How To Get To Stewart Falls

Hello there welcome to Hero TV we are heading to go find Stuart Falls. We’ve never hiked it before. We’ve seen them from a distance. There’s actually two ways that you can get there. You can go up American Fork Canyon and that’s actually closer to where we live but we’re going clear around the outlines over to sundance so it’s actually faster if we travel down I-15, go through Provo Canyon so we’ll take you with us. So now we’re heading into Provo Canyon. Now we’re here at the trail head. I think they call this the Mt Timpanogos trail head. Although if I were going to hike Mt Timpanogos, I’d hike from the other side. Just my opinion. But if you look up there, that’s where we’re going. That’s where the Falls are. Excited for this hike? What are we gonna go see? A waterfall! I’m wearing sandals on my hike today. I forgot to bring my hiking boots and yes I’m wearing socks but these sandals have taken me up lots of mountains including Mt Sinai That’s really good. Alright so it’s two miles up. We’re about one mile in so I guess we’re about halfway up the trail. It’s been a pretty easy hike so far nothing too strenuous. Says you! Alright so as we’re hike, we’re seeing this area with a lot of trees that are bent over. kind of all going in the same direction. So my first thought is, uh I guess some type of avalanche. But I know that I’ve seen avalanche that totally like tore all the trees up. So in the comments below share with me if you know is this avalanche? or what else would cause this? Alright got a nice view of Sundance ski resort. Just all this up here. It’s a lot of fun. So we’re actually still hiking up to the Falls but for the last little while we’re actually hiking down. We’ve been hiking down for quite a while so we’ve lost a lot of elevation gain that we did at the first. So we saw a sign coming up that says that today was dog day so you’ve seen dozens of dogs on the trail. That looks like Sirius Black. After you get to the overlook point there’s actually another trail that heads down so that’s what we’re going now. We’re going to see what it’s like down here. So it’s pretty awesome here. When you go down in there, it’s just like you’re in a swamp full of water mists. Still get a little bit of it here. My camera’s getting a bit wet. But now I’m going to turn this off and go down in there. We’ll see if I turn it back on. Hi guys what do you think? So we’re all the way back down. Hopefully you enjoyed this video and found it helpful in knowing how to get here and what the hike is like.

I wasn’t expecting that about half up and half down just to get to the falls. So on the way back it’s half up and half down but overall I’d say, yeah it’s definitely easy hike something that you could easily take your family to. Remember to live on purpose, make a difference, and be the hero.

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