And if we don’t take care of the garden, then the natural state will be that our garden will be overrun by weeds. I’m going to rewind and to have you think about this conversation we’re having about negative thoughts. Negative thoughts are the same way. You don’t intentionally plant the negative thought that reminds us, “Wow today I’m going to think I’m stupid. I want to think I’m stupid today.” or “I’m going to think I’m a failure, I’m going to think that I can’t be loved, or that I’m not worthy of good things”.

Whatever it is, you don’t intentionally plant those in your minds. You don’t. You don’t need to because those exist so much are in our environment. If we don’t tend to our the garden of our mind, these will begin to overrun it because these thought patterns have existed since the time we were very young. In fact, we have traumatic experiences or perceived traumatic experiences when were young where these begin to begin the natural thought patterns or neural pathways of our brain. I just want you to imagine, you know a little kid. Simple, simple scenario, little kids out of store, and wants a candy bar and says, “mom I want to have a candy bar. Can I have this?” and the mom says, “no we can’t afford it”. Instantly, a traumatic seed, a wheat is planted in the seed of that child, in that mind of that child, where he starts to believe, “wow we can’t afford things, we don’t deserve to be successful, I don’t deserve to have what I want”. And these negative weeds begin to take over and that begins to be the, you know, the framework for how he perceives his life. Fast-forward that same child adopting that belief, that I can’t afford it, that I don’t deserve to have what I want, imagine what happens with those same thought patterns years and years and years later as he’s trying to start a business and it can’t figure out why it’s not working. You can’t figure out why he’s in this relationship with money where he never seems to have enough. Where in relationships, he feels like he can’t have what he wants in those relationships. Notice how when those seeds are planted as a child they begin to overtake someone for their entire life and that becomes to be the blueprint. So what do we do with it? how do we change it? how do we shift? how do we let go of negative thoughts? And how do we put our energy into what we want? So here’s how we manage the garden of our mind. First and foremost, focus on what you want. Anytime you create an awareness, anytime you experience resistance, anytime you experience anger, anytime you experience sadness, anytime you experience procrastination, anytime you experience rejection and loneliness, all of these at its core have a seed that is a negative limiting belief. They all have a seed of root that creates that fruit in our lives. That emotional experience. And so, when you notice fruit showing up in your life and maybe you’re experiencing being overweight, and maybe you’re experiencing having a lack of energy, maybe you’re experiencing not enough money, whatever that fruit is in your life, it’s critical that the first step is to have awareness and to be able to see the limiting beliefs for what it is. To actually verbalize or write down or understand, what is the belief that is creating this result in my life? That’s the first step is creating awareness. Once you create awareness and see, oh this belief that I have, this negative thought is that, I can’t have what I want, just for an example. Then the second part of the process is to simply challenge that. Is that true? Is it true that I can’t have what I want? It’s like, no that feels heavy. That doesn’t feel right, that feels like a negative limiting belief. Do I want that to continue to be my reality? If not, then stop putting energy. Stop fertilizing, stop watering that, stop putting energy into that which you don’t want. Instead, shift and ask, okay well what is true? what do I want to believe? what is the belief that actually serves me and helps me create what I want? And this is where we shift and realign. And focus on the belief that actually serves us rather than focusing on, I can’t have what I want. Just as an example, we should we turn that, just imagine as the coin, we turn it on it’s on the other side and say, I can have what I want. I always have what I want. God blesses me with everything that I want. And the moment you shift that, the energy automatically shifts in our body. The moment you internalize a belief and feel it inside of you, the energy begins to line with that which you are choosing and wanting to create and it’s almost like instantly we pluck that negative thought out of our garden and replace it with a seed that we want and we begin fertilizing that seed. Another tool is to to make sure that you are flushing out all of the negative beliefs by immersing yourself with positive beliefs. This is why I’m an advocate of positive affirmations and declarations and reinforcing these beliefs in your mind. Look for the results that you want to have as a way to reinforce the positive beliefs. Nearly, all around you is evidence that you’re powerful, you’re inspired, that you’re love, that you’re cared for. Begin focusing on that what you want to create. And finally, dedicate time to clear your mind, to do meditation and do what it takes to find stillness where you can tend to the garden and make sure that you’re sucking those negative limiting beliefs when they come and replacing them with beliefs that serve and honor you in creating the life that you want. Hopefully this serves you in your journey of creating a magical, amazing, fantastic, and brilliant, and awakened life. This is Gerald Rogers. Remember, reminding you’ve got one life to live, live big. Thanks for watching hero TV today. I know when I first learned about negative thoughts and actually started thinking about my thinking, it’ll put a whole new world to me. I’m very grateful for Gerald and teaching us these things. Shared a lot of resources in the description below and don’t forget to subscribe. This is a daily show. Remember to live on purpose, make a difference, and be the hero.

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