How To Overcome Challenges In Life

Hello this is Gerald Rogers welcome to Hero TV. On this episode we’re going to be talking about how to overcome the challenges and obstacles you’re experiencing in your life. So if you’re watching this video and you’re seeking to discover how to overcome challenges in your life, I might be a little presumptuous but maybe you’re going through a hard time. Maybe you’re experiencing a challenge or difficulty that you don’t know how to get through and it could feel really heavy. And so first off as we begin this, I just want to tell you that I get it and I know it’s hard but on the other side is something bigger and better and more beautiful than you can possibly imagine. So have that hope and as I share some insights that I’ve gained in my journey, hopefully it serves you and finding the answers you need at this time. And I don’t know what you’re going through. It’s impossible for me to know where you’re experiencing challenges or difficulties in this moment and it could be that you’re experiencing stress and financial problems and it feels overwhelming and there’s a lot of chaos and uncertainty around money. Maybe you just lost a job or maybe you’re dealing with debt or going through bankruptcy or foreclosure. I don’t know but I get it. I’ve been there.

I know what it’s like to go through foreclosure and bankruptcy. I know it’s like to lose a business. I know what it’s like to struggle and have no idea how I’m going to provide for my family and for my needs and it’s hard, it’s really hard. Or maybe you’re experiencing challenges in your health and your feeling sickness or you’re experiencing some disease or something’s showing up for you where you’ve experienced an accident and your body’s just not working the way you want it to and, and that’s really difficult and I know what that feels like too. I know what it feels like to be sick and I know what it feels like to feel overweight and feel overwhelmed. To feel like, sickness is overtaking your life and and to lose that hope, I get it. It’s really really hard or it could be challenges in your relationship where you’re feeling stuck. Maybe you’re feeling lonely, maybe you’re feeling like you can’t get what you want in your relationship or maybe you feel like your relationship that you built so much of your dreams and hopes upon has suddenly crumbled and I really really get that. About 4 years ago, I went through a devastating divorce. I’d been married for 16 years, had four beautiful children and all of a sudden I found myself with someone that didn’t want to be with me and I know how devastating and how hard that is. As we went through the divorce process, so many questions come through my mind and my heart just so broken wide open I felt so helpless and so uncertain and, and it was it was by far one of the most painful experiences that I’ve ever had something I wouldn’t want anyone to ever experience. But suddenly, there’s a lot of relationships that end in divorce or separation or disconnection and even many marriages of people that stay together are unhappy and unsatisfied and they experienced challenges. So wherever your challenges are I just want you to know that I understand how it feels and well I might not have been through your exact experience, what I do know is that you have everything you need to be able to get through it. You do. Otherwise, God wouldn’t have given you this particular challenge. So as you’re facing it, what do you do? What do you do when you feel overwhelmed? when you feel scared? when you feel like you don’t know who to turn to or how to get through it? Here’s some things that I’ve learned in my journey that I hope will inspire you and help help you out. First and foremost is to remember that it all relates to perspective. What perspective, what lens, are we choosing to see the obstacle and challenge through? It’s almost as if our entire focus in our life becomes the challenging problem. I just want you to imagine like this dot right here, this dot represents the problem. This dot represents a challenge. And in life when a challenge feels significant, we begin turning all our verb focus on it’s like all the room that dot begins to overwhelm us and that’s all we can see. I know when I was going through my divorce all I could see was pain, the heartache, the struggle, the frustration, and all of my focus was seen through that lens. My invitation is no matter what you’re going through is to broaden your perspective, to step out rather than focusing on the problem to step back and realize how much of your life is working. How much of your life is beautiful. how much of your life you can have gratitude for. And this is the first important shift. Rather than being problem focus be solution focused. Rather than focusing on, oh my gosh what is me, I can’t believe this is happening. to me understand that this challenge, this obstacle, has been given to you for a reason. And in that there is a solution that’s waiting for you. You’re not going to be in this problem forever. There will, there is an endpoint. And that endpoint can be beautiful and it can be amazing way better than anything you’ve experienced in the past so begin with that perspective.

Trusting that everything happens for a reason. That the universe that God, that source, has a purpose for which you’re going through what you’re experiencing right now and that on the other side is more freedom more happiness and more growth than you can possibly imagine. So here’s four things to get through it The first is to listen. Second is to learn. The third is to lean. And the fourth is to light. So listen and this is the first step in a lot of people challenge our struggle with this first part is listening. Really asking themselves what is the gift? what am I learning? So many people spend time focusing on questions that do not serve. Their mind is seeking for answers that will not get them out of the challenge or problem and they ask themselves questions, like why does this have to happen to me? why am I going through this? why would this person do this to me? why is life so sucky? whatever it might be. And if you ask a crappy question, you’ll get what? you’ll get a crappy answer. So be really really aware of what questions you’re asking yourself and start asking questions that serve you in getting what you want. So as you ask these questions, as you’re seeking to listen, ask questions that support your growth it’s support your expansions support your healing. What’s great about this? what can I learn from this experience? how can I be better in the future? And so just for instance when I was experiencing my divorce and going through the deep heartache I started to ask myself questions rather than why would this happen? why would she do this? why would, right? rather than being in all of that heavy energy of victimhood I started to focus on questions that actually would serve me and finding the solution. What’s great about this? how can I learn from this? how did I get here? Really being introspective so I could learn how I had created that situation this is really important because if you want to create change you need to take radical responsibility for your life. 100% accountability says, if it’s in my life I am a creator of this. I somehow chose this in my experience. My choice has led me here. If you believe that someone else created these problems in your life and someone else is to blame you’ll never get through it. You’ll be stuck in victim energy forever. You have to take radical personal accountability that says, “well I made choices that created this result in my life” why did I do it? how did I create this? what could I do different? What am I learning? How can I find the support I need? Ask purposeful and intentional questions and listen. Really really listen. The second part is to learn. As you start finding the answers start identifying What are the lessons that you’re gaining from it? and as you start internalizing the lessons also and you find that the problem or challenge that you’ve been blessed with and I say blessed with because you’ve been given this challenge for your own growth for your own development. That problem or challenge you’ve been blessed with is simply there to help you expand as a human being to help you become more loving, to be more kind, to be more powerful, you’ve been given this challenge that you can serve other people and help them through it and as you learn the lesson you begin to find the roadmap to help others to do the same. As I was going through divorce, I started reading books. I started asking for advice from other people. I started really looking at people that had the relationship I want and learning how they’ve created and I learn that I filled my mind and heart. And I learned the things that I had done wrong and the things that I could be better. It was interesting because day after my divorce, I sat down and it wrote out some of the lessons I learned and wrote out the advice that I would share with myself if I could go back in time. And I wrote out 20 specific principles I had learned and as I put that on Facebook, all sudden it began to be shared by first hundreds of people then thousands of people, and tens of thousand until it was shared by hundreds of thousand. Millions of people around the world. And I was invited to be on the Today Show and all of these lessons that I had learned began impacting other people for the good. Your obstacles that you’ve been going through are there to support you and helping you. The third part is to lean. To recognize you’re not in this alone. There’s people that want to support you so ask for help. Reach out to people that care for you. Ask them to be there and know that you’re not alone. And the fourth part is to lighten. Lighten means shifting the energy. Start focusing on what you do want to create. Start seeing beyond the problem and start seeing the solution and to really really trust that on the other side of something way more beautiful and better than you can possibly imagine and this journey that you’re on as you’re experiencing this challenge and difficulty, it’s simply a way of God helping you release from your life anything that doesn’t serve us. And so as you lighten, let go of those limiting beliefs. Let go of those doubts. Let go of those fears. Let go those destructive patterns and embrace who you truly are. Embrace your true identity, embrace the joy of being alive.

Lighting yourself by focusing only on that which you want to experience. And if you do these things, you’ll get through this. And I know it might seem difficult or hard or challenging right now but don’t give up. Take it one day at a time. Allow yourself to be sad when you need to be sad but keep moving forward and just trust and to know that on the other side is everything you’ve been wanting. Hopefully this serves you as you go through this dream. Just ask for help. Listen, learn, lean, and lighten. Just remember you’ve got one life to live, so live big. Thank you for watching hero TV today and thank you Gerald for teaching us these principles. Remember to subscribe. Check out the description. You’ll find a lot of helpful resources there. And remember to live on purpose, make a difference, and then be the hero. Be the hero. Subscribe! We’ll see you soon.

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