How To Take Responsibility For Your Actions

Welcome to Hero TV today. We’re talking about how to take responsibility for your actions. We’re here with Chad Hymas. I know the first time that I heard this concept it was from a man named Rich Tally and he talked about assuming a hundred percent responsibility in a relationship. And I thought you know it was a new concept to me because I thought it was supposed to be 50/50 but as I’ve embraced that, yeah definitely pay attention. Chad’s going to share some amazing things with us today. Hi Chad Hymas here. This week’s message, how to take responsibility for your actions and are you willing to take responsibility for everywhere that you sit in your life. Responsibility responsibility responsibility, really has the same connotation and the same meaning as location location location does in real estate. Responsibility. I’ll never forget when I woke up to the news that I was going to be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of my life and how angry I was at the tractor for malfunctioning that night which allowed a twenty eight hundred pound bale of hay to roll over backwards. Punching my head to the steering wheel and a shaft that went through my mouth breaking everything in its place and severing 95% of my spinal cord and breaking the vertebrae in my neck. I’ll never forget blaming my wife for taking so long to find me that night. I mean I was trapped underneath that bale for 48 minutes folks. That’s a long time. Why didn’t she come sooner? That’s her fault. I’m mostly paralyzed. That was my thinking when I heard the news. Wait what about the doctors? it’s their fault too. I mean why did we wait so long to get a surgery? Why can’t we find some sort of medicine that can fix everything else? why can’t they send me to India or Australia somewhere where they can fix the spinal cord? Surely there’s some sort of stitch or some sort of medicine they can they can use where they can make the spinal cord reattached so that I can have feeling and movement in my fingers and in my toes and in my feet and then in all the other parts of my body that I’m now missing 95 percent. It’s those doctors fault that I’m hurt. It’s that, it’s always somebody else’s fault. You know, even, don’t know have to be in my circumstance. When things don’t go wrong, when things don’t go as planned, when things turn obscure, when things turn backwards, it’s always easier to say, you know what it’s her fault that this circumstance happened. It’s her fault those kids are acting like this way. It’s the teachers fault that I’m getting a bad grade. They didn’t explain the curriculum well enough. It’s, you know, when people always say, why. Why did this happen to me? why do I have to be in this circumstance? why don’t I get to cancer? Why, why do I have to go through this? I call them why-ners. I spell it, W H Y – N E R S. Why? Because they’re always asking why. Why am I here? why does this work out this way? why am I stuck? why did I have to go to this accident? Why why why why why why why. If you want to learn how to take responsibility for everything that happened to your life and how to use that to your advantage, a better way to ask a question is by doing the following. Start a question with how. How can I make this circumstance? how can I make these numb hands work to my benefit? The movement that I have in my wrist , how can I, how can I use that small movement in my wrist? I don’t have any external I only have internal movement. Internal no external. So I can’t, I can’t lift the wrist up unless I use my other hand but I have external on both hands. How can I use that to my advantage? When I ask how and I start my question with that instead of why that begins the process of ownership and responsibility. How can I change my circumstance and make it a better one. Let’s go back to the how the hands thing How can I make my wrist work to make my fingers have some usage for me? Do you see whenever I move my wrist up what happens to my fingers automatically? Do you see that? When I move my wrist, In fact, would you all just try that. Just make your hand go limp just just make it limp and just just let them relax. Now you got to relax it and leave the elbow in place and just wrist only now. wrist only. Raise your wrist in the air only. Wrist up. Watch your fingers. watch I have automatically, look what happens. Your fingers closed automatic. Look at that. Now all of the fact that you all probably look ridiculous to yourself that is a simple term in the medical world that’s called tenodesis. Now I don’t want to get into that term, I’m just saying that all that means is that it makes the tendons in your body move by moving another part of your body. That’s all tenodesis is. So when I move my wrist it causes the bones and my fingers to to close. So when I ask how, how can I make things? how can I take responsibility for this? and what can come about because of it and start my question with that instead of why, watch what happens. Watch it. Let’s choose a bottled water. We’re going to call time, we’re going to kep this live. We’re going to keep it live. Nate will you come get that bottle So let’s just pretend like that bottle didn’t fall on the floor for time sake. Risks only now because I can’t feel my fingers . Move the wrist up, bottles in place. Now I’m using a little bit of gravity but if you think that I’m gripping that bottle you’re dead wrong. I can’t feel it. I’m using my wrist. I can’t even feel my wrist. These hands? around the bottle raise the wrists in the air and it’s gripping it. But I’m not gripping it with my hand per se. like you would grip. I’m just using my wrist. Then I’ll use the other wrist hold in place. cap off in the cheeks I don’t swallow it don’t want to make that mistake. Cockwise always works best when putting the lid back on I’ve learned that the hard way. Remember righty-tighty, lefty-loosey. Bottle back that on the desk release the wrist as best I can. Bottle stays flat and I just showed you all how taking a responsibility for everything that happens in my life has benefited me in just one facet. Now take that to another level. What I just shared with you has allowed me to get rest. Has allowed me to become a better father, a better husband. It wasn’t Shondell’s fault that I was hurt that night. There was a red light flashing on my dashboard. I saw the warning light. I saw the warning light telling me that my tractor hydraulic fluid tank was empty. Just like you all get warnings in your life. You might be at a party and your gut tells you this probably shouldn’t be the party that I should be in. Or your intuition or your instinct tells you this probably isn’t the best decision to me. My parents wouldn’t be happy if I made this choice I could hurt other people. My wife wouldn’t be proud at me if she knew what I was doing right now. You’ve all had those warning lights in your life. I’m not one to judge you I ignored the warning light. And I found myself trapped. Now I realize that very few of you in this room will find yourself trapped there underneath one ton bale of hay. But if you want to know what it feels like, just don’t take responsibility for everything that happens to in your life and where you’re currently at today. Blame the cancer, blame the health, blame the, blame the spouse, blame the divorced spouse, blame them for not paying child support, blame whatever you want. But until you take responsibility for every everything the good and the bad, only then will you find a power within yourself to become as productive as possible. Never. Don’t ask why. Ask how. How can I work harder to make something become of this. What can I do differently in order to get different circumstances. When can I start? there’s a good one. When. Do don’t ask why. How, what, when, and where. Better way to start a question. Then and only then will you find a power to do things that others say cannot be done. it’ll be impossible for them but it’ll be possible for you. Start your question with how, what, when and where, and get why out. Remember, hold yourself responsible to those own set of values. I have to hold myself responsible for what happened that night. And I want you to remember something if you choose to not do that, you’re not just hurting yourself but you’re hurting everybody else that wasn’t there. I want you to think about this for a second. I was by myself in a hay field then I I got hurt looking at a warning light telling me that I was making a wrong choice. And I ignored that warning light, why? Because I gotten away with it before. I mean I had made that tractor work on low hydraulics before with the red light flashing. A question I have for you to relate to this is have you ever driven a car on an empty tank of gas? where the light is on in front of you on your dashboard? just to see how far you can get? how close to the edge can you get without failing? I’m guilty of that. Sooner or later it comes back to hit you. that bail of hay rolling over backwards landed on my body and I found myself trapped barely breathing enough to be alive. So just because you get away with something doesn’t make it right. And the next piece? Just because you’re by yourself doesn’t mean you’re not hurting other people. I was by myself in a field, nobody watching me. Just me and God and free agency we get to make our own choices. And I chose the wrong answer that night. I chose the wrong, I chose, I chose not to fix the hydraulics that hurt a number of people, myriad of people that has caused a ripple effect. Now today, seven years later, we all feel that we’re better off because of it. But I’m telling you that I put my family through hell because of it. Now I wouldn’t change it because we’re better off because of it. But I’ve had to take responsibility for my actions and you get the same choice that I have gotten in my life to take responsibility today for everywhere that you’re at in your life. This is Chad Hymas asking each of you to take responsibility. Hold yourself responsible to your own set of values. Hold your family and your friends responsible of those same values. And here’s the most important piece that we’ll end with, allow them to hold you responsible those same set of values that you expect them to live by. Until next, next time that we visit via video, this is Chad Hymas asking you to be a responsible individual. Thanks for watching Hero TV today. Taking responsibilities where it’s at. I appreciate you sharing your wisdom with us Chad. Remember to live on purpose, make a difference, And be the hero.

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