What is Website Conversion

To answer the question ‘what is website conversion?,’ it’s important to know what “conversion” is? The word convert refers to turning one thing into another. In this case, for your website, you want to turn visitors into buyers. But, there are a lot of small steps or small committments along the way. This means that a website that converts, can mean a visitor becomes a lead, or someone subscribes, they might call a phone number, they might request a chat with you. There are a lot of ways your website can convert. So to review what is website conversion?

It’s a person comes to your website, and they turn from an information seeker or visitor, into something else that is more beneficial and productive for your business. The question you may be asking now, is “how do you make a website that converts?” You do that by building a sales funnel into your website. A website needs to be more than just an online brochure, and a sales funnel will turn your online brochure into a website that converts.

It’s important to understand the parts of a sales funnel. Since recording this video we decided to make “viral content” a part of this diagram to emphasize how important it is. You’ll see the updated diagram below.

The 5th step in a Sales Funnel is the Online Brochure, and this is the easiest place to start. An online brochure is a beautiful and professional website that says who you are and what you offer. From that point you can start adding more to your brochure such as calls to action, and a shopping cart for ecommerce.
The next step is to start bringing traffic into your website. We’ll talk a lot more in future videos about Search Engine Optimization as a terrific and easy way to bring in lots of valuable traffic.

Once you have someone to your website, it’s now critical to provide them great value. This will get them to spend time on your website, become familiar with you and your company, and ultimately, letting them know that they found exactly what they were looking for.
Then you present them an Irresistable Offer. Instead of having a first time visitor take the big step of making a purchase, have them make a very small committment, and offer them more value in exchage for it. With an irresistable offer, you can get them to provide you with their name and email address, in change for some thing else.

When you have their name and email address, you can put them in an autoresponder. A summary of what an autoresponder is, is a mail list series that allows you to automatically communicate with people, providing them more and more value. Over time they get to know you, trust you, and see you as a mentor to their business. These steps of the sales funnel work together to ensure that more and more visitors will become customers. At Wallaby Web Design, we have a step by step system to design your website, build your sales funnel, and bring in more and more traffic. To see more of our Question of the Day videos, register in the box at the top right of this page.


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