What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages of Outsourcing Work

Welcome to hero TV. Today, we’re going to be talking about the advantages and the disadvantages of outsourcing. I got John Jonas here with me. Were actually filming several videos like this so, be sure to subscribe so you can get all these episodes but yeah,

we’re going to be covering all of that and this guy is the expert. So, advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing. In advantages, I have some okay advantages and I have some really great advantages. And, the okay ones are

the ones that most people think about. So, with okay advantages you get to get some more stuff done in your business. There’s, there’s only so much that you can do and when you outsource and you get someone else working with you, you get more stuff

done. Another okay advantages you get stuff done that you don’t know how to do. Where, you can hire someone with, with skills that you don’t have. For example, if you know, if you’re not a programmer, you can hire a programmer. If you don’t

know web work, you can hire a web of, someone who can do web work for you. Or a graphic design, or writing, or whatever. So if there’s things that you don’t know how to do, you can get someone else to do those things for you and then

that gets more work done on your business. Another okay advantage of outsourcing is it is cheap. it’s, I mean, you can hire someone in the US for ten dollars an hour or, you can hire someone overseas for three dollars an hour. It’s

there’s a cost advantage to it. Those are those are traditionally the things that people think of when they think of outsourcing. And, and, I think those advantages are okay because I think there’s some really great advantages

that most people don’t recognize. So, the biggest great advantage is getting time back. Where people don’t realize that if they do this correctly, they can get a ton of time back in their life. By, by, the second really great advantage which

is getting things done that you do know how to do, and getting it done by someone else. So, this is, this is where we’re outsourcing has really changed my life. So if I, if there’s something in my business that I know how to do something

that I’m good at I want to outsource that thing to someone else and get them doing it and get them doing it my way so that it’s being done the way that I would do it, but I’m not the one doing it. And, and, this is something most people

just kind of glance over and they skip it because they think oh I can do that I know how to do that, or I’m the best one to do it, or it’s just faster for me to do it rather than someone else do it. Where, for me I’m going to get someone

else to do it because now, I get time. And, time is the best thing to gain so that, it, for me that’s like a great advantage of outsourcing. I get time back and I get things done in my business that I do know how to do so they’re getting done

by someone else and getting done really really well because I can get feedback, and I can give training, I can teach them, and I can look at what they’ve done and say, “oh yeah, this is awesome” or “oh, hey this needs to be tweaked like this one

like this” and then it gets done my way but not by me. So, another really great advantage of outsourcing is being able to automate systems. So, for me, in working in my business I found that I don’t just want to give someone else a simple task

or a single task, I want to give them the task and the follow-on task and the pre research and the end of completion task. So, they’re doing the entire thing basically automating the system so let me give you an example content marketing

for our business I want someone else to do the research on what we should be writing and I want someone else to do the actual writing itself and I want that person to take that writing and publish it somewhere else and I want

them to promote that, that, thing that’s, been published. So, if you don’t do this, outsourcing thing the right way, it, because it, requires you to do it the right way, in order to gain these really great advantages. The okay advantages, anybody

can do. If you want to get the great advantage, you have to do it the right way. So, if you’re hiring a contract worker that’s not really going to work or a freelance worker you have to get a full-time person where, you can teach

this person like the pre research model that you want and then, you can teach the kind of content that you want because different kinds of content is, is, different and its frame differently and it’s written differently. But once

they’ve learned how to do it they can do it over and over again and then you teach them the way to publish them. So, you’re going to publish them on different sites, and different views, and different methods, different styles,

whatever. And then, you’re also going to teach the promotion method. Because and there’s multiple different ways of doing promotion and so the issue with if you don’t have a full-time person who’s working for you a full-time outsourcer,

it’s really hard to teach these things because that person won’t be you next week, and so you’re not willing to teach it to you. So what I found for me was, I hired someone to do a bunch of writing for me they did the writing, and

they sent it all back to me, and then it fell on me to make sure I wasn’t done right and, and, then it wasn’t done right so I’d to go back then to teach them which was really painful because I know after they’ve done this right

incorrectly they’re not gonna they’re going to go move on to someone else and that was painful for me. So then, they get it back to me and it’s done right and now it’s up to me to go and publish this content, and then it’s up to me to go and

promote this content. And for me, that is not, that doesn’t really take advantage of outsourcing the way that can be. Where you can, I can now fully automate systems like that. Where ,I’m not involved in it anymore. And so, I get my time back. That’s

a really big one. So another really great advantage of outsourcing if it’s done right is, you can change from working in your business to working on your business. So, a lot of people I find as they outsource they’re really just still

in the thick of things because of because of the way they’ve done it. Because of the way that they’ve hired the people that they’re hiring, because of those people are temporary their contract workers. You’re still in the

details someone else is doing some of the work. But you, still have to be really, really, involved in the details of it. And, that keeps you working in your business. We’re working on your business means to me so I’ll go back to my example I just

gave them of this system that has been automated. I can now step away from that whole system, and think about if we did this like this, it’s really good. But, if we add this other piece to this system that we’re doing, now this is really

effective and this is more effective and so I can think through these things and then say, “hey, you’re doing this” and this other person we have is doing this, Let’s make these two work together and I want you guys to do the work. So, when you, when

you, Start to work be able to step away from the the tasks and work on your business, you get to think about the different pieces and how they could work together, and then you can direct other people, your outsourced workers, on how to

do those things. Where for most people, if, you’re doing the work yourself you don’t get to direct others and so you don’t get to take the step away from hey I’m doing this, I’m doing this, what about this? and how does this fit with

this? You don’t need to take that step because, you’re so consumed with working on just this current system and it consumes your brain in it and it just won’t let you step away and say like hey, there these other things that we can be

doing and they can work together really well. Okay, so let me talk about the disadvantages of outsourcing. I’m going to start with if it’s done wrong it’s a disaster. And, this is why most people think of outsourcing as like a

babysitting job, or a headache, or poor work, or it’s just becomes a disaster when it’s done wrong. and there’s a lot of ways to do it wrong the first way is to go to India with it. It just creates a disaster. And, and so,

that’s a big disadvantage about so because most people just think, “Oh outsourcing India go hire a bunch of people to do one thing that one person that us could do because it’s cheaper to get it” and that’s a wrong way to do

  1. And so, that creates all kinds of pain problems for people. Another disadvantage of outsourcing is, it’s, hard to find the right people, trying to find good people. And, and, part of that is just not knowing where to go to find good people part of

that is not knowing how to find good people and I’ll talk about that in another video. But if you can’t find the right people, you’re just creating such a difficulty for yourself and you do create a babysitting job and you create

a headache and and you create yourself more work to do. If it’s done right, if you, if you know where to find the right people how to go about finding the right people, It becomes a joy to find them. Because, you can get so excited about

having, having, this really good work done in your business. and finding someone who’s so affordable and you know oh man this guy’s going to do such good work for me. So, another disadvantage of outsourcing is that often, it breeds

laziness. Where, where, you think, “oh I’m going to get someone else to do a bunch of stuff for me so I don’t have to do anything” and laziness breeds disaster in outsourcing. So, if you, if you’re, going to do this to think “oh good I can finally

do nothing”, or “I don’t have to hand this person. I don’t have to deal with their problems I don’t know if they’re not going to work out I’m just going to get rid of them” that kind of attitude towards outsourcing, which is a

super color because that’s kind of what a lot of people look for in outsourcing. This disadvantages that it creates a problem rather than solving a problem. And so, if you’re not careful with it, if you just if you’re getting lazy with it,

it’ll create more of a problem. Then, then, it will solve. The last, the last, disadvantage that I have for us because it takes time it’s not that it’s what I, what I, what I do is not a magic bullet. It’s extremely effective. It changes

people’s lives. But, it takes time. And you kind of have to take this step away from, I’m gonna just hire someone and let them take it over, and if they can’t do that, then I’m just gonna do it myself because I it’s just faster for me to do it

myself. You have to step away from that and think, “it’s faster for me to do this myself but, if I teach someone else to do it long-term, I’m going to gain hundreds of hours back. Because, this is something that we have to do over and over again

and, the more I teach this person the better off they become and the more capable they become and then the less time I have to spend on any given thing” So, in the beginning, yes it’s going to take time. It’s going to take more time.

Which is hard for a lot of people because there’s everybody is so already pinched for time. But, if you’re willing to step back, take some time and train someone on how to do something, you’ll find you spent 10 hours to gain three

hours every single week and gaining those three hours every single week is so much more effective than spending at 10 hours over, and over, and over, again. Thanks for watching hero TV today, and thanks so much John for taking the time

to talk to us about this. I thought, I would add in here a quick story of my first time outsourcing this was seven and a half years ago, and it’s a funny story, and this will illustrate a definite disadvantage.

But, it really related to me being lazy. So, this time I still had a job and I had an independent contractor position for this job as well where I would write articles. So, they paid me ten to twelve dollars per article that I would write

and I learned for John about outsourcing I thought, “great! I’m going to hire somebody to write articles for me” I started out working really, really well. I paid her about two or three dollars per article and I was just like “this is great” so, I

took on more and more article writing assignments and assign them to her and at first, I was really thorough. I’d review them and I took a lot of time with it well a couple months had gone by now. I just gotten really lazy I was, you know,

makes it… Things were working well! Things were working well, making the spread on it but then I thought, you know, I’m just going to do some quality control. I went in and I, I use, I think the service Grammarly just to see you know found

out that ninety to ninety-five percent of this article I just checked was all plagiarism. Oh no! i’m going to get in trouble! So I checked more and I found at first, she hadn’t done that it was all original stuff and I just thought she’s

like, but I had to go in and tweak it a little bit here and there just to make the grammar. Work better but over time I just left she got better and better but, it came she actually was copying and do you got lazy and she got lazy. Yes! and so

long story short, I, I fired her. I could, anyway, I won’t go into that details because it was I take half of the responsibility as well but I went into my boss and I explained what it done my boss thought it was hilarious. But,

he just made me go back and rewrite them. So, the moral of story is, yeah that was kind of a bad outcome but, I caught the fire. Realized what I could do with outsourcing and you know, I hired someone more people from then and I’ve been hiring,

and I’ve gotten people to work for me not her, but a person that hired right after her still works with me today. And, that’s one of the things that I talked about it you can’t be lazy with this. It doesn’t, people want to be lazy, and that

makes a disaster. So, hopefully you’ve gained a lot of value from this video there’s a lot of details in the description below. Be sure to subscribe and remember to live on purpose, make a difference, be the hero.

That’s right, be the hero!

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