How To Get Followers On Twitter Fast Without Following Them

Would you like to know how to grow followers on Twitter fast without following them? So this is kind of like a part two Twitter video but you don’t have to watch them in order just know that we do have another one with Michelle as the expert. She is the Guru of Twitter. So you’re going to, you guys are going to enjoy this video. I’m excited to be back on another hero video with you to talk about Twitter. One of my favorite places still to play online. Now second to the question that I get asked of is Twitter dead, which I answered in the previous Twitter video. The second question that I get asked about Twitter all the time is how can I grow my Twitter following without following other people? and how can I do it fast? Well the answer is there’s no right or wrong way for any individual business and everybody will grow but I want to share with you the things that have worked best for me and my clients over the last 9, 10 years that we have been playing in Twitter. And they still work today just like they did back then. I recently had a client who had only 500 Twitter followers and in one month’s time she was able to double those Twitter followers by just doing the secrets that I’m about to share with you. Now while this video is called without following other people, I have found one of the best ways to make sure that you’re following increases by following is not creating and doing some of those automatically follow things but just by looking who your target audience, the audience is and strategically following 10 to 15 people a day. Not hundreds, not thousands, and not everyone in the land but your specific audience. So don’t discredit the opportunity to follow new people that might be interested in following you back but just don’t let it overtake your time and yes that is only one way that you get people to follow you. The second way that you get people to follow you is creating consistent content. And I can’t stress this enough. I have people who come to me saying, Michele I can’t grow my following I’m totally giving up on Twitter and I go and look at their account and they posted one day and then haven’t posted for two or three days and then maybe a week later they post and then I post again. Consistent content matters even if you’re only posting once a day which isn’t really enough for Twitter that is so much better than being inconsistent from one day at a time. In fact, I see it even with our followers, if I go a day or two and I don’t post, then my engagement takes a little while to increase again because I haven’t been sharing consistent content. Now remember that consistent content serves two important masters. Number one, you’re following wants to know that you are at the top of your industry, that you are always providing good content and information for them and then they’re more likely to interact and involve because they see you on a regular basis. But that’s only part of it. The second part is, is that Twitter has an algorithm just like Facebook, just like Instagram, and so now you’re competing to make sure that your posts are seen at the top and that your audience is seeing them every time that they check in to Twitter so that they are getting your key information. So consistency is important not just for your following but for Twitter as well. They don’t want to share your tweets and and information to their audience if you’re going to be here one day and gone the next. So I can’t stress consistency enough but part of creating awesome content is creating content that people want to retweet and share with their audience. So create good content. Now we’ve talked about in previous videos the types of social media status updates so if you haven’t seen that hero video yet, go look for how to create social media content. Find it on the channel because in it, I detail the four different types of social media status updates that you need to have in Twitter and those are the ones that are the most likely to be retweeted. Things like quotes, things like tips, things like videos and advice and information. A lot more easy for people to share. Now graphics are also awesome. This year, one of the things that I’ve done in in both of my major businesses and also working with my clients is creating Twitter graphics on a regular basis. I had my assistant go in and pull 100 of my great quotes that are Twitter worthy and I can actually get by with more than 140 characters if it’s in a picture and so I had to go find a hundred quotes in five different subject areas and then I had my second assistant go into canva and create graphics for each one of those. Now in, in the beginning, I thought this was going to cost me a whole bunch of money but I found out that my team can go and find 100 quotes simply online in one hours time and whatever you pay your assistant, 750 is totally worth it or even less sometimes if you’re utilizing assistants overseas. And sometimes they pay 10 but $10 is great and that saves me from having to go curate the content and find it. But then I can go through sift through and remove the ones that I don’t really like that’s so much easier than me spending that hour that I could be using with a client or trying to get a speaking engagement. So make sure that you’re having different people help you because one of the greatest ways to grow your following is making sure that it’s a team effort. Now that doesn’t mean you have to go out and hire a team. My assistants are high school students and individuals that I pay at important levels not really high dollar levels but right for their business to help me. And creating that great content, we found that our following increased by providing pictures. Now I know that every single tweet that you make can’t be in picture form and every single tweet that you do won’t be something that you create in picture. And for us, pictures are only sometimes 10 to 25% of our all of our Twitter content. So it doesn’t have to completely take over but those are the ones that get shared the most. And we’ve gone in to create graphics that match our branding and match our imaging so even if they don’t follow us from seeing a tweet from somebody that they’ve shared, they still see our brand and hopefully that branding will carry over to other things that we do. And so that’s been really really helpful. When I did my book launch last month I created a series of graphics with different excerpts from my book and different reviews from different people who had read my book. We created a hundred different graphics just for my book launch that we used on Twitter, but we were also able to use them at other outlets as well. So don’t feel like you’re creating content that’s only going to be used in one place. You can use them in multiple places and you can also shuffle through your content but don’t skimp on creating great content if you want to grow your following it needs to be shareable and people need to see other people sharing you. It’s kind of like the referral, if they see somebody else sharing really great content then they’ll go, oh I know so-and-so if they share this content maybe I should follow them too. And so you’re almost getting like a stamp of approval via friends and that’s one of the greatest ways to build your following. Now another great way to build your following is participating in hashtag conversations and Twitter chats. Now I love hashtag conversations and I also love Twitter chat but that’s been one thing that we’ve done over the years. Now we have participated in other Twitter chat of brands and audio says that we wanted to be part of but we also started to create some of our own. And we would advertise them in other places so we would advertise an upcoming Twitter chat through our blog, through our email list, and people who weren’t previously following us on Twitter would sign up to follow us they could participate in that Twitter chat. We’d also reach out to other people who would be guest moderators with us had additional audiences that they could tweet with us, we could feature them, they could feature us, and it worked to build help grow and build our following because they were talking about us. They were mentioning us and so we also got that stamp of approval from someone else in and that has another following that was able to cross-promote our following. Now let me tell you a secret. One of the things that I will always take to the end of time is that we have been blessed and I have to use that word in our Twitter following growing. Now we have done some of these things but because we have done these things we have been featured as top tweeters in Utah. We’ve been featured as top tweeters in companies and magazines like Forbes. We’ve been featured as top social media strategists and other places because we consistently provided great content, because we built a sense of community, because we were active in our following on a regular basis and because we were creating a sense of community people took note of that until people started advertising for us just like they’ll start to advertise for you as long as you’re branding in your consistent in your messaging that helps people say, hey this brand is worth following. And I’ll also be grateful for the time that for a while Twitter recommended us to anyone who clicked the business button. And so if they were just new on Twitter and they clicked businesses and interest, we were listed as one of the top 10 accounts to follow. So it’s important for you to know your niche. It’s important for you to know your following. It’s important for you to know your outlet. And even on some of my other businesses and other outlets that I use and other clients that have different businesses, as long as you are being clear to your industry, you’ll start to get noticed by other people in the industry. You’ll start to get noticed by Twitter and you’ll start to get recognized for the ways that you interact because you’re making it a viable platform. Now Twitter still works and you can still grow you’re following fast but again it takes that engagement and so you might need to decide who in your organization is going to do that. Is it just one person? is it a team of people? but you can continue to grow your following by creating content that’s shareable, by following other people, by participating in Twitter chats and also participating in hashtag conversations. Now we talked about this on the previous Twitter video but it is worth mentioning again that you can get followings by participating in hashtag conversations that are already happening. People that don’t follow you can see your tweet if they click on that hashtag for your specific industry. So if you are in health and wellness to make sure you’re researching where your audience is using specific hashtags. And here’s just a little tip, I had one client who is in the health and wellness industry and she started using hashtag health over and over and over again. And we went and tested it and we found that hashtag health was so big that her messages were getting lost and so she changed to #healthylifestyle and #healthy where there was still a really good conversation but it wasn’t so big that she was getting lost. So as you consider your hashtags, it’s not always the ones that are the most popular it’s the ones that are the most effective. So go and do some research and find your top 10 favorites and you don’t need to include 10 in every single tweet that you do but find the hashtags that are right for you and your business. Utilize them strategically, participate in those conversations and then you’re more likely to get people to say, oh I like the consistent content they’re sharing through this hashtag I’m going to follow them all the time. Now while there’s no right or wrong way to do this, these strategies work time and time again for us and for other businesses and you can never have too many followers. So this should be part of your regular routines. Marketing systems need marketing strategy and they need consistent efforts. So you can’t have a focus to grow your following one week and then another week don’t do anything at all and the week after that maybe do some things here and there. So just as it’s important for you to create consistent content for your audience to follow you know you and love you. It’s important for you as a business to have a plan to grow your following so that you’re doing those activities on a regular basis and you’re getting followers on a regular basis. Now one of the things that we have noticed in charter princess is that over the years we have some weeks where we lose following and we’re like, oh my goodness what do we do and we’ll go back and we’ll look and sometimes it is because we said something stupid. I’m just going to be really honest. But other times we’ve noticed and I’ve done some research and we found out that Twitter was going through and getting rid of a whole bunch of lame accounts that weren’t even being used. And so as a result we needed to replace that following but consistently doing our efforts worked better than waiting until we lost somebody until it came back. So however you do it, whatever your strategy is, I hope that as you look for ways to grow your following fast that you’re consistent in your efforts and that you always make content your top priority. Best of luck and have a great week and continue playing on your favorite Twitter channels. I’d love to hear how it goes so interact with us and let us know. Thanks for watching Hero TV today and thanks Michelle for teaching us some things that are so simple and basic that I think I can apply. I’ve seen it work with you and with other people you’ve helped. She’s the real deal so pay attention to what she’s taught us here. Remember to subscribe. And as always, live on purpose, make a difference, and be the hero.

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