How To Get Rid of Strep Throat Without Antibiotics

Hello there! Welcome to hero TV. Today, I really want to emphasize that you try this, you just got to try this, okay? Cynthia Sumner is our hero and she’s going to teach us how to get rid of strep throat without antibiotics. I’m going to share with you many different remedies to help heal a strep throat condition. The first one is Mullein oil, Mullein oil is made up of lobelia and ma on it which is there herbs that Mullen breaks up congestion, it’s very very efficient very effective, the lobelia is there to help guide them on where to go where it needs to go in your body. So it comes in an oil form and you can rub it right on the throat and it’s really good to do hot and cold on the throat that stimulates blood flow in the throat and it helps absorb that Mullen and lobelia in.

So you can rub just the oil on you can even use any essential oil over that if you would like, or you can just use the oil on its own so you could use a hot cloth with water on it and then a cold cloth back and forth and that will help stimulate and heal the throat really quickly. The other thing is slippery elm, if you’ve never heard of that it comes from tree bark and you can get it in a powder form.It’s hard to mix up the powders you just want to be patient and stir, add a little more water if you need to and add some cinnamon. Both of those are really healing for the throat, it helps with the irritation and the pain so you can stirt hat up and you can even add a little bit of pure maple syrup or raw honey to make it taste a little bit better. It really isn’t bad it’s a really mild drink and you can do spoonfuls or you can drink the whole cup and those arevery very beneficial for your throat.

There’s many different remedies that you can use and I’m going to give you about five or six of them in this video but you don’t want to use all of you don’t need to use all of them. Usually I’lltake two or three just depending on what I feel that we need during that time and in that moment and during that illness but usually the next time that there’s an illness, I will pick either I’ll use the same ones or all kind of use some different ones. It’s beneficial to use different remedies and mix it up with different sicknesses or if you have strep throat. Again, another time in the year to try some of the different, it’s definitely not harmful and it’s still beneficial to use the same ones but you will get a really great benefit with choosing a different remedy.

Your body just like a regular antibiotic, can kind of there’s not as much of a reaction when you use it too much and so it’s helpful. If you if you feel like you’re using your remedy and you’re not getting the results that you got last time, choose some different ones. So here’s two more remedies on how you can get rid of strep throat and you can heal really quickly. It’s amazing how within one or two days you feel a huge difference. So this first one we are going to make a drink and it actually really tastes good because we use a lot of lemon. So you’re going to put a whole lemon and you want to peel it so that you leave some of the white on to suggest it for you. Then pour about three cups of water and I use distilled water, make sure it’s purified at least you don’t want to use tap water.

If course if you have nothing else, tap water will be good but if you can, you want to use distilled or purified and then you want to sweeten it with honey and you can just choose how much you you want to put in. I’m going to do about two tablespoons and then we have some cloves of garlic, you don’t even need to cut them up, you don’t have to take the peels off it’s going to blend right in. So we have the water, we have in whole lemon, three or four cloves of garlic, and then some honey.

So it blends up really nice and smooth and pour it in a cup and it really tastes like lemonade but it’s a it’s a immune system booster, fights infection and makes you feel bette. Then we have this is like a cayenne paste that you make and it really is a replacer for, it’s a natural antibiotic, so you want cayenne pepper, again, garlic and honey so you’ll do one or two tablespoons of honey. And it really could just, for this serving right here you do one tablespoon and then if you’re going to do a large amount you’ll do like its course a cup or a half a cup and do quite a few cloves of garlic, three or four or five or even more, but at least two or three for this we’ll just do one for this small serving right here. And you do want to to crush it just cut it up really fine so I have it right here in my garlic press and then you’ll want to do 1/4 a teaspoon to a whole teaspoon of cayenne pepper and then I’ve got a spoon right here and stir it up and I am going to eat it.

So I’m going to smell like garlic but what happens is you’ve got the garlic which is the natural antibiotic and then the honey also boost your immune system very nutritive high in vitamin C and other vitamins that your body needs as you’re healing and the honey hole and into cayenne to go, to Cayenne, is it helps the flow of your blood cell so it carries out the germs and it brings nutrition to your throat, the nutrients that you need so you heal faster, so the honey will hold the garlic and the cayenne on the back of your throat so it can be more effective so after you take a bite of this you don’t want to drink for at least 20 minutes so that it can sit there on your throat. The Cayenne surprisingly will burn at first but surprisingly it makes you it numbs the area so it feels better. So again my kids take this, they know how fast it makes them feel better but they jump it up and down usually and run around the house for about 10 seconds.

So I’m going to show you how brave an adult can be to take this. My husband isn’t very brave when he takes this but he’ll take it when he knows he needs it.So I actually think it’s good it reminds me of some candy from Mexico that I’ve had before that tastes good but it’s getting hot. So here is your garlic lemon juice, it sounds worse than it really is so you can always sweeten it more if you feel like it needs some more sweetness but it really does surprisingly tastes pretty good it’s pretty yummy. You want to make sure that the honey that you’re using is raw honey, so the conventional honey that you’ll find in a regular grocery store it has been heated, so most of the nutrients are gone and we really, that’s why we’re using honey is because of the nutrient value so make sure you seek out some raw honey. Usually you can find it in many places locally and usually in your Whole Foods, any Whole Foods store and if you google it a lot of times you can find some people within the neighborhood or within the city that has bee hives in their backyard that are selling.
So another way to boost your immune system and fight the infection naturally but extremely effectively is golden fill and echinacea. These are two herbal remedies and in combination they’re extremely powerful, they come in a capsule or in a liquid form and I recommend taking it every hour or even every half hour if someone is really sick. It can’t hurt you, it just boosts your body and empowers your body to fight that infection so you can take it every hour and then you would take it as like a regular antibiotic, normally you’re on an antibiotic from your doctor for 10 days. So even when you feel better, I would recommend continuing to take that at least 3 times a day. I definitely have to mention the power of attention and those healing hands and time with someone taking care of you are you taking care of your child. So if one of your children have strep throat, truly the most powerful remedy is your time sitting next to them rubbing their back, rubbing their feet, and just being with them and being by them holding them that is very very powerful and healing. Several years ago, my husband was training for a full marathon.

Well when it came to the night before, he was really sick but of course, you have been training all of this time, so he decided to go ahead and run the marathon. Anyway, by the time he got home, he was really sick. His throat hurt so bad he knew he had strep throat when got in bed with her fever and when I went up to check on him. He was saying really weird things and his fever was so bad so we went to the emergency room and we gave him success to help him feel better. Got him on an antibiotic, when we got home I decided, hey I’m going to use my remedies that I know about so we made the lemon and garlic and honey drink. I had him take the honey garlic cayenne mixture and rub rub oils on him and hot and cold cloths and he slept so good through the night. In the morning, he felt so good he wanted to go to work. The emergency room doctor was so worried about him, he hadn’t seen a case this bad so he wanted to see him immediately in the morning but he, my husband decide he was getting ready for work. Of course I made him stay home but these remedies are so fast-acting, they build the immune system and it help you feel better right away.

Now if you watched all the way through to this point, hopefully you’re convinced to at least try this. Ever since I’ve tried this I’ve never had to take prescribed antibiotics again. You just got to do this, you gotta pay attention to what Cynthia said here. In the description I’ve listed all those ingredients below. It’s the fresh garlic, the raw honey, the cayenne, and remember live on purpose make a difference and be the hero!

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