How To Improve Digestion Naturally

Would you like to know how to improve digestion naturally? This is a good one. Cynthia Sumner is our hero today on Hero TV. Hope you enjoy. It’s really important to chew your food really well. In this fast-paced world that we live in, often times for eating really quickly to get on to the next thing. It’s important to slow down and eat but even though you still may be eating on the run, make sure you’re really conscious about even if it’s a green smoothie to swish around your mouth chew it up a little bit before you swallow. And if you’re eating a salad or a sandwich or whatever you’re eating, make sure you chew it more than you think you need to. This will assist your digestion in a really big way. You have digestive enzymes and juices right here in your mouth and when that first step is skipped, it puts a burden on your digestive system in your stomach so you want to chew it up really well so it starts breaking down here in your mouth. It’s really important to drink your water not with your meals. So you want to drink at least 20 minutes before you eat and the reason why is because that water dilutes your stomach digestive juices just like it would dilute apple juice or gasoline if you added water to it, it does the same thing to your stomach. You want to be able to digest the very best. And the reason why we want really good digestion is that’s how we break down our food and that’s how we absorb nutrients and that’s what keeps us alive. It takes some time to get used to that. We’re used to drinking with our meals. But if you’re eating mostly live foods or you’re eating a lot of live foods that has a lot of water content in there and so for a while you’ll probably crave that water just because you’re used to drinking it. But after a while, when you’re eating all of this good food you’ll realize you don’t need it and your system will digest your food better. And then afterward, depending on what you ate if you ate a big salad you can drink within a half hour to an hour later and it all seems really like it would be frustrating or just another thing to worry about but it really comes easy if you just have that knowledge and remind yourself, it helps you digest your food better which makes you feel better, It’s worth the effort. If you’ve eaten something that’s processed, if you’ve eaten a lot of meat that takes up to 3 to 12 hours sometimes to digest. It’s better to eat the live food but if you ate something that’s more complicated in process, you want to give yourself a couple hours before you drink. Of course you can choose to drink it. This is just giving tips on how you can digest your food better. So drink before you eat, wait for a little while after. Life food is full of digestive enzymes. To even break down and utilize the nutrients, we need those digestive enzymes. So a digestive enzyme tablet is really helpful when you’re strengthening and recovering a weakened digestive system. So taking it before or even after a meal is really helpful. And specifically, a pancreatic digestive enzyme would be really important. But again going back to the live food, the more whole your food is, the more enzymes will be right there in your food. Now our body has digestive enzymes built within us but they don’t reproduce. Once you run out of your amount that you have in your body, you’re out. So when you feel like you’re not digesting your food, you probably are, have run out of those that own reservoir that you have. So you really need to up the live food that you’re taking in. Consume all sorts of different beautiful colors and you can do smoothies and salads and you want it to be alive. So when you’re cooking your food, cook it on low when you’re you’re using vegetables and steamed veggies and you still want to make sure that you’re not overcooking them so those digestive enzymes can remain within that food. Taking apple cider vinegar or lemon juice before a meal will stimulate your stomach digestive enzymes. So again, this helps us break down our food properly this is our goal. So you could take a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and you want it to be like Bragg’s Brown or at another wholesome Brown. Not the conventional apple cider vinegar that you get a conventional grocery store. That’s been processed and the nutrients aren’t there but apple cider vinegar from the earth that has full of nutrition, it stimulates that. You also could do the lemon juice. Just squoze from a lemon right in your kitchen. Super easy, super fast and you can add it to a little water and drink it. You don’t want to take too much. It won’t hurt you but it won’t taste good so start with a teaspoon. You can always add a little bit of honey. And if you drink that before a meal, it will help you digest your food better. So we’ve talked a lot about many different ways that you can boost your digestive system and really they all are very important. If you feel overwhelmed just take one at a time but one that’s really important and just really start out with is a good probiotic. If you haven’t heard of kefir, you can look it up. It’s K-E-F-I-R and that’s where you can make your own probiotic drink.

It’s really easy, it’s really inexpensive, and it boosts, it builds a good bacteria in your gut so that you can break down the food properly. If that feels overwhelming to make that you can google and get instructions and watch videos on YouTube but you can also take a capsule or you can get buy a probiotic drink at a local Whole Foods store. Another thing that you can drink that’s like a probiotic is called kombucha. So this is a fermented drink and again it’s building the good bacteria in your gut which is what you need to be able to break down your food and it also helps you eliminate properly because your food is being broken down right. The other thing you can do is sauerkraut or it’s called kimchi. So it’s it’s a fermented vegetable and kind of like a salad type thing. And to do a little scoop of that with every mill will help you because it’s full of the digestive enzymes and it also helps boost your digestion so that you’re able to break down your food. Something that I use very often this really is my go-to is peppermint essential oil, ginger essential oil, and fennel. Out of those three, I use peppermint the most. That really helps your digestion. So if you’re having some indigestion, it helps calm it down and if you put it on before you can rub it on your belly, you can rub it in your hands and smell it over your nose or you can put a drop in your water if you have a high quality essential oil. Those are really really helpful. There’s a big difference between processed food and food that grows from the earth. One is full of digestive enzymes. Nutrients that are alive and vibration is moving. The other, not so alive. So the food that grows from the ground there full of these life elements that keep us healthy keeps things moving through our body and helps us to feel the happiest and healthiest that we can. There’s one more tip I want to give you that’s really important. Make sure you’re eating when you feel happy. If you’re really upset and angry, hold off. Get a drink of water and wait until you calm down. Your digestive system works best when you’re Happy. Make sure you leave any questions or comments below and be sure to subscribe. I hope that you found this video helpful and that you’ll try some of these remedies. I love having heroes in my life so that I can learn things like this. It’s definitely been a blessing to know these ones. Hero TV has daily episodes so be sure to subscribe. And remember live on purpose.

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