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c34Napoleon Hill’s Think & Grow Rich is a book that will push you towards success. Maybe you have a lot of great ideas that you wish to pursue, but you just can’t seem to find the time. Perhaps you just can’t figure out how to make something out of a simple thought. Think & Grow Rich is written for the sole purpose of turning those great ideas into something worthwhile; something that people are willing to pay for.

Hill’s book is centered on how a person should change their thinking and master their own thoughts and desires in order to make those desires reality. The book is based off of Hill’s research of over 500 successful men and women and how they were able to achieve success. Some of those included in the study were Theodore Roosevelt, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and John D. Rockefeller, to name a few. After amassing such research and information, Hill formulated the best way to achieve success and introduced it to the world with his book Think & Grow Rich. The book contains fifteen different topics to help you change your thinking and gain control of your lifestyle.

How will it Help Me?

Think & Grow Rich will help you master your thoughts and organize your life in a way that will produce great success and achievement through autosuggestion, organized planning, master mind association and inner harmony between your thoughts and life accomplishments. It will encourage you to pursue your dreams and push towards a life you’ve always wanted, teaching you that the only limitation you truly have is yourself. By following the ideas of Hill’s book, you will learn to focus on your desires and make those desires a profitable product of hard work and determination.

The main idea is that you can become and achieve what you think about all day. This is managed by taking control of your own mind and believing strongly in your own ideas. Instead of waving away a thought with the excuse that you can’t do it, Hill suggests that you cling to that thought and use the power of your own mind to bring it out into the real world. But you must be willing and determined, or else there is no guarantee you’ll make anything out of a great idea.

The common expression “you can do anything if you put your mind to it” is the main concept of Hill’s book, except Hill goes into more depth and explains exactly how you should put your mind to work. The human mind is a fantastic tool, as long as you know how to use it to the best of its abilities. Think & Grow Rich will do just that; it will teach you how to put your mind to good use.

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