How to Run a Successful Kickstarter Campaign on YouTube

If you want to learn how to start a Kickstarter campaign, you’re going to want to take a look at Derek Muller has done. Derek has a popular YouTube channel called Veritasium. He launches two videos every month and he’s been consistent with this for over five years. other
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You can tell by watching his videos that he puts a lot of time and energy into every video he makes. He travels around the world just to consistently deliver interesting videos that would appeal to his subscribers worldwide. This made me really curious as to how he’s making a living out of this.

How is he able to do all this travelling and filming?

The other thing that totally fascinated me is here he’s putting out these educational videos and how many views each video would get. He makes a video that teaches a principle. All he has to do is broadcast it out and it gets a million views! Well, how does he do that??

The thing is, Derek Muller has over 3,000,000 subscribers!

After doing some digging and because I’ve watched all of his videos for the last year or so, I’ve discovered how he makes a living:

YouTube Advertising

Derek puts commercials at the beginning of most of his videos. In my case, I’m now subscribed to YouTube Red, so he gets a portion of that revenue for the time that I spend watching his videos.

Affliate Marketing

His YouTube channel has also launched him a public speaking career. He’s also been hired for other Science documentaries and video projects. Occasionally, at the end of his videos, he’ll have an affiliate offer. So you can see here, he’s promoting a book and he says you can get that at which he’s affiliated with.

Crowdfunding Platforms

Derek also uses Patreon, a crowdfunding platform, to fund his video projects. You can see that some of his most raving fans, he’s got 423 people here who volunteered to give a certain amount of dollars per video. So right now, just by creating a video on his Veritasium channel, he makes over a thousand dollars from those contributions.

Let’s talk about another other crowdfunding platform he uses, Kickstarter.

Derek Muller is one of my favorite YouTubers and I’ve seen all of his videos. And I remember the first time I’ve seen his very first promotional video. He doesn’t normally do that! But the great thing about the video is that I actually learned a lot! It’s educational and HELPFUL – just like his style.

He put up a Kickstarter campaign to fund a product that allows you to make magnetic molecules he named “Snatoms” for educational purposes. If you go to his Kickstarter campaign, you can see that he originally posted a goal of $42,000 and already within less than 24 hours, he’s already raised $123,000! And by the time the campaign ended, it was funded with $519,000.

How did that Kickstarter campaign get so successful?

In Derek’s case, he gave us a model to follow.

Build a large following first.

5You build a tribe of raving fans first that you provide value to, and then you put out a product that’s worthy of a Kickstarter campaign. You launch it, and you’re going to have a successful Kickstarter campaign. Derek reached his goal of $42,000 within three hours, and by the time of funding, it had gone up to a half a million dollars!

THAT is the power of YouTube. If you have a YouTube channel that shows consistent great quality production, then you’ll gain the interest and eventually the trust of YouTube users who will become your subscribers. Every marketing move – whether a product suggestion for companies you’re an affiliate of, or introducing your very own product, or a Kickstarter campaign, will be considered by your many loyal subscribers. YouTube is a long-term solution that yields HUGE results.


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