How To Be Brave And Confident In Life

How To Be Brave And Confident In Life

Would you like to be more brave and more confident in life? Well today on hero TV I’ve invited Chad Hymas. He’s going to talk about this Hey my friends, Chad Hymas here. This week’s topic wanting to share with you how to be brave and confident in your life. Now keep in mind, bravery and confidence, there’s a big difference between having confidence and having an eagle. So confidence is just simply having the belief that you can do something. The belief that you can accomplish a task and bravery requires you to be willing to make mistakes these are the principles I want to talk about today. So let’s start off here as we go back. Let me take you back. Let me take you back seventeen years ago. Seventeen years ago, when the when the doctors told me that I would have to dream new dreams and think new thoughts. They told me that my life will be different .That I would have to eat different foods, that I would have to learn to court my spouse differently that all these changes are going to transpire. I would have to raise my kids a different way. And all these fears about me being a parent and about me being able to be active in their life and this fear about even wanting to be alive. Remember fear and confidence cannot exist in the human mind at the same time. So you’re either afraid or your confident. There’s very little gray area there. Fear and confidence cannot exist in the body in the mind at the same time. So all these fears began to surge in my body when I heard all this news that I was going to be paralyzed the rest my life and that the doctors couldn’t fix it. The fear of not being married, the fear that she was going to leave me, the fear of financials, how to take care of the family, the fear of being a basketball coach, the fear of, you know, how am I going to coach those kids? are they going to accept me? the fear of living. Do I want to, I want to stay alive? where am I going to find the confidence to boost that back up and am I going to be able to do that? and what I learned was and what I have learned in order to find that, is that sometimes the challenges that you and I face, the paralysis, the patterns, they need to be broken.

The things that that we see is very very challenging. Turn out to be our greatest strengths and help us have the courage to learn what competences and to be brave. Let me give it to you this way, weakness can be a marvelous teacher. Pain can be a marvelous teacher. The problem is sometimes you and I’ll experience pain in our lives, emotional pain, physical pain, mental pain, you know when I broke my neck, that was a physical pain. Then the emotional pain after of wondering what was going to happen in my life. Lack of confidence, lack of self-esteem, lack of reassurance, lack of bravery, I mean the uncertainty of what was going to happen with my future. Uncertainty, doubt, and fear, all those existed. And what I’ve learned is is that, all those feelings can be a marvelous teacher if I’ll listen to them. The problem is sometimes you and I have pain in our lives like an addiction and we put a band-aid fix over it and we wonder why it never goes away. People go to jail, they experience pain, they don’t like they eat by itself and they wonder why they keep going back because they didn’t hear the message of the pain. People get an argument with the spouse and they wonder why they keep arguing with their spouse. They should wonder why, they didn’t hear the message of the pain. Kids, youth, young adults, They experience uncertainty, lack of courage, lack of self-confidence, depression. They go through those pains and they wonder why it never goes away and it’s because they don’t embrace it, hear the message of the pain and do something about it. To change it. So there’s two options, who asked you? you stay caught up in the lack of confidence, the lack of self-esteem, and you stay stuck in that wheelchair or you can get out of it so to speak. And only you can make that choice. And I have found that when I try, just an effort, when I try to be brave about what’s unknown about my future and try and have some confidence, when I try some new things about getting dressed, when I try a new way of courting my spouse and I try to play basketball with my kids without using my fingers, when I give an effort to push a wheelchair that I’ve never pushed before in my life, when I try and get on an airplane, when I try and shower differently, when I try and eat different foods so I can learn to control my stomach and how my operating system works, my intestines. When I try new things, we tend to embrace change and pain rather than run away from it because we understand that pain and change and challenges helps us to not only become more brave and to have more confidence, but helps us to be a happier and more productive person. And in that process, in that process, the greatest thing of all happens. Here it is, you and I reach the potential that God wanted us to reach in the beginning. You know what’s sad? some people never find out what that potential is. They, they live and they die without ever finding out what their potential could have been. And I think you and I have a chance today to do something completely different. So I’m going to ask you to do a couple things. I’m going to ask you to step out of your element and I’m going to ask you to look at a challenge you’re going with, going through, and embrace the uncertainty of tomorrow. I’ll give you an example, later on today I’m going to catch an airplane. I do travel the world alone and I’m speaking tomorrow. In fact I have a layover going through Atlanta and then on up north to Pennsylvania. I don’t know who’s going to help me get out of my van and get my bag together. I haven’t met him. I travel alone. Nobody travels with me my wife doesn’t come with me, my children don’t travel with me, I don’t travel with a nurse and then I’m going to need to check my bags in and then somehow I got to get through TSA with a couple of laptop bags and then I got a fly without having an accident on the plane I’ll say it that way, bladder or bowel don’t want an accident with 200 people on a plane. And then when I get to Atlanta, I don’t know about people are I haven’t met them. I mean I don’t, this, I don’t have relatives at within Atlanta. Someone’s gonna have to I’ll have to figure it out to get to the next plane because all I got 58 minutes to get to plane number two and then when I land in Pennsylvania tonight at ten eleven, it’s okay where you didn’t end up there right 10:11, I get in at 10:11 tonight. Someone’s going to have to help me off the plane and then pick me up at the airport. Somebody’s got to pick me up oh by the way when you pick Chad Hymas up at the airport, it’s a pickup. I mean you pick me up at the airport like 150 pound deadweight pickup and then I got to go to the hotel. There’s that uncertainty. Oh what if it beds too high? what if I can’t transfer over and what if the room is not completely accessible for somebody like me? and then you know I’m by myself what am I going to do for food? and think about all that everything I just, everything I just told you about what’s going to happen tonight. Think about all the fear uncertainty and doubt that goes with that just that one, one four-hour window of time, flying to Atlanta then another two hours to Pennsylvania. So six hours total. let’s add eight hours because an hour to travel the airport and an hour to get to the airport hotel tonight so a in our window think about all the fears, uncertainty, and doubt. Which is exactly opposite being brave and being confident. If I were to let all those thoughts that I just share with you. All those uncertainties get to me, where would I not be going tonight? You guys have the answer to that. I wouldn’t be going to Pennsylvania because I let the fear rule my mind, my belief system, and I would be staying at home and I would probably be depressed and I wouldn’t be reaching my potential and I would be stuck. But when I embrace the unknown, I can tell you that two people I’ve never met before because two is always safer than one, will meet me at the airport. I just call the airport and say that I’m out in the parking lot and can someone come help me get in. They’ll be there and then when I get to the airline two people, always two will help get me on that airplane and because I’ve already watched my bladder my bowels I won’t have an accident.

I’ve taken care of that fear So I’d like to fly on an empty stomach. I’ll drink water, I’ll just cover it with a blanket when I need use restroom and empty the catheter. Just being honest with you. And then when I land, two people I’ve never met before will help me get off the plane and I’ll let them know how grateful I am. And I’ll give them 10 or 20 dollars. Most the time they won’t even take it. They don’t want to take it but when I let them know the money is not for them it’s for somebody that they love at home, go do something nice for them they’ll take the money when they know it’s not for them. And then when I get in Pennsylvania tonight, somebody will pick me up at the airport. I mean pick me up. We talked about that. Pick me up and we’ll go to the hotel and somebody will help me get my clothes out for tomorrow and set them on the bed and I’ll get to bed probably quicker than most of you watching this video. That’s the truth. When I embrace the unknown, when I embrace it and when I look at my pain look at it differently, I look forward to the unknown. And I have found that the unknown is what it’s helped me reach a potential that I never dreamed of. That simple belief system, what I believe dictate my actions and actions always dictate results. I’m going to end this video with this, what you believe about your self-confidence, your bravery, your courage, what do you believe about that? because I promise you, whatever you’re thinking right now, is going to dictate your actions.

As soon as you hit stop on this. And actions always dictate the results that you get yourself because of what I believe, that I’m going to have the courage, the bravery, and a confidence enough to fly 3,000 miles and get to my destination tonight. So be very very careful of what you believe. This is Chad Hymas asking you to believe for today. I hope you enjoyed this episode of hero TV as much as I did. Really appreciate you Chad in sharing the stories and experiences. It’s a, sometimes hearing stories from a complete different perspective, it was really helpful to me so I really appreciate that. Be sure to subscribe to our channel. We’ve got new episodes every single day and down in the description you’ll find a lot of like helpful resources, links to Chad’s website. Remember to live on purpose, make a difference, be the hero.

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