How To Start A Business With No Money

If you’re watching this video, you’re interested in starting a business in a common way that people search for that online. I’ve done the research and found that most of you are asking, how to start a business with no money? and it’s kind of the wrong question. It’s not that you need a lot of money to start a business but hopefully in this video, John Jonas is here. He’s going to share some things to kind of put us in the right mindset so that you can start a business with with little or no money. So you want to start a business with no money? It’s definitely doable. It will require a little bit of money though. So here’s my criteria for how you start a business with little or no money. Number one it’s got to be online. Anything the physical world is going to require you to have, office space or whatever any of that stuff, that’s dumb. Number two if you want it to be online and you really wanted to be no money it’s got to be digital. It’s got to be a digital product. So it’s something that you know a whole bunch about. It’s something that you’re teaching, you’re going to teach your expertise, you’re going to create an e-book about it, you’re going to write a blog you’re sort of blog blogging about whatever it is. You see tons of mommy bloggers and blogging doesn’t require money. The best way in my opinion to go about doing this and just so you know I’ve never started a business with money. Everything we’ve ever done has been bootstrapped. We’ve never raised money for anything. We’ve put very little money into anything. Everything we do starts profitable from the very beginning. However, the one thing that I would say it’s okay to spend money on is education. So in doing an online business, there’s tons of education out there that will teach you this business model or that business model or this marketing tactic or whatever it is. I would suggest you don’t spend more than three hundred dollars on any given thing that you want to buy for education. Most of the best education is paid for and you can find the same education in a hundred dollar product as in a thousand dollar product. Maybe not the same but really similar so that’s a piece of advice is don’t go out and spend and buy the thousand dollar product just because it looks cool. Go find a hundred dollar product and start there. In doing this, you it’s going to take hard work. Like if you’re lazy, forget it. It’s not going to work. If you just want, if you think, you’re gonna start a business online it’s going to make you a whole bunch of money and you don’t have to do anything because it’s online, forget it. It’s never going to work for you. So online, digital, get an education and follow the system. Follow the system but here’s the biggest thing about doing it with no money and because when people get money they often think they could just spend their way out of problems. When you don’t have money you have to think your way out of problems and thinking is the number one factor for success that I see. So when you come up to a problem, how do I make sales? You have to think your way through that and if you don’t know how to make sales in your web business, you better figure it out or you’re going to fail. It’s really easy to just continue to tinker with things that you know how to do. It’s easy to tinker with WordPress, it’s easier to tinker with, with your YouTube channel or whatever is. It’s much harder to figure out how to sell something. But selling is what makes money. You have to think your way through the hard things if you want to succeed in starting your business and that’s that’s what will really set you apart. Okay so when, when you’re doing this the number one thing that I see entrepreneurs make a mistake, the number one thing that I see successful entrepreneurs do the one thing that that will set you apart is from success or failure is make sales. If you don’t make sales you, you won’t succeed. I have a brother right now who is building this really big thing and he spent years building it, it’s really awesome but he hasn’t made a single sale. And so all he’s done is raise money and raise money and raise money but there’s no sales behind it. Unless you can make sales, eventually you’re going to fail. So that’s the number one thing that you should focus on is how do I sell this thing that I’m doing and maybe it’s just a blog, how do I sell it to advertisers? how do I sell an advertiser into it? Maybe it’s a vlog and how do I get more traffic to it so, because that’s selling it. That’s getting at ad revenue. Bringing ad revenue. Maybe you’re selling a product that you know is unique or is different and, and you got to bring you’ve got to put a marketing perspective behind it so people will buy it. So making sales is the number one thing that’s my biggest advice for you. So let me give you um, I’ll tell you this is not without money but it’s very little money. I have a 14 year old son. Three years ago, he wanted to start a business and so I gave him some education on how to sell things on Amazon. And he went through the system he found something. And so I funded him. I funded him I think $800 and we could have bought a lot less than that but I had some money so I gave him $800. He bought this product that he had found out of China. We spent the $800, got the product here, got it selling on Amazon. He wrote the content for it, he wrote a sales pitch and it started selling. He’s 11. If my 11 year old son can do it, you can do this with little to no money. Really your only expenses are maybe a domain, maybe hosting, maybe not even that, maybe it’s just an Amazon cost, maybe it’s an ebay cost, maybe it’s a cost to have it editor edit something that you wrote which even online isn’t even important you don’t even need to edit your content. Make sales. That’s how you start a business with with no money. Thanks so much for watching here our TV today and thanks so much John. Yeah good to be here. This has been a lot of fun. Really enjoy making these videos. We’ve put a lot of details down the description below. This is a daily show so be sure to subscribe. And remember live on purpose, make a difference, be the hero.

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