Natural Remedies For ADHD

Would you like to know if there’s any natural remedies or natural things you can do for ADHD? Well today’s hero on Hero TV is Gina Van Luven and she’s going to talk all about it Having a son who once had ADHD I know how challenging it can be for everyone involved. Unfortunately, medication just masks the symptoms. It can actually cause more problems. In fact, prescription medication can cause the need for additional medication which is not so much fun either. Natural remedies however, help to bring the body back into balance again. They provide what the body needs so that it can function optimally. Today, I’m going to share with you six natural remedies for ADHD. Number one is to avoid a synthetic food colorings and preservatives. The European Union actually recognizes that these synthetic ingredients can exacerbate symptoms of ADHD and they require special labeling for products containing them. Number two do a heavy metal detoxification. Now if you’re not sure what detoxification is, I encourage you to look it up online. It’s good for everyone but especially those experiencing ADHD symptoms. Heavy metals like lead and mercury in particular can really wreak havoc on the brain and cause symptoms of ADHD along with other behavioral issues. By using natural key leaders like cilantro chlorella, chlorophyll, zeolite, bentonite clay, there’s a lot of them can really help to naturally reduce heavy metals and the toxic load on the brain. Number three, have an IgG, IgA, IgE, food sensitivity test done. Again if you’re not sure what that is go ahead and look that up. IgG, IgA, IgE, and you can have a blood test done to determine any type of food sensitivities. For example, wheat in particular is very well known to cause ADHD symptoms. Now if you’re removing any specific foods it’s really important that you do that for a long period of time. Several months or you’re not going to experience the results that you’re looking for. If you just do it here and there, it’s not going to be the same. It needs to be completely eliminated. Very consistently from day to day over several months. Number four, supplementing with the following nutrients can provide your body with what it needs to function optimally. Minerals like calcium, magnesium, and zinc. Magnesium in particular is very helpful at helping overcome ADHD symptoms. I actually prefer magnesium oil and rubbing it on the feet. DFAS which are essential fatty acids like omega-3 specifically DHA and EPA. B vitamins specifically b6. Vitamin D how most people are deficient in vitamin D and just taking the RDA or recommend a daily allowance, isn’t enough to increase your levels. So five to ten thousand international units which are IU’s a day is appropriate to bring your levels back to normal. Amino acids like choline, L-Glutamine, phenylalanine, tyrosine, and taurine. L-glutamine in particular is really considered brain fuel and it’s great for people that are suffering from ADHD. Number five, implement relaxation techniques in the morning and before bed. Number six avoid electronics before going to bed this actually revs up the brain and it increases your cortisol which actually disturbs your sleep. Well did you learn something? I know I did. If you have any questions or anything else to share put it in the comments below. If you go down in the description, you’ll find a lot of other helpful resources. And remember live on purpose, make a difference, and be

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