Influencer Bootcamp

May 26th, 27th, and 28th 2016


Cabin Retreat in Mt. Pleasant, Utah

It’s Time to
Get Traffic

It’s Time to
Get Serious

It’s Time to
Be Strategic

It’s Time to
Be the Guru

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If you are an expert, coach, speaker, author, or trainer…

You create amazing, impactful content, but only the people who already know you, see it.

You have a passion for influencing people for good, but your circle of influence is small.

You have a website, you use social media, you have an email list, you’ve made videos… but you are not getting any clients from the internet.

You’d love to be known as the Guru in your industry, but you have no idea how to get there.

The Influencer Bootcamp was created specifically for experts like you, to help you build a massive following through magnetic traffic, and position you as the ultimate authority that dominates your industry.

  • Build a Massive Online Following
  • Learn how to consistently get Magnetic Traffic
  • Become the Guru on purpose using a step by step strategy
  • Position your content to produce results for years
  • Pull in the people who have never heard of you, but need you
  • Build relationships with your audience on autopilot
  • Generate solid momentum in your business that keeps moving while you step away
  • The Lodging is Incluled,
  • Healthy Meals are Included,
  • The Materials are Included,
  • A Headshot Photographer is Included,
  • A Fully Produced Marketing Video is Included!!!

Implement the 10 Step Strategy that always Results in a Massive Following.


You’ll be making your own Positioning Video!

John Jonas Will Be Training on Outsourcing!!!

John’s training was extremely powerful at our last retreat, and he’ll be returning with more time to train us. Many of the guests at our last retreat had been outsourcing for years, but were jumping in their seats with the training that John provided. If you haven’t gotten good results from outsourcing, or think it doesn’t work for your business, you are in for a huge paradigm shift about outsourcing!

John has helped thousands of entrepreneurs succeed by teaching them how to replace themselves through outsourcing. They succeed as they stop doing the grunt work in the business and become the CEO.

John-JonasHe has created several programs and resources to helps entrepreneurs implement everything they know they should be implementing, by outsourcing all the work. You will learn how to hire a full time college graduate for as little as $250 a month.

While making a full-time living he rarely works full time. His team of 12 full-time Filipino virtual assistants do the work in his businesses, while he manages the process. They range from programmers, designers, and webmasters, to writers, researchers, a project manager, and just general VA’s.

John has made millions of dollars online directly from work that his Filipino workers have done for him and now teaches others exactly how to do the same thing.

John’s training at this retreat, and the implemtation session that follows, are SURE to improve the way you run your business, outsourcing, and the success you have in doing it.

To learn more about John prior to the BootCamp, you can visit his Outsourcing Website.

Nate Woodbury Will Train on Becomming an ONLINE CELEBRITY!!!

Nathan Woodbury believes that Entrepreneurship is Noble, and loves the growth and learning that comes from small business. He is passionate about helping small business owners succeed online, through strategic online systems, cabin retreats, and private coaching.

Nate-PicNathan will be training you on strategy, business systems, and helping you position yourself as the expert and Build a Massive Online Following. You will be developing a unique strategy and creating a marketing video while at the retreat.

wallaby-mapIn 2009, Nathan saw that small businesses were not getting the same results online as the big corporations, and set out on a mission to help small businesses make full use of the internet. The result is the creation of a Magnetic Traffic System specifically designed to get Influencers consistent magnetic traffic, and build a huge email list.

Nathan is known for being an SEO NINJA, and his system incorporates all the best SEO practices, social media, video marketing, email marketing, and more into a momentum packed approach that works every time. You cannot follow this approach and not build a following. The best part is, he’s done all this at a price point that small businesses can afford.

Mark Williams Will Be Training on SEO!!!

Mark is an SEO man through and through. His skill is evident in that he competes with the Biggest of SEO companies. He’s aggressive, yet careful, and instead of taking the one size fits all approach that mose SEO companies follow, each campaign for our clients in completely unique. Wallaby isn’t trying to be the biggest SEO company in the world, and is not looking to build systems to scale SEO. Instead we love working with our clients like partners, as if we were an in house online marketing team, without the cubicles, salaries, and managers to deal with.

Mark-WilliamsWe only maintain finite amount of clients and partners at one time that we know we can perform for at the highest level. Other SEO companies will assign one campaign manager 100 clients that all have a cookie cutter plan. We will customize a plan that is one of a kind, and built for one thing, to dominate your market.

At our Influencer Bootcamp Cabin Retreat, Mark will be training on how can acheive top rankings in extremely competitive niches.

In the photo is Mark with his son Cash after catching his first fish. “I’ve been lucky enough to do something I love in my business life, which facilitates moments like this.” Online Marketing has been Marks passion for the last 7 years and everyday hes excited about the potential it has for his business and others. His approach is to walk the walk with my own online marketing so anyone who works with him knows he is the real deal. He has a great team that stays on the cutting edge of all things that can be considered internet marketing.

Not For Newbies!

This retreat is not for hobbyists or those just toying with business. This is for experts, who already have momentum, and are now ready to really launch into the big leagues.

Not Just Another Seminar!

Don’t attend another seminar with training for those just getting started in business. You need to mastermind with other successful experts who are self branded powerhouses.

May 26th, 27th, and 28th

Cabin Retreat in Mt. Pleasant, Utah

Full Retreat w/Lodging, Meals, & Videos

Only $1200

Make Your Reservations Now!

While lodging is still available

Questions Answered

Who is this Event for? This event is intentionally catered to the needs of Coaches, Speakers, Trainers, Authors, and Experts who already have some momentum in their business. Most of our clients already made a decent living. Most of their clients come from word of mouth and referral. We find that they have only scratched the surface, and show them how to open the flood gates of people who are searching for them and their message.

What if I cannot afford the BootCamp because I don’t have money coming in yet? If you don’t have a successful business yet, then we recommend starting with some other wallaby programs to generate some momentum first, and set a goal to attend an event like this in the future.

Will I have the rights to the photos in the photo shoot? Yes, that is what this is for. You will be provided a digital copy of of your headshot… which will be edited to perfection, as well as the video footage you record for your positioning video.

Will I receive hard copies of the marketing video I produce? Yes you will. We will film the video at the retreat, and our staff will edit and produce it during the following week. When completed, you will be provided the original video file to use how you choose, in addition to the marketing we help you with.

I have already tried outsourcing. How will the segment on Outsourcing Benefit me? Expect to be blown away by this segment. Many of our clients have experience with outsourcing, but were surprised how much better they could be doing it. Chances are, even if you have tried outsourcing, you are missing out is a very big way. Be prepared to experience a huge paradigm shift here.

Is there an extra cost for the Headshot & Video recording? A professional portrait or headshot as well as a fully produced positioning video are included in your registration. During our event, you’ll be pulled aside for your private photo session with Chelsea. You’ll really enjoy this experience. You will also have your own video session time to record your positioning video. Again, these costs are included in your registration cost.

When you attend the Influencer BootCamp, here’s what you won’t get…

NO Training on How to be the Technician

No Fancy SEO Secrets or Magic Plugin Nonsense

No Motivational Pep Talks without Action & Actual Strategy

No long lists of things to implement later… when you go home

This Retreat is About Action!

If you are looking for another seminar with some good feelings, and all talk, this is not the retreat for you. This retreat will be a ton of fun… but you can expect it to be an action packed Bootcamp where you work ON your business, and actually grow your business while here.

Produced Positioning Video!

You will be scripting and filiming a positioning video during the retreat. It will be fully edited and produced for you in the week following the retreat.

Make Your Reservations Now!

May 26th, 27th, and 28th

Full Registration Only $1200

Make Your Reservations Now!

While lodging is still available