Where To Find A Virtual Assistant

Welcome to hero TV today we’ve got John Jonas back with us and the question is where do we find a virtual assistant? and he’s going to talk about a lot of the different ways that that you can do that but there is one way that we both agree is the absolute best and it’s his program. it’s onlinejobs.ph so he’s going to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of some of these other places but I’m going to have him to give us a tour so you can see exactly how it works so in finding outsource workers there’s a number of ways you can go about this I’m going to talk about the in my opinion the worst progressing to the best if you just want to be lazy and you want to, I want to say if you want to be a slob and you have a whole bunch of extra money just go find a US company that hires US workers and hire someone you’ll probably get someone who’s really good and you’ll cost you 30 bucks an hour and you know, a virtual assistant, you can outsource to them or you know, you can outsource your website to a US company and they’ll charge you on 125 an hour and they’ll do a really good job for the most part, the pain with this is it’s expensive and then I get people all the time coming to be saying, “hey how do we replace this because any little update we want they charge 125 bucks an hour and it becomes painful” there’s an option if you’re just too lazy to do anything else just hire a US company but another option is to find a company that has tons of workers and they specialize in doing multiple tasks and just hire them to do your stuff for you, so an example to Tim Ferriss talked about this in the 4-hour workweek he talked about ask Sunday which is a company where he would say “hey I need this done” and they would just get someone in the company to do it whether it was done right or not it’s questionable and then the next time you go back to them say hey I need this thing done again they go to someone else in the company and you have to relearn and it’s not a way to step away from your business you will you gain a ton of time by doing it this you won’t be able to completely work on your business rather than in your business while hiring a company that that does this so for example a social media or an advertising company where as a small business owners you’re going to want to hire an ad agency or an ad company to manage your Google AdWords and by doing that you know they’re going to do what they want to do and and they don’t really completely understand your business and they’re working on eight different, that person who’s working on your thing is working on any different things and so they never get the emotional energy put into it to really understand your business because they don’t have the ability to do that, they have eight different businesses they’re working on, so you just get okay results doing it that way. It’ll get done and in my experience doesn’t get done great, so another way to find people is to go to a company like Upwork. Where Upwork has thousands of resumes of virtual workers from all over the world and they bill you hourly for those people and they’re contract workers, they’re freelancers so the way Upwork is set up is in order to get jobs you got to get good feedback, and so people bid low to get a job and then get that job done so they can get more feedback and then so they can move on to another job that pays them more. The fees are quite high like 20 percent, fees on everything you do. The other pain with finding people this way is, when you find someone, you’re guaranteeing yourself 100 percent turnover in your business because that’s the definition of how Upwork works, it’s that’s the point of how it works, is that someone gets work done so they can get feedback so they can move on to another job. So they’re only going to work for you for a little amount of time which means you can’t really teach them things to have you be able to step away from business. This is this was my, in another video I talked about a process where wanted to get this entire system automated and I had hired someone enough work to do one thing and it just left me with the pre-work and the post work and it just it, Upwork works for finding people, you’re just never going to be able to step away from your business doing. You’re not gonna get your time back by doing it that way. So in my opinion the best, and the way that I do this and the way that I see other people doing it, all of these other methods that I just described you all funnel into finding people at onlinejob.ph and it’s a, it’s a Philippines website that is all in the English and you’ll find thousands and thousands of Filipino profiles there. Now for disclosure, I own onlinejobs.ph so I’m telling you something that that is mine right now you could take it for what it’s worth I’m just telling you this is the best way. What we see is customers who hire a USBA and then find out about online jobs always ends up at online jobs. People at online jobs never go back the other way, people that started Upwork and end up finding online jobs never go back to Upwork. Once they found the talent pool at online jobs because it’s the talent pool is so affordable and it’s so easy to find and there’s so much talent and the kind of work you get is long-term, stable, permanent.

People that want to help your business, and that’s very different, so let’s talk, let me, let me show you kind of how online jobs works. So this is onlinejobs.ph and you’ll notice it’s onlinejobs.ph which is Philippines and everything’s in English.

So there’s a couple ways to find people and I’m going to I’m going to show you both of them. Number one you can post a job and and if you post a job then workers will come to you, they’ll apply to your job and so it’s pretty simple to post a job, you register, then it’s going to ask you for your job title and description and how much you want to pay people. I typically don’t choose to post a job, a lot of people do, what I prefer to do is to look at people who are already qualified. I want to be more proactive with, so I’m going to search for a webmaster here. You can see that I use the site a lot myself and with webmaster, so I just find a lot of people looking for someone to build me a web site so a webmaster would be a good one right? So this guy not not super qualified for that, virtual assistant SEO, expert admin, a project manager. I want to have the dehance Hampson’s show my skills as a webmaster, ok so that looks pretty good. His salary is asking for twenty five thousand pesos per month, which is a five hundred dollars five hundred to six hundred US dollars per month for 30 hours a week or four dollars an hour. He has a master’s degree. He has a master’s degree. Or postgraduate degree. He typed in masters comma doctorate. Eleven years of experience. So the guy’s pretty dang experienced, so let’s I’m gonna look at a couple of others before we go and look at him but. So web developer, web designer, web master, admin, assistant, again asking for around five to six hundred dollars a month, with a bachelor’s degree, four years of experience of web development and design. Here’s his skills that he has typed in: Ajax, angular, bootstrap, code ignitor, cpanel, JavaScript, jQuery, P like this guy’s pretty talented for 40 hours a week 3 to 370 an hour 4, for this web developer designer work. Now here’s an SEO strategist who also says he has webmaster skills. You can see he typed in webmaster. So the search brings up anybody who has said webmaster in their profile. So let’s look at a couple of these. Let’s look at this guy.

So again he’s asking for 3.50 an hour basically. 4 years of skills. I want to point out this ID proof because here’s here’s one of the issues with finding remote workers and one of the things that I found that I could solve. I’ve looked at thousands of profiles and I started to recognize patterns. The big problem that people have is, is this person who they say they are because you don’t get to interview them in your office. You don’t, you don’t get to have a conversation with them and they show up and you they show you their driver’s license. When they’re overseas you just kind of have to interview as best you can and hope you figured everything out, and that you didn’t find someone who’s who’s dishonest. Now most of the time with the Philippines, you’re going to find honest people. Most of the time they’re going to be honest. There’s occasional problems though. So the ID proof is what when I recognized that I could recognize patterns of things that workers did to when they were dishonest. I realize I could put it into an algorithm and and have the computer decide is this person being honest or not. And so an ID proof is based on 0 to
100 this guy’s score is 92 out of 100. It’s green because we turn it green when we think this person, you can, you can, trust this person. It does not indicate their skill level but it does indicate, can you, are they who they say they are.

So he’s a pretty good chance he is who he says he is here. So you can see he took an IQ test. 118 pretty reasonable, disk test personality. His English not great, upper intermediate, but you’re also hiring a web person here. So in my experience English is super important unless you’re hiring a technical person. So as we scroll down I have experience working with web development and have specific skills specifically for web application development web designer I could develop webpages from scratching the WordPress integrate custom and plugins designer web pages and Photoshop and convert it into HTML. Okay so this guy’s pretty talented, his English isn’t great. I’m gonna skip this top skill and show you kind of what you’re getting here. In the Philippines they’re terrible at writing resumes. So rather than writing resumes we had them rate themselves in skills in a whole bunch of different skill categories. So you can tell this guy’s trying to be honest by saying, I’m four stars of data entry I’m not so good at event planning I could do it if that’s what you really want me to do is what he’s trying to say. Call the external research is good at you can see, let’s see. He doesn’t have any two one-star skills because he skipped all of those skills that exist. So like writing, he just skipped the writing he’s not a writer, don’t hire him to do writing because there’s a writing category here and he didn’t he didn’t give himself any stars in it because he doesn’t want to do. Pretty good SEO. Oh except he did give himself four stars in English writing there’s a, there’s a writing category which has like copywriting and blogging and stuff that he didn’t write anything in because he’s trying to be honest, so I guess he thinks he can write well which obviously he doesn’t write very well but, you can tell he’s trying to be honest with things by not rating himself in a lot of categories. What he’s really good at, WordPress development, five stars PHP 4 stars, MySQL 4 stars, JavaScript 4 stars, you can see, CSS 5 stars, HTML 5 stars, this is how is going to make your website look good is with HTML and CSS, WordPress is a very common platform to build it on, this guy is super talented and again at 350 an hour is what he’s asking for, with four years of experience. That’s pretty dang good for for finding someone who can help you in your business, full-time building your website so here’s here’s another one here’s the first the first guy that we

that we looked at, 11 years of experience, asking for you know, 450 an hour, you know that’s pretty that’s pretty high for a webmaster. Eleven years of experience, age 31, male, skills, I’m a PHP JavaScript jQuery prototype MySQL expert. I have already worked with different websites and computer systems inventory systems dashboards e-commerce HR systems I’ve worked mostly I’ve worked most of it from scratch and some are just modifications. So not only is he a good developer, he’s also good with English his English is pretty dang good and you can see he’s, again tried to be honest here and said look if you really want me to do data entry and research I’ll do it, if you really want me to do speaking and writing okay. I’m not that good at even though you can tell I’ve worked in foreign class before and there’s no problem communicating in terms of using news his English. His perfect he doesn’t he doesn’t want you to know that because he doesn’t want to do it. He wants to be doing technical work so this is it was a tip and finding people don’t hire someone to do stuff they don’t want to do. I’ve tried it before I gave, I had one of my one people one of the people I hired once I, she was, her English was flawless and I had her making phone calls and she was amazing at and I had her do some writing because her English was so good and it never happened because she hated it and she didn’t want to do it and so she just didn’t do it and rather than say “hey I don’t want to do this I don’t like it I don’t like my life when I do it” She just did nothing which is a very common thing
in the Philippines. So you can tell this guy, he’s rated himself in a bunch of skills that are not good but what he’s really good at is web development. So building your website really good at. He’s probably not a graphic designer so he’s not going to make your site look good and he’s told you that here I’m not I’m not gonna, he says “I’m I’m very good at graphic design” but then he’s rated himself very poorly at it so you don’t want to hire him to do the design work for your website, you wanna hire him to build the website after a designer has has created it. And at 450 an hour, it’s pretty good and again his ID proof is 94, he’s you know you can he is who he says he is. Okay so let me go back to the home base. I’m going to search again for just for a different skill I’m gonna search for book keeper, just to show you kind of what what you’re going to get here. There are so many different skills and online jobs of different people. Bricks just isn’t bookkeeping data into data research asking for 200 US dollars a month for 40 hours a week and electronics, you know, that’s too low don’t pay someone that little, even though that’s what they’re asking for. Virtual professional bookkeeper, so this person 7800 dollars a month for 20 hours a week, that is crazy high. I’m willing to bet she is super super talented. 15 years in accounting auditing bookkeeping analysis experiences virtual assistant. Often you’ll find things that are unrelated like you’re an accountant, auditor, bookkeeper, but you said your experienced with virtual assistant. Because these people the Philippines is such a thermal country, they just want a job and so they’ll throw in these random things that they think they can do in an attempt to just get a job even though she really wants to be doing accounting and bookkeeping, and she’s really talented with and I would bet that if you looked at her profile, 15 years experience bookkeeping financial analysis admin assistants para planning Insurance super and surprise anuation. I don’t even know like this girl is talented, I wonder she wrote anything no she didn’t write anything. So you can find really crazy good people, so if you’re using like zero in your business let me show you how to find, how to refine this because if you search for bookkeeper you’ve got 1,800 results and you can’t recruit out of 1,800 so what you want to do is go to refined filters and you get all of the skill listings that we have, and as you click these they expand and you can now select how good of someone you want and there’s some instructions here. You shouldn’t select a whole bunch of different skills all at once. So let’s go into professional services, oh no, finance and management we’re looking for a bookkeeper. I want someone with zero experience, who’s really good at it. I’m also probably going to say let’s look at QuickBooks and let’s say bookkeeping, so I’m going to search for three different skills to four star one three star. I tend to avoid putting five star because this means I want someone who’s four star or above or three star or above so I want someone who is four star above at bookkeeping and three star above at QuickBooks and four star above at zero. If I search resumes it’s going to narrow us down from 1,800 to, okay I’ve found two now who are who have all three of those skills who are really really good at these things. I’m asking for $6 an hour and $6 an hour in these two people, a certified public accountant. So I mean this, you can find tons and tons of skills here you can find people who can who can do just about anything, anything
that can be done online or over a phone or on the computer. You can find it onlinejob.ph. So here’s how you here’s how you would contact these people.. so you find her, if you click contact so onlinejobs.ph is free to look through people, it’s free to post a job. When you want to contact people it’s $49 or we have a premium account for $1.99 where you get you get some really amazing data on people background checks. So you can, you can, look through and you
can use it, you can see people’s profiles, you can get an idea of who there, is you can post a job and see how many people apply. You can’t contact people until you have upgraded and, and, that’s how we make we make some money from this it’s $49 to be able to contact people. It’s pretty in terms of a recruiting platform it’s probably the the least expensive recruiting platform that exists. Alright thanks so much Don for showing us that but even more thanks for creating online jobs! You’re welcome. And it’s just a challenge that I have for you go to online jobs and check it out, put the link in the description below so you have no excuse. Do a search, it’s free to do a search, you’ll see what you can find, try narrowing it down, it’s a lot of fun. So be sure to subscribe and remember to live on purpose make a difference and be the hero! Be the hero!

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