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Salt Lake City Utah – February 22nd, 2017

For Coaches, Speakers, Influencers, & Experts!

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Q and A

Q: Wylene Asked: “Hey Nate, I am considering your event…, can I ask you some questions about what full participation gets me?”

A: You’ll be on the stage multiple different times, plus have an interview segment. We create all the necessary A-Roll & B-Roll to create a compelling promo video, for you as a Coach or Speaker. You’ll also receive the Raw B-Roll footage for future use in other promo videos you choose to create.

Q: Sharon asked: “Why do I need B-Roll?”

A: Great question! Many share this question, but don’t ask. You can make a ‘good’ video without B-Roll. But any video becomes way better when B-Roll is added. B-Roll makes your video more interesting and captivating. It gives you more credibility and helps build trust with the viewer. In addition to hearing what you have to say, people want to see you in action, and know you are the expert. Our type of B-Roll footage of you speaking on stage works extremely well.

Q: Rosie Asked: “What if I already have some good footage… can you include that in the video you create?”

A: Yes, and we encourage this. Even if the footage you have is not professional quality, the footage we get will balance it out. Adding in other footage you have will give more variety to your video. Be sure to let us know you have this footage and we’ll make arrangements to get the video files from you. (It’s easier than it sounds)

Q: Marti Asked: “Will we have time to change outfits?”

A:  Yes, we have planned breaks for outfit changes. You’ll come wearing one outfit, and will need 2 changes of clothing. Changing outfits when we change rooms will give the appearance of multiple speaking engagements.

Q: Leo Asked: “Are other participants allowed to come and watch?”

A: Yes. Guests are welcome and will enjoy the entire day. Please ask them to dress professionally as they will appear in the video footage as an audience member.

Q: David asked: “Will there be training at the event, or just filming?”

A: The event will be 90% filming and 10% training. I’m the Hero Maker, and I’ll be sharing a couple strategies on how you can use video to grow your following and influence more people.

Q: Debbye asked: “My husband and I are a team. Can we do this together well?”

A: Possibly, depending on how many videos you want created. If you want one video created for the both of you, you can register together, and you’ll split the stage time and do your interview together. If you’ll each want a separate video, register separately.

Q: Christie asked: “This will be my second videoshoot with you. May I include B-Roll from both events into this new video?”

A: Yes, having a variety of video footage is a good thing. Also, if you have speaking footage from other engagements, we may want to utilize that as well.