What Are The Benefits Of Meditation

Hello and welcome to Hero TV. I’m Gerald Rogers and today, we’re going to be talking about the benefits of meditation. We live in a world with so many distractions. Everywhere we go, there’s noise constantly competing for our attention.

We’ve got traffic. We’ve got noise from the other people in our life. We’ve got noise from these voices. We’ve got noise from the radio, we’ve got noise from the TV, we’ve gotten noise all around us. We’re being bombarded constantly. The things I want to draw our attention you know I heard a stat once it said that every day we’re bombarded with close to three to five thousand marketing messages, every single day. Like, it’s just part of our experience and every one of those marketing messages is trying to draw our attention in that direction and every one of those

marketing messages essentially is saying, “hey, in order for you to be okay you need to buy something else. You need something else in your life. You need another item of clothes, you need a different car, you need a different house, you need a different one”. Whatever it might be, all of these messages are telling us that we’re not enough, that we don’t have enough, that we need something else and we feel ourselves drawn. And, people wonder why they experienced so much stress. So much anxiety. So much of a feeling of working hard but not ever experiencing fulfillment. And, what I want to talk to you about right now is how to escape the noise. How to find a space of stillness inside of you, that regardless of what’s going on outside of you, you can feel peaceful, you can feel confident, you can feel joyful. These are all some of the benefits that you experience with meditation.

Meditation is essentially learning how to escape the noise and clutter outside, and learning how to go in. I had this experience a few years ago where I did 10 days of silence. 10 days of silent meditation. It was a vipassana meditation retreat and I don’t know if you can imagine being in a space where for 10 days you don’t talk to anyone. All you do is basically meditate all day long. For me, who I lived a very active life and had so many different things going on, it was hard to take 10 days away. And then when I actually stepped into the space of silence, not only are you silent, but you can’t write, you can’t read, you can’t have any of your technology. In fact, they encourage you to not even have eye contact with other individuals during these 10 days. And, they just really invite you to go deep into your inner world and as I did that meditation, for the first couple days, I became acutely aware of one thing. then I am insane that I have got a freaking circus going on inside my mind. Absolutely crazy! and as I actually stilled myself long enough to see what was going on, I was blown away. Because I noticed how much time I spent in the past thinking about experiences that had occurred before and rewinding them in my mind over and over again and rewinding them not only as they happened, but imagining “how I wish I would have shown up” and I remember this experience as I was interacting in my mind with my ex-wife and I felt angry, and I felt upset, I felt hurt, and all of these things and nothing was happening other than this little circus inside my mind and I was drawn into the drama of the past. And then I noticed a split second later, the channel would change in my mind and I would be thinking about this trip I was going to go on, a vacation that I had planned to go to Hawaii, and I would be so excited I was like something so happy and joyful. And nothing had happened other than I’d gone to this place in my mind where, I was imagining being in Hawaii. And then, almost instantly, like the channel would change.

And it felt like, it felt like, someone had taken this like remote control and was constantly changing in it what’s flipping back and forth between these sessions of thinking about the past, thinking about the future, and that

thinking about things that never happened. I remember as I was sitting there, all of sudden this image came to my mind and I saw myself sitting down with it this fat guy that I’d never seen before I have no idea who he was, but I was sitting down with him and he was talking to me about insurance. I was like, “what?!” like, “what are you doing in my mind? who are you and why are you here?” right? I like, I had no explanation

other than this was part of the circus that was going on and inside my mind then soon enough I saw myself in the situation we’re in my mind I was in, in an elevator and there’s a gorgeous blonde woman that I’d never seen before.

And, she was in the elevator with me and I was like, “I don’t know who you are but, you’re welcome to stay here as long as you want.” But, i noticed this ongoing circus of thoughts that was going on inside my mind constantly pulling me everywhere, except for here. Except for being present to the moment. And I realized how easy it is for a mind to create pain, or drama, or chaos, or stress, or fear, uncertainty by imagining these different circumstances in their life.

And, as I SAT there, just observing these thoughts over the first couple days, first it was really disturbing because I had never taken the time to be that still with myself. I never really

slowed down to observe these thoughts that were passing through my mind, and to realize how hard it was for me to control them and the more I tried to control them, the less control I felt. Because these thoughts just kept coming, and I didn’t know where they were coming from, or why they were coming. It was interesting as the time of all that same about the fifth, or sixth day that finally it started to settle down and finally my mind started to come clear and I could, I could allow myself to be in a space of peaceful surrender being totally present in this moment. And, I didn’t have the noise going around it and I kind of related to analogy of, just

imagine you’re at a lake and imagine like there’s wind and a storm coming up and, the storm like is causing the water to be all like all waving and, all of these ripples on the water. When the water is was, is disturbed, when there’s chaos on the water, it’s very hard to see any reflection. It’s very hard to see anything. But the moment that water clears and become still then you see the perfect reflection of the sky. And if you’re looking down at yourself you see the perfect reflection of you.

So, why is this important? If you’re watching this video, wanting to learn how to stand in the

space of greater peace, greater confidence, greater certainty, in your life, this is the key. If you want to learn how to access a greater ability to be in the flow, and to experience the joy,and happiness in the moment this is the key. Meditation is the answer because the practice of meditation allows you to still the water so you can see clearly. Because, in that seeing then you are able to connect with God, connect with source,

connect with the divine, and connect with yourself in a way that you can when you know it when your life is filled and consumed with this noise. Meditation will help you find that everything that you need, everything that you want, all of it exists inside of you right now and meditation allows you to actually see that. And when you go through this process of meditation, you start to discover that all pain, all suffering, all stress, is self-created. All of it exists inside of our mind when we’re drawn into the chaos outside of us but when we drop to a space of stillness, it doesn’t matter what happens out there. It doesn’t matter what’s going on in the people and

the experiences in the world outside of us. We can still be at a space of peace, joy, and surrender. And, this is perhaps the greatest benefit because when you learn how to clear the chaos in your mind, you realize that you have complete control over your emotions and you can choose to focus on the emotions that really serve. And so as you’re exploring whether or not to begin a meditation practice, or whether or not it’s worth the time to learn how to meditate, all I can say is, do you want to be more peaceful and happy and joyful in life? If so, practice meditation.

Do you want to experience greater space of stillness and peace in your life? Then practice meditation. Do you want to be able to make clear choices with greater confidence? then practice meditation. Do you want to experience greater self love, and compassion? then practice meditation. These are all the benefits that you’ll experience when you dive into the practice and the biggest thing I can offer you as advices join the practice of meditation make it something that is part of your life because you deserve it and don’t judge yourself when you notice the chaos in your mind. Don’t think that there’s something wrong with you. Just know that it’s part of the process of learning how to spill the water in your life so you can see yourself see God and see the world clearly. this is Gerald Rogers reminding you, you’ve got one life to live. Live big.

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