Viral Videos are NOT the Answer

Are you tired of putting your time and energy into creating content that doesn’t last that long? it just fizzles out. Do you wish that your efforts on social media and your video did more to grow your business and following? It can be really frustrating to put all that energy out there just to have it easily discarded and then have to start all over again. I’m Nate Woodbury, the hero maker. My purpose is to help influencers like you grow your tribe and have a way bigger impact. You have an expertise. You have experiences, and talents that really help people. And people all around the world right now are searching for your help but they don’t know that you exist. As a hero maker, I help them find you. Video is by far the number one tool to introduce you to the rest of the world but the problem is, most get it wrong. We think that viral videos are the key, but they aren’t. Viral videos are a hot flash in the pan that lose steam and then die out. Here’s the graph of a viral video. See the huge initial spike? Yep. And then what comes next? slow death. None of those viral views resulted in any new clients. It was expensive to create and depended on a massive dose of lottery luck to see at launch. Your business and your purpose are far too important to play the lottery with. So instead, I’m going to show you a proven way to produce videos that only get hotter and hotter with time and they don’t need a crazy budget. It’s my media secret weapon that I call the “AMP’d Growth Curve” Why? because as time passes, your views and your following only get exponentially bigger. Check out this growth curve of a video I made for one of my clients. See what happens? Yep. It gets more popular. Check this one out and this one and this one. I can do this all day long and this is what makes you a bigger hero with each passing day with more fans, more interaction, and more leads. So here’s my Rockstar hero formula, I showcase your expertise and turn you into a youtuber. I add in my keyword research nerdy formula for Google and YouTube to help your tribe find you, mix in my AMP’d video approach, and boom! you become a hero who only gets more popular, more publicity, and more results with time. Take my friend Kris Kris had a YouTube channel. And over the years, posted tons of videos. His channel only amounted to a couple hundred subscribers and a couple thousand views. Now he’s a crazy successful dude. He’s build a very successful company but nobody knew him through the media world. I took over Kris’ campaign for him, did all the work. And now, a short time later, he’s crushing it on YouTube. His channel has over a half million views and it’s growing steadily. Check out one of the first videos we did together. No viral buzz in the beginning but look what’s happened over time. This video has had over a hundred and forty thousand views. These weren’t useless viral views. They’re AMP’d views from people who are searching for Kris’ expertise. Now they see him as their hero. This video will be seen by millions more in the future. AMP’d videos just keep working and the channel keeps growing. Because of the success of this channel, a few months back, Kris and I decided that instead of posting one video a week, we’re going to post five videos per week. Now to gear up for that, we actually stopped posting videos for an entire month. What do you think happened to the channel during that month? We added more subscribers and had more views in that month then we had had in any previous month. When we began posting five AMP’d videos per week, it added fuel to the fire and we’ve seen exponential growth over the last couple months. So what the heck is an AMP’d video anyway? AMP, that’s my acronym for automatic, magnetic, and perpetual. AMP’d videos automatically market themselves. They magnetically pull in your target audience and they perpetually work harder and harder into the future. When you have the right ingredients, you get AMP’d results. Now listen, I have a whole step-by-step system that built momentum on your YouTube channel and positions you as the hero to your growing tribe. The biggest thing my hero clients love about me? we do most the work for you. My team does all the keyword research, the filming, the editing, creating thumbnails, posting, so you don’t have to do anything but share your content with my system. So check it out. Now, you got to be thinking, what’s the cost? Listen, I’m the master of efficiency. I’ve been able to reduce video production costs by a factor of 100. Yeah.

So my pricing is about 1% of what other video studios charge. For me, the most important part is picking the right people who want to change the world and are willing to commit to building your hero platform with time. I only work with influencers who have polished their message to a degree and really know their stuff. If that’s you, I have a simple application process and all you have to do is click the link below and fill out the form. As a hero maker, I want to help you make a bigger impact in the world. The more I can help you succeed, the more fulfilment I get. Being a hero maker is exactly what God put me on this planet to do. So if you’re ready to let your voice be heard and step into a higher dimension of success, then click the application link below. And remember live on purpose, make a difference, and be the hero.

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