How To Motivate Yourself To Work Hard

Welcome to hero TV I’m Gerald Rogers and today we’re going to be talking about how to motivate yourself to work hard and to do what you don’t want to do have you ever found yourself stuck knowing that you needed to do something but for some reason you couldn’t get yourself to do it today we’re going to be talking about how to motivate yourself on how to work hard or how to do things that you just don’t want to do and I wanted to right now think about in your life where are you resisting something where is there something you know you should do you have to do it but for whatever reason you can’t get yourself motivated to do it maybe you know you should go to the gym and you’ve been procrastinating and you’ve been holding off but for whatever reason you can’t get yourself out of the bed you can’t get yourself to actually good workout maybe it’s in your relationships maybe there’s a specific thing that you’re supposed to do in your relationships and you know that it would help build the connection that you want but you experience total resistance and shutdown with you maybe it’s in your work maybe there’s certain tasks in your work that you just hate doing and knowing that you’ve got this list of things that have to be done it just feels heavy and overwhelming for me it’s like doing spreadsheets and doing follow-up and and a lot of the tedious you know tasks that are required in running business or maybe it’s taxes you know this is something then I don’t know about you it’s something I don’t look forward to it’s something that I dread do you have these experiences in your life do you have these things that are should and have to than must that feel overwhelming so how do you get rid of it how do you step back into your power how do you get to yourself to take action and just get it done here’s the keys that I’m going to offer first and foremost be aware of your language be aware of the words that you speak in the words to use are you using words to say oh my gosh I know I should do my taxes but notice the words should have to and must feel the energy feel the vibration of those words notice how heavy they feel when we’re in the end our G of should and must and have to we feel stuck we feel overwhelmed we feel we feel this weight on top of us it makes it very difficult for us to move forward our words have an energy that is connected with them if we want to shift it then we need to replace and have more empowering language so language that actually serves us is rather than should shifting it in in from our inner mind from being an obligation that is a must that I have to but we don’t really want to do to recognize that we’re always at choice we’re always at choice there’s nothing in your life that you have to do you think you have to do it but you don’t there’s nothing you have to do you don’t have to feed your kids you don’t have to go to work you don’t have to put on clothes today you don’t have to do anything you don’t even have to eat like if you want to stay alive it’s probably a good idea but do you have to do it no you’re at choice and the moment we step into choices the moment we step into power because we realize rather than oh my gosh I have to you know clean up the kitchen today rather than shifting in stresses no I choose to clean up the kitchen I choose to do the dishes I choose to take care of my taxes right now just notice the energy when we say I choose from verses I have to another part of choosing something is recognizing that we have accountability if we want certain result in our life then it’s our choice to create it and if we don’t want that result then there’s no there’s no need for us to to make that choice but if you want to have kids that are our life kids that are healthy then obviously taking care of them feeding them providing for them is a choice that you get to make when we make conscious intentional choices and choose accountability then it allows us to step into those things with with greater power because rather than being a victim and believing that other forces are making us do things the moment we step into account it says no this is my life I get created any way I want and this is something I choose so that’s the first step is being aware of the language that we use the second step is really digging deep and figuring out what’s the story that we have that’s creating resistance in the first place. Because, if we’re experiencing heaviness and weight, any specific task that we have as a responsibility, then there’s some story we have, that doing that task will be painful. So, I’m just going to talk from personal experience and talk about the taxes. Right? taxes or something that in the past I’ve experienced massive resistance around. I procrastinate, I delay, I avoid, I ignore, I do everything I can to avoid paying attention, and in doing my taxes. So how do I shift that? Number one, I recognize that, in what I want to create it’s a choice. And number two, I recognize that there’s a story that I’ve had in the past that the taxes are hard. Taxes are painful. Texas are like, I don’t want to give Uncle Sam my money. I earned this money. Why does, why do I have to pay it to someone else? and I’ve had a story that taxes are tedious. Texas are time-consuming. Taxes are a waste of time. Notice that, with that story, with those beliefs, what would be the natural energy? Of course I would avoid it. We procrastinate and we avoid. We feel like things are hard when our stories or our beliefs make them feel hard. And they’re just stories, there’s their beliefs that we’ve created within our mind that create heaviness around that certain task. And if we’ve created them in our own mind, is it true? can we shift into something different? can we, can we pivot? and creating new belief around those things? and this is the game that I’m going to invite you to play because I noticed that with taxes, what I’ve experienced is the moment I step into choice and say, “this is something I really want to create, I want to get my taxes done as soon as possible” and I could force myself to do it. I could muster up willpower to get myself to do it but that’s not fun. I don’t believe in working through willpower. Instead, I believe in shifting the mind to allow it, so it no longer seems difficult or hard. This is one thing that I’m just going to submit as a as a thought for you. I don’t believe you should work hard. I don’t work hard. There’s some times where I pour a ton of energy into building things of my business, into creating and doing things, but is it hard work? It only is hard work if that’s the story that I created my mind and that doesn’t serve me. So rather than saying, “this is hard” I focus on, “oh wow, I love” I can easily do this tasks. And so with taxes rather than think, “oh my gosh taxes are so hard it’s a waste of time” I shift all of those belief in that energy to, “Wow taxes are something I enjoy doing”. Do you think of, “woah! how can you possibly enjoy doing taxes?” It’s simply a choice. I enjoy doing taxes. I love taking care of my finances. I love being responsible.  I love being able to pay for the roads and for the services I experience from the government. I love doing my part. I love being a taxpayer that, that is a contributor to the economy. And notice with all of these bullies for me, it feels light. It feels empowering, it feels exciting. And then with the task itself, here’s the other key, creating a specific time frame for me to do it. So blocking off say, 2 hours today. For two hours today, I’m going to be focused on getting as much done as I can in regards to my taxes. And this could be anything for you. Blocking off a certain time and preparing something myself mentally. So that I know when that’s going to start, and when that’s going to finish. And in doing the task and reinforcing it, but then I’m also going set up the environment to make it fun and enjoyable. And so for me, sometimes it’s turning on music, or creating a nice clean environment for me to go through things and I notice, that movement creates momentum.

The moment I begin a task and start doing it then all of a sudden, I become engrossed in that task and becomes fun and easy and it’s just taking that first step, that movement that creates the momentum, that makes everything else easy. And soon I find myself enjoying the task, and once again it’s finding the things for you, that can make that perceived hard work enjoyable. What is it for you that would make it so fun and so liberating and so nice? as you are completing that window of time, make sure you set a time line and after those say, two hours, or one hour, or whatever is done, then you go ahead and stop before you get to the point of burnout, go ahead and stop and then celebrate. And this is a huge part of getting yourself anchored into being able to do the tasks repetitively over and over, it is to celebrate your success. And you can choose what that celebration looks like.

Maybe that celebration is you know having a having a treat, maybe that celebration is spending some time doing something that you want and completely unplugging, maybe that celebration is taking a nap, I don’t know what it is for you those are all things that I find useful is just knowing that at the end of that time period, after I’ve accomplished my goal and I may not finish that task in that time, but I’m going to get as far as I can. And then, going back to it again it’s so much easier, because I’ve anchored it in with a positive celebration. And so, as I, as I, remind you of these things, I just want you to understand that all of your power to get yourself to do what you want to motivate yourself exist right here. By number one, being aware of language and the energy that it creates. Number two, being aware of the story you have and shifting the story from the negative disempowering heavy limiting story to the positive story that makes doing that task that you have, easy, fun ,and enjoyable. As you set aside specific time as you take that meaningful action you’re able to step into this space of power, because movement creates momentum. And when you are finished, celebrate. And it anchors in this awareness that, you can do whatever you put your mind to. So whether it be tasks that you’ve been resisting in your health, or in your relationships, or in your business, around money, just go ahead and take one of those tasks. Practice these tools and just remember, you don’t have to do anything so choose to do it consciously, intentionally, and choose to make it easy and fun. Hopefully this serves you in creating an amazing inspired, incredible life.

This is Gerald Rogers reminding you, you’ve got one life to live, live big. I hope you enjoyed watching hero TV today, and I’m very grateful to Gerald and helping us learn these principles. I shared a lot of information down in the description below. This is a daily show, so be sure to subscribe. And remember to live on purpose, make a difference, and be the hero.

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