The Power of Positive Thinking

welcome to hero TV today we’re talking about the power of positive thinking I love positive thinking it’s something that I’ve embraced and it followed a sense I can remember but I always loved hearing other people’s perspectives as well we already recorded the content portion of this video and I really liked what you had to share so we’ve got Chad Hymas here you definitely want to watch this video [Music] you [Music] hey friends Chad Hymas here wanting to talk to you today about the power of positive thinking as you see that flash up on your screen right here somewhere below the power of positive thinking want you to remember this as we start off positivity generates positivity and positive people tend to associate with other positive people and other positive thinkers and they talk about positive things same thing holds true with negative thinking people negative people talk about negative things and they herd together with other people that talk about negative things the challenge that that is it also becomes cancerous and become and can become cancers to other people so as you think about the power of positive thinking or negative thinking remember that it’s not just you that’s influenced by that but your peers your colleagues at work your friends at school your children your parents positive thinking has has a power that that’s within it that dictates how others react around you let me give you let me give you an example positive thinking so as I came home from the hospital a few months down the road it was my thinking that prevented me from being productive as a father my wife wanted me to go outside and play soccer with her the kids now I wasn’t thinking to positively about this situation I didn’t think that soccer was a very productive way for me to use my time I mean what what good could I do out on the soccer field I can’t kick the ball that’s obvious my legs are numb I am paralyzed I can’t catch the ball these hands are paralyzing can’t wheel very well on the grass and so that’s not really an option and grass you know I just didn’t think that was a possibility and so I didn’t want to I just I wasn’t thinking positively about her suggestion of going to play soccer out on the grass and so I sat in the front room just like this like this something like this in it I might have used two hands to I don’t remember exactly I remember I remember my thoughts I’ve never been not happy a member that I upset her I’m not saying she was doing anything wrong I’m just saying that I didn’t like the fact that she was out there and I wasn’t because I was one was supposed to play ball my kids I remember I remember very very very clearly being upset with God due to my circumstance for sure and I’m in the front of my house and I’m looking out the window watching her laugh with the kids and a positive atmosphere and a positive engagement outside and I’m just one wall away on the inside looking out the front windows of our house very negative and very upset and I just didn’t like that scenario so now I got a choice to make so here’s something cool about positive thinking you have a choice to make – you can choose to change that circumstance of negative thinking just like I could choose or I could choose to stay and sit there and still be angry so I waited a little while longer and finally enough I just was eaten at me so much that I decided to act on an instinct now my instinct is what what got to me my instinct was my impression was to go outside and engage with them but I didn’t want to play I just I wanted to I just just an incremental step just just open the front door if I could get it open with my hands and then just wheel out over the threshold and just go out on top of the patio then there’s a ramp that goes down to where there a prayer ramp it goes down to the grass but but don’t go down the ramp just stay up on top and watch them play soccer so that was my that was my impression that was my thought from God that was my that was my full extent of my potentials I’m just gonna think positive I’m going to try this out hopefully it works you know I hope that it hope hopefully it doesn’t come back and haunt me or bite me in the butt and so I I did that I opened up the door took me a few seconds but I got the latch and done I wheeled over the threshold and there I was now all the sudden on the patio and the ramp that goes down and my kids and my wife to their astonishment looked at me like oh what’s he going to say you’re going to get mad he’s going to get angry is this going to be negative is it going to be positive and I say something out loud that’s positive I said are you guys okay if I watch and when I said are you okay if I watch I think it probably caused them to be astonished I mean they never seen that before the looks on their faces and and I’ll never forget the younger boy there’s a three year old the kid at that point said no dad we don’t watch it to watch who wants you to play my response I’ll never forget it I said no no I don’t want to play I’m happy right here I’m good I just want to watch I don’t want to play do you guys realize that when you’re in a wheelchair you don’t have any say about what happens to your life and you understand that right hey this little three-year-old kid ran up to the top ran up the ramp free year old kid think about now the power positivity he ran up the ramp grabs onto my wheelchair from the back three years old I mean what am I going to do to a three year old kid and I don’t have much control of my body anyway he wheeled me down the ramp wheeled me out onto the grass with his mom’s help and said dad you can be the goalie I just oh I I don’t want to be the goalie I don’t want to play soccer I don’t want to I just want to watch that’s all I that was the extent of my vision that was my whole purpose in just coming I just want to watch just engage with you guys a little bit I don’t want to play I just want to watch without even listening to me as though everything that I said went in Leonard out the other parents you know what I’m talking about they didn’t hear a thing I said he grabbed the two orange cones for the goalies they were using and he put one by this tire I’m one by this tire and he said this dad now you’re going to be the best goalie in the world nobody will ever score on you because each time we kick the ball dead to the goal it’s going to hit you in the legs but Dad mom told us you can’t feel your legs anyway so it shouldn’t hurt you dad the only difference between you and them is you might be giggling a little bit and they were they were dead serious dad when we kick the ball no one will ever score on you dad and you’ll be the best goalie in the world they were dead serious positive thinking I want you to know that I do play soccer with my kids today has they’ve gotten older and one day I will play soccer with their children my grandchildren and I will be the best goalie in the world because no one’s ever scored on me yet and I don’t plan on anybody ever squirmy ever and I realized that it wasn’t about me when you think positively it rubs off and it is contagious as any smile is to another human being the power of positive thinking creates a light about you but not only creates friendships that allows others to feel good about themselves when I went out there to play soccer with my kids not only did I allow them to feel like they were going to have a great day but I had a marvelous day in the process now you know why I don’t miss a soccer game today now you know why don’t miss a chance to play ball I don’t a court with my kids I don’t yeah I’m not saying I’m a perfect father by any means I’ve got a long ways to go but I I don’t miss Gracie’s dance recitals and her piano recitals and I just I just can’t miss I need to understand that the power of positive thinking rubs off and that influence will help them be better parents down the road to be able to influence the world for a better place that’s what the power of positive thinking does so how do you go about thinking positively just a couple key points that I would like you to consider point number one don’t worry about tomorrow don’t worry about next week don’t worry about next month and don’t worry about next year those will all come to pass think about today and what you can do right now to make it positive and have a positive impact on somebody else that might be as simple as setting off a text message to somebody that you care about what sounds something like this hey boy dad here just want to let you know that thinking about you today as I’m on an airplane we want you to know how proud you make your mother and I sent it off positivity positive thinking and apt on it you might send a text message to one your grandchildren hey there grandpa here just figuring out how to text thought I’d send one to you sweetheart just want you to know how much you mean to your grandma and I and send that text off that positive thinking that positive action will have an impact on their lives that you can’t possibly comprehend and right then and there you’re holding them to a higher standard of living a higher standard of positive thinking about themselves self-confidence bravery courage that you couldn’t possibly fathom so will have an impact on their life forever just a simple message a simple note of positivity will last an eternity for them and their courage or you can just do it most do and don’t worry about sending a message maybe send on a birthday card on a birthday for a member well you have a positive thought act on it and you’ll influence somebody else and in turn that their life will impact it impact their sphere their friends the people that are associated with around them I just challenged it today to worry about today think about today and do something for somebody that’s unexpected until our next video this is Chad Hymas asking each one of you to think with positive thoughts and the power of positivity thanks for watching here at TV today I know you enjoyed it as much as I did because you’re still watching this video thanks Jeff for sharing your wisdom with us we’ve got a lot of information down that in the description below don’t forget to subscribe and it actually helps when you like so be sure to like every one of these videos and remember to live on purpose make a difference be the hero

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