How To Make A Time Machine In Real Life

Alright, you’re here watching this video, you’re interested in figuring out if you can make a time machine. There’s a way that you can do it. This is real. This is John Jonas. He is the man and he’s going, to he’s the one that taught me how to make a time machine. Okay so you want a time machine. My experience is that you can actually create a time machine. It’s just slightly different than what you think I’m not gonna let you travel to the future or travel back in time. But, why do you want a time machine? You want a time machine so that you can fix things. So that you can get more time back in your life ,so that you can make more money, right? if you had a time machine what would you do? you would travel into the past and figure out who wins the World Series and you make a huge bet on them so you could make more money. Or you go and change things in your life so you could have more time today. So, what I want to tell you is how to have more time in your life today and how to make more money doing it. And that is through outsourcing. So what most people don’t know is that there’s so many things to do in their life and especially in a business or in your job even. The only fixed asset that we have is time.

There’s more money in the world, there’s, there are more people, there’s more relationships. The only fixed asset is time. So you get more time, you get other people to do things for you that you’re currently doing and then you can go and spend your time on something else. So let me tell you a little bit of my lifestyle and why I’m teaching you this because this is real. So yesterday, I got up in the morning, I got my kids off toschool, which that my last group leaves at 9 o’clock. I dropped my other kid, my youngest two kids off with a friend to play in till they go to school at 12:30. And then my wife and I went skiing. We skied from 10:30 to 2:30. Came home, picked up our youngest kids from there, from the preschool, then my other kids started coming home. I did an hour of work from 9 to 10 before we drop the kids off, and then I did an hour of work from like 3:30 to 4:30. Then I stopped because my kids were home. And then, I, I spent the rest of the night with my kids in my wife. And that’s every day for me. Some days I workout less or I workout more, some days I play golf, some days I do other things. But I work about 17 hours a week because I have other people doing my work for me. So with that, I have a crazy amount of free time to do whatever I want and that’s my time machine, is being able to do what I want with my time. Along with that, I also own a business and I have other people doing the work in the business and so that business is succeeding really well. So your time machine would let you go back and and make a bunch of money and create more time in your life, that’s what my time machine does. It does for me every day. It makes me a bunch of money and it gives me the free time in my life that I want. So let me tell you my story of how I got into this so you can understand how you can do this and how this can work. So years ago, I had someone tell me to go and hire a full-time person in the Philippines. And I was like, “okay, whatever” you know, like, that, that, it just was it was whatever to me. And I thought about it for a couple months. I knew there’s not enough time in the day to get everything done that I need to get done. I knew I’m super busy and I’m frustrated with it. I knew there’s more things to do that I can’t do that I just can’t even put onto my plate because there’s already so much there. That after a couple months, I finally took the leap and I hired someone. I hired someone full-time in the Philippines and their full-time work cost me about $700 a month at the time. And, and it’s what I didn’t know was I was way, way, way, over paying. So I hired this guy and I immediately started teaching him how to do something that I was currently doing. And, it, after a week and the first week was pretty painful where it was, it was like, I have to teach you everything and then you do it wrong and I have to teach it again and you do it wrong and I have to teach it again and now we’re getting it right. And after like three weeks, I had this guy I had taught him all kind of stuff and I realized he’s now doing all of these things that I had previously been doing and I’ve replaced myself. Like I’m not doing these things anymore, he is now doing. He is doing it how I want them to be done, he’s costing me $700 a month for full-time work, and there’s two of me. Because now I’m working on making sales in my business, instead of working on these many little details and I have I replaced myself, and it was amazing. And so a couple months later after I had done that, I realized, hey I have this other work in my business and this guy’s already fully busy let’s hire someone else and see if I can do this again. So I hired this, this programmer I was doing some programming work at the time, and I showed him what I was doing and it turned out he was a better programmer that I was and he completely took it over and I had replaced myself again I had stepped back for my business and then I had two people that were doing things that I had previously been doing and I just found I had all this free time all of a sudden. And all of my work is getting done. So that was kind of my experience in replacing myself. Now for me to build this time machine, I had to take a leap and I had to hire someone and see like, does this work? and just so you know today, that full-time person, well, so when I hired that guy for $700 a month what I didn’t know at the time was the company I hired him through, was paying him 250 dollars a month and they were marking him up and charging me $700 a month. So he was making 250 a month which today you’re not going to hire them for 250. It’s going to be about 400 or 450 for that same person. Maybe 350 but $400 a month for a full-time person who you can teach to do all kinds of stuff and their English is good you’ll never have communication problems. The only thing is, you just have to teach them. You have to teach them how to do what you’re currently doing in order to get time back. You can hire them to do things that you don’t know how to do but that doesn’t gain, gain,you time. Which is the fixed asset that we all lose. You can never get back. You can only just create more of it for yourself by giving up your current work. So, let me give you a couple things with this because it has to be done a certain way. I’ve seen too many people try this all kind of different ways and it only works under certain conditions. 

So condition number one this has to be done in the Philippines. This won’t work with other cultures. You can’t say, “hey I know someone in Mexico or in Brazil or in Thailand or Vietnam or whatever. Hey I’ll go hire them.” This will work in the Philippines only because of a certain of cultural things that exist in the Philippines that make this really functional. Now that’s not a hundred percent true but I would say in 98% of situations, the only way you’re going to make this work is by hiring some from the Philippines. Second condition you’ve got to hire them full time. And I know most of you listening or you say, “oh man I can’t have someone full-time. I don’t have enough work for them, I can’t keep them busy and enough that I can’t afford it.” you can never get this back get your time back unless you hire someone full-time and start teaching them how to do everything you can think of in your business. So condition number one in the Philippines, condition number two hirer then full-time. Condition number three is you can’t hire a contract worker or a freelancer. If you hire someone who’s, who isn’t full-time with you who they’re working for other jobs, they’re doing a small task for you, you will never be able to step away from what you’re doing and have them take it over for you. So it cannot be a contract worker or a freelancer if you’re going to get your time back it has to be a full-time long-term worker in the Philippines. Condition number four, you have to be patient with this. I had a guy recently who came to me said, “hey I want to hire someone in the Philippines. I want him full-time. I need time back in my life” and I said. “great” here’s this guy, this never happens to me because when someone finds someone full time in the Philippines that’s amazing. They keep him, they keep him permanently full-time working for themselves. And I just happen to have someone whose business was changing enough that he had this guy who was amazing working for him and he said, “hey John I can’t use this guy right now can you find him another job”. So. which this doesn’t happen to me. At the same time I had this guy come to me who said, “hey, I am ready to do this” So I hooked the two of them together and it lasted one day. And the guy came back and said ah this isn’t going to work because this guy can’t do everything it is not perfect and and it took him too long. And I was like, number one, I know this guy is good, because I know his previous employer and who’s worked for him for years, and I know he’s good at stuff. Number two, you didn’t even give it a chance. Like, you gave him one task and it took him longer than you thought and maybe your instruction sucked and so it you just gave it, gave up. If you’re going to make this work and get your time back it’s going to require patience. It’s going to require you working with someone in the Philippines and teaching them how to do what you want and being patient with them when they do it wrong, and, and giving them positive feedback and building a relationship with that person because it’s a long-term thing if you really want to get your time back, this long-term thing. So for me, the first person I hired was 11 years ago. He still works for me today and he’s amazing today. He can do anything I want but I’ve been through all kinds of stuff with him. I’ve taught him how to do things, I’ve been patient with him when he’s had problems in his life. It’s going to require patience and it’s going to require you teaching them how to do things that you know how to do or teaching them how to do things that you want done. It’s going to require you being patient when things don’t get done right and you providing feedback. So if you’re the kind of person is like, “oh this just doesn’t work” this isn’t going to work for you.

If you need perfection the first time, this isn’t going to work for you. But if you’re willing to work with someone and realize, “hey this is a human being who is working for me on my business at super, super affordable rates”, this can work. Alright if you made it to the end of this video, you’ve got it. you understand the real value in this. That this is, I’ve been outsourcing for over seven years now. John, you said eleven. Yeah. So, my life is so drastically different it is literally as if I had gone in a time machine and gone back. You gotta try this. So remember to live on purpose, make a difference, and be the hero.

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