How To Stop Self Sabotaging Behavior

Welcome to Hero TV. I’m Gerald Rogers and today’s episode we’re going to be talking about how to overcome and stop self sabotaging behavior. So do you ever notice yourself getting in your own way? Do you ever find yourself having a goal or dream and the moment you start taking action you notice it feels like you’re sabotaging your own success? I like to related to this analogy of, imagine that you have the shiny red Ferrari. This amazing brand-new Ferrari that at it’s potential, you know can go 240 miles an hour at an hour fast. But it’s fast. Like it’s crazy fast powerful amazing beautiful machine. This represents you. Total incredible unbelievable potential and what it can do and achieve. So just imagine, you have this Ferrari and then imagine that you’re on the freeway and you’ve got your foot on the gas and you’re just ready to let it out. in here you got your foot on the gas and you’re pressing as hard as you can. And you’re pressing the gas but your car’s just not going anywhere and as working hard but you’re not making any progress. And then you notice that your other foot is on the brake. And as your other foots on the brake you realize that all of your efforts aren’t getting anywhere because your other foot is preventing that from the brake. you would probably burn out the machine you definitely wouldn’t be able to experience potential. So what does this relate to you and your journey in creating your goals? Well you do have unlimited potential. You’re incredibly powerful and gifted and amazing you have no idea how much you can do. It’s incredible and in this journey your foot is on the brake in some ways. It’s keeping you from experiencing that potential and over and over again you notice yourself and self-sabotage. Destroying the relationships that are important to you. Not fully taking advantage of the opportunities that exist. Ruining businesses, losing money, destroying your health, whatever it might be. There’s probably some areas in your life that you look at do you know that you’ve been keeping yourself from your potential because you’re in action. So what do you do about it? what do you do when you notice that you’ve been in self-sabotage? well it begins by these five steps beginning with, first of all awareness and awakening. Awakening is the moment we can step back and see exactly what we’ve been doing. Like your in the Ferrari. You just notice, oh my foots on the brake. In a relationship, oh I’ve been wanting more love and affection but every time someone gets close I’d put up walls and I push them away. Recognizing that in money you have sabotage. Awakening is just opening up your eyes to see what is going on and how it’s affecting your life. And awakening goes one step deeper rather than just seeing what you’ve been doing, you start looking at how you’ve been creating your, your result. So how you’ve been acting in a way that’s in self-sabotage and then the third key is asking why. Why have I been doing this? Why have I been sabotaging myself? the awakening process has open our eyes and see what are the beliefs that have created the choices that then have created the results in our life. And as you look at the choices, you realize that every choice that you made that has been self sabotaging has underneath it an underlying thought or belief that’s creating that choice. For instance, if you notice yourself in health eating junk food when you’ve been wanting to lose weight or eating fast food or not going to the gym. Whatever that choice is, underneath that is a core belief that’s creating that dysfunctional choice. Creating that self sabotaging choice. And it’s really really critical that you become a master expert in this game of awakening and awareness of being able to identify what is that limiting belief. Is it I don’t deserve to be successful? I don’t deserve to be beautiful? I’m not worthy of love? exercise is hard? exercise is painful? really really dig deep and identify what is the belief that’s creating the sabotaging behavior in your life. What is the belief that represents the foot being on the break. Now once you identify the belief what do you do with it? how do you shift out of it? the second key is accountability. So the first step is awakening, the second step is accountability. And accountability is so critical in this journey of transformation and change. If you want to be more powerful, if you want to experience greater success, if you want to experience greater ease, joy, and abundance in your life then you need to take 100% accountability for your results. To recognize that your ferrari is not going anywhere not because of someone else. No one else has the ability to make the choices in your life. You are the one that’s in the driver seat and maybe for a time you blame someone else and you’ve tried to put them in the driver in the driver seat of your life but it’s you. It’s your car, your vehicle, it’s your life and when you step into radical personal accountability and recognize that every result that you experiencing is your creation, then all of a sudden it puts you back into a space of power as you’re back in the driver’s seat recognizing that your results will only happen as you start to choose differently. So now that you’ve recognized your limiting beliefs and taking ownership of the results that you’ve been creating, the third step is to align. Aligning is where you shift the energy from the limiting belief into a belief that serves and empowers you to move forward. Because you’ll notice that in whatever goal that you have, there’s a certain recipe that would make creating that goal easy. The recipe includes the energy that you embody. It represents the confidence that you have most importantly the recipe includes the thought patterns. The blueprint that exists inside that would make it easy for you to do it on the outside. There’s a belief system that would make taking the action and making the choices you need to easy. Years ago, when I need it to, when I chose to run a marathon, I recognized that having a belief that exercise is hard, exercise is painful, exercises wastes time, wasn’t getting me anywhere. It was making it impossible for me to exercise and I was in total complete self-sabotage. The moment I shifted the beliefs into something that served me, I loved exercise I loved taking time for myself every day and every way get stronger and stronger. As I started to focus and align my beliefs with that which I wanted to create, taking the actions was easy. There was no more self-sabotage. Same things true in relationships. If you believe in, I don’t deserve to be loved, I can’t trust people, relationships are hard, relationships are painful, if those are the beliefs that are in your life that are out of alignment and you dig those up through the awakening awareness process and see how you’ve been pushing people away ,then taking accountability then aligning it requires you to shift your energy into the beliefs that really serve you. I love relationships. I can totally trust people to show up for me. I love opening up my heart and being vulnerable and as I do so, people show up for me in amazing ways. Like identify what are the beliefs that would make it easy for you to take action. And start pouring your energy into that. Start reciting those beliefs, start feeling the energy of those, and notice how easy it is for you to do the the next step which is we talked about awakening, accountability. We talked about alignment. The fourth step is action. Taking action. Doing something. When your beliefs are in alignment, this is one of the easiest things. When you’re in self-sabotage, taking action is so hard and so painful. Why? because you’re out of alignment your foots on the brake. When you’re in alignment. your foot comes off the break and both feet are on the gas and it’s super easy to take action. And as you take action, then you’ll notice things begin to happen and you’ll notice yourself develop greater and greater confidence in your ability to activate all of the power inside of you to create what you want. And as you do that the final step is to experience and allow yourself to receive abundance. In self-sabotage one of the biggest patterns that happens is the universe is trying to deliver all these gifts to us in the form of a relationship, in the form of opportunities, in the form of abundance, and all of these other things the universe wants us to succeed but so often we don’t allow ourselves to receive. And so that last step is allow yourself to receive the gifts that are coming to you every single day. And as you do this, you’ll notice that self-sabotage will simply fade away. And if you do notice yourself, working against yourself, being stuck, working hard but not getting a result, go back to these steps. Number one, awaken. Get aware. What are the limiting beliefs that are showing up for you that are creating this? Number two, take a radical accountability. Number three, step into alignment. Number four, take inspired action. And number five, allow yourself to receive all the good that’s coming right now.


Hopefully it serves you and taking inspired action in overcoming your own self-sabotage and just remember you’ve got one life to live. Live big. Thank you for watching hero TV today and thank you Gerald for teaching us how to stop the self sabotaging behavior but just stop that smell sabotage behavior. But do hit the subscribe button and the like button. If you liked the video, hit the like. It helps us out, We shared a lot of helpful resources in the description. And remember live on purpose, make a difference, and be the hero.

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